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  1. I believe it’s very impressive what Don Granato has done. An upstart AHL goalie in Toharski(who also should get his shot), and NO JACK EICHEL!!! Give him the superstar , a strong draft, some smart FA moves and the Sabres can return as a competitive playoff team next year.
  2. I had a herniated disc in my neck, C6/C7 is the usual place, in the cervical spine. They did an anterior surgery on me, in my late 30s, and its no picnic. They go through the front of your neck. Likely will do a bone fusion if necessary, no way a plate or anything like that. He is younger so he should be able to get through it. The sooner the better if he needs the surgery. They will likely try a technique called traction first. Kind of like pulling your head out of your body. Using a water weighed bag sometimes. If it does no good within a week or so, I would say surgery. But I hav
  3. Sorry I forgot all you told me about Rochester. I now remember you told me before. Been forgetting lots lately
  4. My ex wife is in Spencerport, Elmgrove and Long Pond area I think. Why did you wind up Flyer fan? Hope you are Bills fan?
  5. You wont beat the Leafs, Bruins or islanders.
  6. Did I know you were from Rochester ? If so I am sorry I forgot. I grew up near Cobbs Hill. I attended Blessed Sacrament and McQuaid and MCC. My daughters went to Catholic schools in elementary and then Fairport. I am no in Walworth, near Gananda schools, about 9 miles past Fairport and Penfield. The Genny beer is not the same as it used to be. I am a Guinness guy. But have you tried that new Blue Moon? Lite Sky? Pretty damn good. You have to know one thing, Rochester and Buffalo are great hockey towns. Always have been. Talk later
  7. I have won the playoffs contest the last two years. My crystal ball is sure of one thing. Tampa will not get to the finals again. Toast. Flyers will not make the playoffs. Melba toast. Gee, when do we get to carve their bitch ass's up again?
  8. Oh I am not so sure of that. And you cannot be either. We get a good goalie and get Eichel back in the right frame of mind, all things can happen. Its hockey, not baseball or football. Dont you think its kind of strange so many trades within the same divisions of late? The Islanders making a deal with a team they usually hate? The Devils? Usually teams try and make trades out of conference. The Palmieri and Ajax trace is a surprise
  9. Good riddens to Hall. We play Boston next I believe. Adams had better make getting rid of Hutton his top priority. Taking out Boterills trash
  10. IF? Its a certainty. And as bad as things went, we still did pretty good against the Flyers. I would look at your own train wreck first.
  11. Who the hell is Bjork? Sabres get him and second round pick for Hall and Lazar? What is this clown Adams doing? I get the part of getting rid of Hall. But Lazar I liked. Goes into the corners. So I would release Hutton and fire Adams. If they are keeping Adams he is on a short leash. Get us the next Hasek and Miller or go. Ullmark is the starter. He is probably Marty Biron caliber. He is ok but we need a top goalie. And Toharski has actually played well. Not sure if they believe in Luukenen? Not sure how he is really doing in Rochester lately.
  12. Eichel is a tremendous talent regardless of all the crap going on. With the right coach this team can turn it around fast. the biggest problem in Buffalo, is the goaltending. Ullmark is ok but was out and that killed our chances. Toharski has really played well. God help Arizona, I believe that is where Johansson landed? Unsure. Hutton is a joke. An AHL career awaits him. His contract was like Chris Davis of my Orioles. But Davis was once very good. 37 HRs. Then he took the money and milked us. I would never let Eichel go. To hell with him if he asks for a trade. Gee, I wonder
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