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  1. What in the devil are the Leafs going to do this weekend? Are there big trades looming? It seems like their is a huge unrest here. They feel like they are closer than they have been in ages, yet some of the guys that could help get them over the hump seem to be ready to jump ship? Is Babcock going to get the bilge pump going and keep the bloody ship afloat? Or is going to scuttle it and jump overboard? The Sharks are circling
  2. Dont get me wrong now. I always thought Hayes was the biggest threat the Rangers had. It did not carry over into the series vs the Blues. The Blues were able to shut him down, how much due to Binnington? Not sure. But Hayes is good and so is Skinner. My gut is both teams over paid. But the Sabres had little choice.
  3. At least the fans come out for Ottawa. Not Florida. Florida leaves very soon
  4. How is the Skinner deal worse than the Hayes deal? Skinner is better than Hayes
  5. And you guys are criticizing the Skinner signing? LOL Oh man
  6. He has not played enough games I guess to really judge him yet. But so far so good. Getting a guy like Binnington or Hasek is not easy. Of course Binnington is not the only reason the Blues won. Yes, the Sabres are my team, and my 2nd favorite tem are the Blues. So I finally got something to cheer about. Its been a long time. Good luck with Hart and the backup. I think we have two backups in Buffalo Hutton and Ullmark. Ullmark is worth keeping. Hutton, not as a starter
  7. I posted this in Sharks forum. I thought it was unposted? Why would you post it in Philadelphia? Oh, I forgot, that is what this site is all about
  8. Good backup goalies are not as tough to come by
  9. What is the purpose of this thread? Hear of a guy named HART?
  10. I am happy as hell the Blues won the Cup finally. I doubt Bortuzzo and Thomas are happy they were scratched from the big game. I have never been real big on Edmunson, and believe Bortuzzo is better all around. He was a big reason they beat Dallas. If there is one guy that underachieved in the playoffs its Steen. He is capable of far more as is Teresenko who did his share but could have done far more given his talent. Not sure what changes will come, but pretty impressive group. But it helps to have a goalie like Binnington. Blues are the champions!!!!!!!!!!!! At last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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