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  1. I think the coach sucks and the roster is not as bad as the record. True they need help but the goalie is a big piece of that help.
  2. Yeah only 8 years left. Are you kidding me. Ruff.
  3. Why not. Or our former d man Patrick who was Ruff's assistant. The one that hit the post in the 99 final in the final game vs Dallas in third OT
  4. He does not really have to. The GM does. And if results are like this, the coach has to be fired
  5. He wont last that long. Pegula wont stand for it. Eichel will fire his arse if Pegula doesn't. LOL
  6. Houseley a big mistake and I have proof

    The second time had to do with ownership change for sure.
  7. Houseley a big mistake and I have proof

    Its a revolving door. Up and down from Rochester. Has to be young. So many guys I have never heard of outside the big names I posted earlier. Fire the coach already
  8. Bruins lose!

    I must confess. I had two parlays go down the drain on Boston. I thought i had this one when it was 5-3. Unreal. They have been playing far better than I ever dreamed they would. Claude Julien might get whacked in Montreal sooner than Housley. If he hasn't already without me knowing.
  9. I am going to boldly predict that Phil Housley will not last the week in Buffalo. He shouldn't. This is the worst job I can remember in this teams history. And this is not the least talented team we have had by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, they have Eichel, O'Reilly, Ristolainen, Rainhart, Okposo, Larson, Kane, Begosian, Girgensons, Pommenville, Puoliot, and Scandella just to name some that are all good players. No coach can survive this nonsense. I believe he has lost the team and the locker room.
  10. Game 41: Blues at Flyers, 1/6/18 @ 1

    [Hidden Content] Nothing confirmed for Blues yet. But Allen is not hurt and I would expect him to start today
  11. I have from Amazon "The Essentials" a 10 disc set of Laurel and Hardy. Funny as all hell. My favorite old comedy duo f all time.
  12. Game 41: Blues at Flyers, 1/6/18 @ 1

    First of all I would expect Allen to start. No way is he the backup goalie. And he is listed as likely on the site when you Google "starting goalies" they are pretty good and up to date. I would expect the Blues to want a bit of revenge from that 2-0 loss early in the year that you say the Flyers walked on them in? We know who the better team is. There is no doubt there. The Blues are coming off a win over pesky Vegas. No Shwartz but Teresenko, Steen, your former boy Schenn who is on fire, Pietrangelo and a lineup that is star studded. I stand by my pick for them to take the Cup. But I will admit Tampa is going to be a handful and maybe Vegas and Nashville and the LA Kings out West. Tampa is the team in the East it would seem but I believe the Capitals are playing possum so to speak. The Capitals do not give a rats behind about the regular season. They want wins in the playoffs and to me are the huge sleepers if you can even call them that in the East. If anyone can beat Tampa its going to be Washington. I am hoping Nashville has to play either Vegas or the Kings. Then if either knock Nashville out, I say the West is St Louis's to lose. Minnesota is the sleeper out there I would say. Putting my new streak on ESPN on the Blues and Rams today.
  13. Game 41: Blues at Flyers, 1/6/18 @ 1

    OMG is Allen out? Unreal.
  14. Houseley a big mistake and I have proof

    I liked Nolan and would welcome him back in a minute
  15. Houseley a big mistake and I have proof

    Ruff should coach this team until he drops

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