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  1. I am sure nobody in Philly wants to hear this, but I wonder if this first round could give the surviving teams and edge early on vs the teams that have a BYE? I mean, they are going to play a best of 5 series. That gives them time on the ice in game situations and then the bye teams come in maybe a bit more rusty? I would expect an upset or two
  2. OK. Is there going to be another contest?
  3. No NO No. Eichel has been a great player and Dahlin has been bad
  4. Botterill is on the clock with Freddie Kruegger for sure. I did not like this move one bit. I gaurantee that Svoboda is a goner. He had to be a healthy scratch the last 20 games or so? I am on the opposite side of you. I say Eichel is worth every penny and Dahlin IS NOT.
  5. Risto is NOT THE PROBLEM. How are you JR? Nice to see you. Nobody is more pissed than me. Buffalo Rick in circles around here. The Goalie is the biggest problem. Throughout their history, the Sabres have had very good goaltending, . They have had luck with getting good guys in the net. Lets go way back to Donnie Edwards, Bob Sauve and then of course Hasek and Miller. Remember when Savue shut out Montreal back to back in a 3 out of 5 series? Sent them packing. Donnie Edwards was a guy I wish we had right now. We must get rid of Hutton. I have blown up Botterill's Twitter account with goalie tweets,. No doubt he is sick of me and has me on block. Ill have his damn job if he does not fix this now. Ill knock Kim Pegula's door down
  6. Start with Botterill who lives on Twitter
  7. [Hidden Content] Bad enough of a loss last night but the bigger loss is the only decent goalie we have, Linus Ullmark. OUT> Article above. Johansson called up from Rochester with good numbers in the AHL. Cant be any worse than Hutton. I expect trades are a coming. The team should look different when and if Ullmark returns. Last night, with the score 3-2 Ottawa, Krueger, who was questioned unrelentlessly by the media after the game, pulled the goalie and Ottawa cleared the puck off the boards and a lucky bounce sent it the length of the ice and into the empty net. Another empty netter came shortly after. Eichel was very mad after the game when interviewed and who could blame him. Healthy scratch's Begosian and Rodreuguez are no doubt out of here and likely more. Reinhart has done his job. Thats for sure. Skinner, not a bad game for first game back. Media was all over Krueger for not having him out there with 6 attackers or on the power play. No good answer. I am starting to question Krueger but more so I question, WHAT THE PHUCK ARE YOU DOING BOTTERILL? Get on your phone. And maybe this kid from Rochester will play better than that bum Hutton. I would give Johansson the next start. Without hesitation but I doubt he has the guts to do it?
  8. Never say that the Buffalo Sabres do not know how to get a coach fired! LOL
  9. How did the Rangers beat Colorado? I mean, Colorado was up 2-0 I believe? So much for the Avs being the team from the West. To hell with them. No goaltending perhaps? But losing to the Rangers after up 2-0 stinks to high heaven
  10. I guess it took some kind of injury to McCabe? Well, let McCabe, and Jokuharju take a seat and watch the All Star representative of the Rochester Americans, who are doing quite well by the way, to play for the Sabres again and hopefully this time he is here to stay!
  11. Yeah, I really do not know what to expect from him?
  12. This is not a good injury . I am not sure what Krueger does? Does he put Skinner back with Eichel? That i what I would do. No doubt someone gets called up from Rochester. Not sure who it will be? Scandella is gone, so I would bring Pilut up. I have been wanting him up for two months

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