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  1. [Hidden Content] I watched him and Hull play as a kid. Vs Orr and the mighty Montreal teams. He took them to game 7 in 1970
  2. I picked the Kings but I am not very confident of my pick. I say its a real horse race. The so called experts are giving Phoenix high grades for their moves. And some are picking Calgary to have a great year? Most are picking Vegas to take a big step backwards and I agree with that. They will sneak up on nobody.
  3. I know his name but not how to spell it. I expect him to get his shot far sooner than the 5 years predicted by some here.
  4. We won this trade. Anyone go ahead and spin away, I am not buying into any of that BS
  5. I believe a contract extension is on the horizon. On the regular unit they have projected Eichel with Skinner and Reinhart I believe that Bergland can be used on Power plays. It will be interesting to see if Housley uses the two Rasmus's, Dahlin and Risto together on a regular basis or splits them up? I would use them together on the PP and split them on the regular shifts but thank God I am not running the ship. Begosian and Scandella are likely to be used with them but there are new faces. I love, LOVE, the moves Botteril has made. I mean, its unbelievale to think that we have done this much in one summer. The Sabres have improved this club big time. You see what Vegas did and the sky is the limit I tell you. I absolutely believe the playoffs are no stretch at all. Who is there to be afraid of? Florida? I mean even if its a very low seed I like our chances if Housley does not mess things up. And if he does not get results fast, he might be shown the door. But its hard to imagine him messing this up given the talent he has to work with. There is much to be excited about in Sabreland. I know some will chime in here and predict doom and gloom. But I am not buying into that one bit. This is another huge step for us. And the fact that a guy like Skinner waived his no trade clause to come here speaks volumes. I would not be shocked to see one Buffalo native like Kane try to get in on this. But I am not sure how long he is locked into Chicago? I bet he wish's now he was a Sabre? Patrick I mean. Not Evander. But its not likely to happen. And at this stage, do we even need him? I see Eichel will wear Derrick Roy's old number 9. I prefer him with Robert's 15. I wish Derrick were still here with his friend Pommenville. Go Sabres!!!!!!!
  6. The Sabres are now back on the NHL map for sure. I tell you I have not been so excited in ages. WE have a ton of talent. I am shocked by this one. I wonder how they pulled this off?
  7. I do not think its the stretch you make it seem. We have a real goalie now. We have two kids that are absolute beasts in Dahlin and Risto. Right now Risto has the experience. He is going to win a Norris trophy before its said and done. He is great. The team does need to gain experience and age. But I tell you they have an influx of veterans now that can really make an impact with Bergland and Svobotka. Just watch out. And you think Florida is a cinch to get in? Or whoever else at the bottom? Ottawa, Islanders, or whoever? Some of the so called experts are ready to hand the Toronto Maple Leafs the Cup. Unreal isn't it? Though the law of averages does say a Canadien team is due to get in. I just put some $3 future bets on ST Louis to meet Washington, Tampa, Toronto and Buffalo in the finals. All paying very good. I am very happy to have Bergland. I love the guy. He can light the lamp. Eichel will set him up on the PP and he will score some. Now I know we have a goalie I can trust in a shootout. Adios Lehner. By the way, any idea where he landed? God help the team that has him. Even though he was good at times in regulation, he is the worst SO goalie I have ever seen. And Miller disgusts me sitting there in Disneyland.
  8. You do not have a clue what will transpire with a real goalie now and the best blue line pairing in the NHL. Buffalo is going to make the playoffs. You look at what Vegas did. Buffalo is going to shock many people. Yet its not really a shock given the talent pool. I only started this thread because Housley is the biggest worry. But I think he is on a short leash.
  9. They may not be there as a Cup contender but neither are the Flyers. I like our talent pool far more. I say they have a shot to make it. Now they have a goalie. And two great guys on the blue line in Dahlin and Ristolainen. They have a mix of youth in guys like Jack Eichel and Middlestadt and vets like Bergland who I am a big fan of. I know we can give teams like Florida hell and the Flyers too. Someone is getting knocked out and we are going to do it.
  10. Phil Housley is not my favorite guy to run this team. But he was their choice and why? Because Nashville had success with him as an assistant? I am not sure. But I know if he does not get this team moving as expected, he should be replaced. I would give him a short leash given the very nice moves our GM has made . He has gotten rid of the rubbish in goal, and added about 4-5 veterans that are certainly not chopped liver. I have always loved Bergland and am pretty shocked at the return for O'Reilly. Of course I wish him very well as the Blues are my second fav team. But I believe the Sabres won this trade big time. Big big time. Now we have Dahlin and Ristolainin at the blue line and they could be used together at times? The power play could be dynamic if the chemistry works. They have the horses so now Housley must get it done. I would give him until Xmas to make this go or replace him. But for now I will give him the benefit and hope he makes it work. Though I would certainly rather have a guy like Ruff.
  11. Hey!!!! Nice to see a fellow Sabres fan here. I have never seen you before. Welcome. Cant agree with your list though. And I do not see Middlestadt anywhere. Oh, sorry, you abbreviated his name. I found him. You had me wondering. So how about the PP unit? Eichel, Bergland, ?, Dahlin and Risto?
  12. Bergland can score and Svobotka brings more to the table like some D. O'Reilly was pursued by the Blues vigorously because he was second in the NHL in face off percentage for one thing. He can get Teresenko the puck often on PP and Swartz and Pietrangelo. The Blues are my second favorite team and I am going to cheer for them this year to win the Cup knowing my Sabres are a step closer but not nearly ready

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