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  1. The Blues have life!!! I do not expect them to lose 3 in a row at home. They should be flying. There is a part of me that wants them big time. Another part of me says the only two other teams besides the Blues that could beat Tampa are Colorado and Calgary. If Edmonton finds a way, and I hope the Flames blow them out tonight, then they eliminate one of the teams that I think could beat Tampa. Edmonton cannot beat them.
  2. Good take TFG. I believe Powers is a big piece. He is going to be our Parayko. So I think I want another scorer if given the choice only between a top notch D man or a forward. Tage Thomson is the example of a guy taking off. He is the Josh Allen of the Sabres. No he is not quite Josh Allen, but who is. But Olofsson is another guy that I think is steady. Can score. Losing Reinhart pissed me off something awful. For now, its go Blues. And Flames
  3. Number one on Adams list to save some face for losing Jack Eichel, is getting us a damn goalie. Something the Sabres have historically had no problem with until recent years. I am not sure Luukenen is the answer? He did play well and then he got injured and then promptly returned to Rochester. I have not been watching the Amerks lately so I really do not know how he has done or how well the defense in front of him has been? The AHL is tough to follow these days. I would be looking at St Louis and the LA Kings to possibly be losing one of their goalies. After all Peterson and Quick could
  4. You cant compare them to teams that had Gretsky and lets not forget Lemieux and the Montreal teams of old. Like Belveau's Canadians. Orr and Espos's Bruins would have made short work of them. The goalie is hot. That and a blown call by the refs in game 6 is only reason they are still standing. Maybe they luck out and get the pesky Rangers in the East final? Maybe. Colorado is looking like the team that might be waiting. Unless Calgary can rally. It does look bleak for the Blues. As for the Sabres I think that they fight for a playoff spot next year. The only way I would predict them
  5. The city of phony fans advances again with the help of the zebras. After the Leafs were completely robbed by the zebras in that game 6 travesty, boy did the phony fans in Tampa come out in droves. All transplanted northerners that do not know what it like to play pond hockey on a cold winters morning with a couple of cheap ass Bauer's when you wished you had super tacks. These fans are not like those in Canada or Buffalo or Boston or Minnesota. They are a bunch of phonies. And so are the ones in Sunrise. When the run is over for Tampa, and it will be over at some point, lets see if these
  6. Well it looks bad now Il admit. Which puts me all in on Calgary. Ill cheer for Calgary if the Blues cannot rally. Its not impossible but its a tall order. Especially without Binnington. And without Pietrangelo who chose the money over winning like many have these days I expect the Flames to show up tonight.
  7. Well he has pretty much alternated with Binnington and did start games in the first series. I hope he comes through
  8. Presidents trophy winning team down 3-0. As are a pretty good Mavericks team in the NBA. It’s been done a few times in hockey, once in ️ baseball, never in the NBA. It’s due to happen in hoops, but not vs Steph Curry and his Warriors. I don’t give Florida much hope either but I’ll go out on a limb and say they win tonight
  9. I don’t care how many water bottles Binnington throws as long as he plays well. The Blues do not need to go down two games and face elimination in CO. I hope they bring it. Teresenko included. Go Blues!!!
  10. I tell you this, these Flames for reasons unknown play better on the road. They shut teams down better on the road. That said, Edmonton seen to thrive at home. I do not expect another 9-6 game tonight. I expect Markstrom to be good. He needs to be
  11. Who cleaned up the broken beer bottles at JR’s house after that crazy 9-6 game? I can’t believe they got 6 by Markstrom. I wouu I do expect a more tame game 2. That was like an old AHL game. Nuts
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