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  1. I think you probably overpaid but you are being too tough n a guy that will add toughness and can handle the puck with confidence. You are all being tough on Ristolainen. Man dd we take enough Russians today? i am furious that the jackass traded Sam Reinhart . To FLORIDA TO BOOT!!!! Dumb bastard Adams
  2. Stats do not always tell the whole story. Consider he had a bum in goal. He does a ton of great things out there. He did not have a goalie.
  3. He can hammer guys entering the zone, and he can score. He has a good offensive presence. Not his fault Hutton Sucks
  4. Hockey Guy thinks Flyers paid alot. I cant believe they gave up a number one and a 2nd and an established D man. But I am sad to see Risto go. You got a beast. The Flyers are now tough again. He is going to make you happy. Ill take the first rounder of course. Wonder who we wind up with tonight. Cant say I know much about the guy we got?
  5. What a mystery it is. I had this surgery at 39. I could go to the batting cages so I think he could come out of hit fine? I do not know the severity? Or the level? IE, Cervical C6/C7 which is the usual injury site? I have sent them an email and messages on twitter that i had it and know an excellent Dr in Rochester that did it without a plate. So that way he would lose no mobility. If they trade him I may never forgive them. What is a justified return for a guy like Eichel?
  6. Well if , and its a big if, he is traded, the Sabres have made it lear they will not trade him to an eastern team. The Kings appear to want him big time. We better make them pay like my baseball team did not for Machado. I do not want to trade him. The only way they trade him is if they feel he has long term problems with the neck injury? Its no secret. He wants surgery. I had this surgery. I know what he is up against. Of course i had it at 39. I wish him well but I also hope the Sabres do not cave and just trade him. I have had enough of guys like Aaron Rogers
  7. We wont see the Flyers until late January in Buffalo. Nice to see the entire league back in the mix. https://cms.nhl.bamgrid.com/images/assets/binary/325740996/binary-file/file.pdf
  8. I am against getting ripped off in a trade. If it must happen we better get a big return! The Kings are reportedly trying to land him
  9. I believe they took defenseman Borgen from Sabres. I liked the kid but no big deal. I’ll be shocked if they don’t take Teresenko and I have no clue why the Blues are doing this? I did hear he wants a trade
  10. I’ll go out on a limb and predict Eklund to Sabres
  11. Well I am wondering what Adams and Granato decide to do here? Powers and wait? Or grab one of the forwards, if they have knowledge that either are NHL ready now? If not, you wait and take Power. Let him go to Michigan and play the following season. I have no problem with them picking the forward over the defenseman even if the guy is the best in the draft. Hell, Dahlin was more highly regarded it seems to me. He has been good but not a game changer at all. I think he will be better this year. Should help on the power play.
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