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  1. Elliott may be trending down in his career numbers, but this perky 9th rounder is still giving his team a chance to win (allowing 2 goals or less in Games Started) more often than not - Moose 23 GS, 13 games of 2 goals or less, 57% of his starts were giving his team a 'chance to win' game Hart 30 GS, 14 games 2 goals or less, 47% Talbot 32, 10, 31% Mrazek 51, 25, 49% Bob 71, 33, 46% Bishop 58, 40, 69% Welcome back Moose!
  2. So we traded Schenn to sign more expensive Schenn ? I thought we already had the homegrown pivots, then Hayes money for Simmonds...or is Hayes, Frost and Farabee a better future? Don't know how lesser TOI and forward depth will help Nolan's game, either. Either before or after we look like a slow team. JvR Giroux V - Big $ Schenn Coots Simmonds - Not 2 Shabby Lindb Nolan Konec - Young Turks Rat Rafterman Raffl - Schraaps
  3. Normally this news walks on by, a mess among the millions every time online in future shock. So the entertainer who sang God Bless America for millions of Americans is now declared un-American? ********. You would have thought Comcast discovered Kate Smith was raising money for the Axis. For Flyers fans it’s par for our org, the Flyers trade away another all-time gem, goes well with the 3 centers we drafted and traded who went to hoist the Cup elsewhere, and the forward dubbed Mr Game 7, with his name on it a Couple of times, who just won another game 7, coached by another center, make that 4 centers traded away who went to win the Cup, the tireless Brind’Amour, who is coaching an organization below the MasonDixon still in the playoffs past the most recent Cup champ. Another coach we dropped took his team to its first Cup in Music City, then there’s a goalie(!) we traded who then played for Vezina in a college football town, he’s still playing next week, and don’t get me started on Hall of Famer #88, it goes On and on, and on and on, except in ol’ Philadelphia Freedom where the ice melts in April. So don’t worry Kate Smith, you’ll move to bigger and brighter games now that the Flyers have chopped your ankles off. If I were a maverick organization in this wacky wide world of sports, I’d start opening day playing Kate Smith videos and encourage every paying fan, from every color, creed, every gender and generation to stand and sing in unison God Bless America with Kate leading the way. I’m sure as news sifts through people’s busy lives, they’ll understand that standing with Kate is still in good standing. **** it, Comcast team, here's a guaranteed WIN WIN for social clicks and season tics: re-sign Simmonds and re-install Kate's statute on the same day and we may drink from the Cup in '20.
  4. Food for Fletch...Moose plays a winning 2.45 GAA career average...much lower than I thought...do we think Carter Hart will be over or under 2.45 after 400 games? It's 2.8 and rising. ...will top pivots Coots and Nolan hit a combined career ppg avg of 1.6 and Hart around 2.5 GAA? If their careers produce those kinds of numbers, then the Fletch era could produce a Cup ... quick and dirty comparables, likely full of holes, but pick through career ppg avg of top two pivots and backstop, under a 1 point difference is pretty solid success Crosy and Malk 2.48, Murray 2.65 -.16 Stamkos, Point 1.89, Vasilevsky 2.52 .-63 Back and Kuznet 1.78, Holtby 2.47 -.69 Kopitar Carter 1.60, Quick 2.34 -.74 Toews Sharp? 1.53, Crawford 2.42 -.89 Datsyuk Franz 1.57, Osgood 2.49 -.92 G Coots 1.52 Elliott 2.45 -.93 E Brindy 1.94 Hexy 2.98 -1.04 in '96 it was 2.64 ppg , 2.17 gaa for +.47 (!) Stastny Backes 1.39 Elliott 2.45 -1.06 JR Prim 1.57 Esche 2.75 -1.18 Richards Cart 1.37 Bouch 2.71 -1.34 Larkin Athanas 1.16 Howard 2.53 -1.37 Coots, Nolan, Hart - Fletcher's core?
  5. Average cap hit $1.44mm per goal, around the 122nd draft pick and 2 points richer. Need those some nights. Yeah, Laughts looking like Rafterman from Full Metal Jaquet...
  6. Hey now, Rafterman's on a 5 game point streak! Finding a way....
  7. The average draft position of the first five Flyers goal scorers is 13th, with an avg cap hit this season of $5.875 mm. I think we can...
  8. It one sense it started as $69 million dollars (Richards' contract) and has been whistled and whittled to 94 cents. I know not really but kinda.
  9. Time to sell, that's probably what Clarkie said to his protege in the Box after his last fistfull of corn. All those guys? All that salary? That's alotta work for 1 GM in the next week. I thought V brought the Jam tonight, JvR the jelly. Interested to see the bounceback tomorrow in the wild after a tuff loss.
  10. Let's not jump off the cliff yet Mr. Optimist! But it's a tuff loss for sure, kind of a shitshutout, and still threw everything at the pit; The champs are still an inch or so better across the ice and played a great road game. Would not be surprised if an 'on hold' Fletch deal gets green lighted after tonight. Ya got Simmonds and JVR in a key game, they gotta produce. Nolan brought the jam, JvR the ham. Maybe he drinks the milkshake tomorrow. And Provy looks off, needs a rest. Too bad, yer playing 25 tomorrow kid and you gain an hour, so make it 28 minutes. Am targeting 9 points in games 30-25 before any trades, still could get there with next 2 Ws, let's see how they bounceback tomorrow, they may be gassed though...
  11. Wonder what current Flyers Dman paired with Myers in the A? Sanheim? Maybe Provy gets some breaks, his icetime is up several shifts above career average and Fletch spoke of the need for fresh legs in the Spring.
  12. 926

    Do Nothing

    Ai. We'll see if Gordo gots 'em reaching for the stars when they keep rolling points thru that home-home with the Wings. G, V, Coots and Simmonds have lined-up some 600 games together with little to show or crow. Time is their's. I think it's a big week, on peut le faire!
  13. 926

    Do Nothing

    El - Right, and an 8 game winning streak is great place to open those eyes... New coach, New goalie, and a room playing to keep Simmonds here, maybe? The high bar is 48 points in final 30 games to reach 100 and a second season. Make that 46 points in 29 games, with a low bar of 42 (now 40) points on the backnine, which they did under Hak last season. C'est posible.
  14. 926

    Do Nothing

    I'm putting the season on the play of JvR and Nolan, well the D first and foremost, but these two forwards if they play to their draft positions, we're going into Spring.
  15. 926

    Do Nothing

    Well, 5 of the next 6 are in Philly with a roadie against Fletch's old school. If we can sift 9 points outta this pre-deadline proving run, the price of gold's going up

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