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Eastern Conference: Round 2 - #1 Tampa Bay Lightning vs. #2 Boston Bruins

Eastern Conference: Round 2 - #1 Tampa Bay Lightning vs. #2 Boston Bruins  

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  1. 1. Who wins the series?

    • Lightning Sweep 4-0
    • Lightning in 5
    • Lightning in 6
    • Lightning in 7
    • Bruins Sweep 4-0
    • Bruins in 5
    • Bruins in 6
    • Bruins in 7

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All discussion regarding the Lightning / Bruins series here.


Time / Date:

Tampa Bay Lightning (A1) vs. Boston Bruins (A2)

Saturday, April 28, 3pm: Bruins @ Lightning | NBC, SN, TVA Sports

Monday, April 30, 7pm: Bruins @ Lightning | NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

Wednesday, May 2, 7pm: Lightning @ Bruins | NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

Friday, May 4, 7pm: Lightning @ Bruins | NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

*Sunday, May 6, TBD: Bruins @ Lightning | TBD

*Tuesday, May 8, TBD: Lightning @ Bruins | TBD

*Thursday, May 10, TBD: Bruins @ Lightning | TBD

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i  think the Bruins found their game again which we saw late in the season last night in game 7 vs the Leafs and I think they can carry that through another series.


Boston in 7.

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So then....

Maybe now we will see who really SHOULD have won the Atlantic Division

I don't necessarily agree regular season success guarantees playoff success against a particular team, but it is worth noting the Bruins won 3 of 4 during the year, however, the ONE game the Bolts did win was the very last one they played towards the end of the year, and the Bolts did a very good job of playing a complete team offense/defense game.


Boston had a bit of trouble last series when Toronto turned up the offense, turned up the forechecking and played a non stop up tempo game..... Bruins can and should expect more of the same from the Lightning, except TB should be able to provide multiple lines doing that as even their 3rd and 4th lines can play that style.


Patrice Bergeron's top line (Marchand, Pastrnak) was lethal against the Leafs and they should be good against the Bolts as well, but again, the Lightning should provide more depth in not only covering Bergeron's line, but have offense to spare to task the Bruins' other lines.

That means, Krejci's line (DeBrusk, Nash) will have to be EQUALLY as good as the top Bergeron line in order for Boston to counter TB's 1-4 line setup.


Bruins probably have the edge in special teams, as their PP has been excellent while the TB PK has been not as good. Though they improved during the playoffs a bit, Bolts PK'ing will simply have to be better....or they need to stay out of the penalty box as much as possible, while turning up the heat on their own PP.


And not to make excuses for the Lightning, but Boston is no longer playing a team that had been coasting to a division title during the regular season.

For sure, it is the Bolts' own fault that the division race was as close as it was, but I think it is safe to say they are wide awake now for the playoffs after dealing with a very game NJ Devils squad.


The Bruins can no longer rely on any complacency on the Bolts' part. Boston will HAVE to roll out their best in all their players if they hope to win here.

As for the Lightning, guys like Alex Killorn and Ondrej Palat had somewhat mediocre seasons during the year, but, like clockwork, seem to come alive in the playoffs....as they did in NJ.  I expect that to continue to be the case against Boston as well.


Finally, Steven Stamkos' line (Kucherov, Miller) was a bit sleepy during the first round, particularly, Stamkos himself. 

Sure, Stammer got some points in, and his line did other things NOT scoreboard related to help, but bottom line is, with Brayden Point's line (Johnson, Gourde) likely assigned to Bergeron, or covered by one of Boston's own shut down lines, it means Stamkos and his linemates will NEED to be the stars the are supposed to be and do more than "just a few points"


All in all, I expect a very competitive series, both teams knowing the stakes are much higher than an Atlantic title, but I believe the Bolts ran in 1st place for so long for a reason...and that reason is speed, scoring ability, good goaltending, and nightmare match ups for the opposition.

With some Stamkos' top line magic and some dilution of the Bergeron line, that should be the case in this series once again.


Went with the homer pick of Bolts in 6!

Get it done, boys! 


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Damn Bolts got spanked.


I thought Bruins would have a chance.


Just thought it would be closer.

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Nice to see the Bolts bounce back after a very disappointing Game #1.  Key to Bolts winning the series is keeping that Bruin 1st line in check.  Did a pretty good job of that last night.  Only allowing 4 Assists and ZERO goals to that group.


I still think this series goes 6 or 7 games.



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Lightning take Game 3 in fantastic fashion for a 2-1 series lead, on the road, in a hostile TD Gardens environment!


TB pretty much played a complete game with special props to Ondrej Palat, who once again, is showing that his mediocre regular season numbers mean NOTHING, because when it comes to the playoffs, the guy simply performs.


Also, the entire 4th line of Cedric Paquette, Ryan Callahan, and Chris Kunitz gave Boston all sorts of problems, as did 3rd line center Anthony Cirelli.

Brayden Point's 2nd line, as usual for this series was in charge of shutting down Patrice Bergeron's line, while coming up with offense of their own, while the defense, as a unit, were all on their games, as was Andrei Vasilevskiy in net.


The only fly in the ointment, and it continues to be a slight concern, is the Steven Stamkos-Nikita Kucherov-JT Miller top line.


Stamkos got an empty netter to seal last night's game, but outside of that, that line has been very well contained by the Boston Bruins.

At the moment, it isn't a huge concern due to how well the other three lines on the Bolts are playing, but can Bolts fans imagine how unstoppable TB can be if Stamkos and his linemates get things going too!?


And at some point in these playoffs, hell, likely THIS SERIES, the top line is just gonna have to come through and make a difference.


Here is to hoping the Lightning take all the ingredients of Game 3, bottle them up, and reuse them for Game 4.

Outside of the top line still being a bit sleepy, the Bolts simply could not have played a better overall team game while limiting the Bruins on whatever they want to do.


Game 5 on Friday, in Boston.

Go Bolts, GO!!

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6 minutes ago, AlaskaFlyerFan said:

WTH is wrong with Marchand?!?  He licked Callahan in the face tonight.

Somebody will hurt him one of these days for his antics, but he's still a great player. Man would he look great as the Flyers 1st line left winger.

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10 minutes ago, AlaskaFlyerFan said:

WTH is wrong with Marchand?!?  He licked Callahan in the face tonight.


Well...when all else fails, lick the opponent I guess.


It's one of the newer chapters in the NHL Book of Agitation.... it was added after the Avery Goalie Jumping Jacks and Soccer Elite Flops chapters...


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Bolts were just too %$#@ing fast for the Bruins tonight.


Sure, the B's pushed back with three unanswered, but when the Bolts aren't doing anything stupid out there and they press with their team speed, Boston simply can't keep up.


Now comes the hardest game to win...the clincher, but I'd obviously rather be the team up 3-1 than the one down 1-3 trying to stave off elimination.


Nicely done Tampa Bay....you bent but didn't break in this game, and hey... Steven Stamkos....a key game tying goal!

And Kucherov scored too.

If that top line gets going, then look out...Boston doesn't stand a chance!


Get it done on Sunday, Tampa Bay!

Finish those dastardly Bruins so you can start prepping for either Pittsburgh or Washington.


Go Bolts!!

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Marchand complaining about missed calls. That’s rich. 

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One could argue that Boston deserved to lose this 

last game because :lightning: = the better team. And I get 

that argument. I'd make it myself. 


But this time I'd like to argue that Boston deserved 

to lose this recent game because Marchand actually 

licked an opposing player's face. 


Right this way, "Mr." Marchand: 


:poke: x :ouch:    



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Many congrats to the Lightning and most especially to TropicalFruitGirl !!!


Well done getting rid of the Broons.  :cheers:

P.S. I called Bruins in 6 ....... :dizzysmiley-1:

Edited by BluPuk

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