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  1. riWinnipeg is at a dead end with Patrick Laine. So would the Sabres be wise to pursue him? Hockey Guy thinks Risto would be a great fit in Winnipeg. They certainly need a guy like him And we need a guy like Laine. A fair deal could be reached. As much as I would hate to see Risto go, this is one guy that might make sense to pursue
  2. I think Risto is an offensive minded defenseman. He thinks offense first and is very good at it. So they simply need to tell him to change his game a bit. But you cant have him put his offensive skills to bed. You put another guy with him that is more of a stay home type. Maybe that makes a big difference? Is this Colin Miller that type? Doubt it. Zach isnt But they have many blue liners. One of them will have to be stay home if Risto stays. A big if perhaps.
  3. Hutton played like a bum. I think some guys just got tired of it.
  4. It does not look like he will be traded before the season starts? I could be wrong, but some believe it could happen during the season? Or not at all. Perhaps he will like this guy, the new coach and will respond well? I think our bigger worries are really on offense and in the nets. They cant get Luukennen in net fast enough. And that sounds like the long term plan. Luukennen. Have no clue how to spell his name and it really does not matter. Not unless he turns into Hasek or Miller
  5. Risto is only 24 and his shortcomings are mental, not physical.
  6. He is the only one other than Begosian that can take guys out with authority. I mean bury them. And he can control the puck with the best of them in the offensive zone. He has more offensive skill than most D men we have had . I would say he is the most talented since Jay McKee.
  7. As much as I do not like Ristolainen's comments I watch the Sabres far more than most that have posted here. Its not his damn fault that his plus minus rating is so bad. The goalie has been horrible. The forwards the same. He has at times been frustrated and who wouldnt be. Lets see how he does with a better skill set around him. If he does stay. He is not going anywhere for free. If he leaves, its going to cost
  8. Shattenkirtk is a bum. Overated piece of crap that he is. Watch his plus/minus. On this team if its not plus, its no excuse
  9. Top shelf hockey, a You Tube hockey site, believes the Sabres robbed the Blackhawks blind on this one? Not sure. But he thinks it points to the Sabres trading Risto for a 2nd line Center straight up? He then said he likes the Buffalo team alot heading into the regular season. Deep blue line and Middlestadt could be moved to the 3rd line center. I say unless its Patrick Kane or Teresenko or Marner, FORGET IT!!!!!!!
  10. Well now they have Quenville and have made some big moves. So will any fans show up? I doubt it. It just not a hockey market. I do not know why they continue to hold out hope for Southern Florida. Its just not hockey country. South beach is going to draw. Not the Panthers. I give them two years. They should be much better. But will it fill the building? Maybe on opening night. After that, tune in when your team is in town, and look at the empty seats
  11. As long as they don't get very stupid and trade Risto like some keep suggesting. Why in the hell would they do something so stupid? I think there is too much rave over Dahlin. I think he is overated and I would have possibly even passed on him as the first pick. Risto is our best guy back there. The most talented defenseman in Sabres history and they are talking about a trade? I mean fans. I am not sure where this comes from. So far so good, as Botteril has not done something so stupid. But I am concerned because we need forwards and he keeps on piling up defensemen. Maybe for Rochester too granted.
  12. After being traded for the new guy fro the Blackhawks, whose name I will not even attempt to spell, Nylander had words. Not good ones. He was not happy that they had him in Rochester but what the hell did he expect? He was not ready and I doubt he is ready to crack the Chicago lineup either. See you in the next trip to Rochester jerk off. I really am not sure about this trade. I do not think its a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Nylander talking trash on his way out. Not happy with the Sabres for sticking him in Rochester
  14. I saw todays move but its likely an AHL move? Blackhawks get Nylander. If the Sabres trade Ristolainen I will lose my mind. Maybe the offseason was good. IF AND ONLY IF LUUKENEN IS READY THIS YEAR. If we are stuck with Hutton in goal, I am not liking it
  15. [Hidden Content] I guess its officially my job to post all Sabres and sometimes Blues related info? But the Sabres are a bit better now with the addition of Johansson and Vesey Now we have to see what Botteril has up his sleeve with the goalie and also with any remaining cap room. I still do not believe he is finished. I am sure he is not.
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