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  1. I think they played great in game 1. Hutton was actually good for a change. Game 2 was tough to see him play back to back. He was OK until hurt. The dirty hit on Dahlin proves again the kind of dirty team the Flyers are. No Ullmark, no chance
  2. I get it. I really do. But this is professional sports. To me there are only two excusable reason to miss 2 games. 1 will give him. Maybe it was travel? But the tragic loss of a partner or child for sure. A parent? One game.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/capitals-fined-100000-for-covid-protocol-violations-will-lose-alex-ovechkin-evgeny-kuznetsov/ My Sabres may have caught an ill tasted break vs the Capitals this weekend. Above link tells all. Caps fined and lose players to Covid protocol.
  4. After tomorrow I do not want to see Trumps name again
  5. No of course not. I am going to be very interested in the Canadian division. To me that one is the most interesting So do you think it increases the chance of a Canadian team winning one again? Even though, next year they likely go back to business as usual.
  6. No games outside of the division and not even in the same conference. Absolute crap I know that its Covid. God willing the vaccines, Phizer and Moderna will be in pretty much most arms by March if we get lucky? I do not like the percentage of those refusing it. Anyway, back to the schedule, we have to play Washington twice more next weekend. So our opening 6 games are 4 vs Washington and 2 vs Philly!!! How is that fair in any way? We have to find a way to beat those young punk ass goalies Washington has. Then we get Rangers and Isles. The Islanders are no picnic at all. In fact, I mi
  7. Well we outplayed Washington and lost. I guess we could be the Blues. Can you believe that score? Whoever prick made the Sabres schedule was out to make sure we won’t win! Could have given us Florida but threw us to the Lions. Washington and next a Philly team that has a goalie and is used to playing together. Right now even the Sabres will be watching tonight
  8. I understand Covid quarantine was the reason Ullmark did not start I have been tweeting Kevin Adams phone. Trying to blow it up! Told him that he and Kruger need to go if they cant get rid of Hutton. Told him to "get on your knees and BEG Ryan Miller to return!!!!!" I am beyond pissed. Well, we have Josh Allen Go Bills!!!
  9. Their game vs Panthers was postponed and I hear 19 positive results on Dallas. So they are the first big problem. Expect more I guess? But the new divisions might help.
  10. Another predictable loss with Hutton in the nets. I found out why he was in the nets. Because of Cuomo and his quarantine rules on Ullmark. Ullmark got in later from Europe. So he was quarantined. I hope he can play tonight. Can you imagine Hutton on a back to back night? Talk about a shooting gallery. Ullmark must start, I do not care he has not practiced. i can play better than Hutton. He sucks. I ripped Adams in several Tweets telling him him and his coach suck and they need to get out. I said that keeping Hutton was a joke. I said for him to get rid of Hutton a million time
  11. True. Dallas is allowing some. I am hoping that later in season things change. Get the damn vaccine out
  12. Hey Rux. Good to see your ok! With Covid I never know. I am disgusted that we are going with Hutton on opening night. Ullmark was listed as number 1? I still trust him more. Edmonton let me down last night. Tonight I put a small parlay on Sabres and Vegas. I think Washington is a bit old and it might take them longer to get going? That said and they probably score 6 in first period. I don’t get Kruy. Why would you put Tage Thompson on wing with Eichel and Hall? I want to see them with Reinhardt or Skinner on power plays with Risto and Dahlin. If things go south early, I’ll be call
  13. It will be strange to see Chara in a Capitals uniform. It will be nice to see Hall and Stahl in Sabres blue and gold. From top to bottom the Sabres lineup has plenty to like, except of course the goaltending. I am not sure but CBS has Ulmark listed as the number one goalie, as he should be. Hutton has to get his act together. I am shocked he is still here. Adams has done a very good job in the off season but one thing he did not do is get rid of Hutton. Now Hutton was good in St Louis. He was just as good as Jake Allen and maybe a tad better. He hit bottom the last two seasons. Not sur
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