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  1. Your boys are favored in Vegas tonight. And I took them on one small parlay. Yikes.
  2. The fact that Quenville has not been hired yet by either the Flyers or Blues is quite telling. To me its either him wanting too much damn money, which I am sure of. And many do not think he is the right guy now days. Put me in that category. Other guys will be available later, and love him or hate him, Ruff is one name that to me is a solid one. If not Philly then St Louis. Ted Nolan to me would be another. I am sure the AHL has plenty of good candidates also
  3. I understand your hatred for them, but they do have writers that are aa good or better than CBS and some other places out here. Who do you want to get your news from? Don Cherry?
  4. No but one of the big things I agree with is pursuing Pietrangelo, even though I want the Blues to keep him. The other big thing is the kid Hart working out as planned and the young defenseman that is highly touted. As for Quennville, they say to maybe hire him but not now maybe? I mean, how long do they think he will wait? He could wind up in St Louis?
  5. I did not write the damn thing. I am posting it only so you damn Flyers fans can see it.
  6. OK I remembered it wrong. The Kings still cashed in big with them. As for the topic here, I agree with ESPN that the Flyers should try to land Pietrangelo. But I do not know why St Louis would want to deal him. To me he is a fabulous defenseman and can score with the best of them
  7. Would be a great haul and the Kings kind of owe them for Richards and Carter. But it will cost
  8. Buffalo 4 Florida 3 Toronto 6 NJ 2 Philly 5 Detroit 2 Anaheim 4 Rangers 3 Minnesota 5 SJ 3 Calgary 6 Dallas 2 Nashville 5 Chicago 1 St Louis 4 Edmonton 3 Islanders 4 ARizona 2 Vancouver 4 Tampa 3 Winnipeg 3 LA 2
  9. Anaheim 5 Pittsburgh 2 Columbus 4 Vegas 2 Nashville 5 Ottawa 2 Boston 4 Montreal 3 Colorado 6 Islanders 3
  10. You are correct that you are not alone having issues. But how do you think its possible for them to get 100 points with this kind of start? Are you kidding? IF the Flyers went 35-16 in their remaining games they would still be 2 points short of 100. WAKE UP Please do not get Quenville if you want to win
  11. That is on another thread. This is about the coach my man
  12. I still think a deal with the Kings for Quick would work. They have two guys ready to start, and that never works out. One will not be happy sitting on the bench And you might not agree, but if they had something good enough to offer the Sabres for Linus Ullmark, he would be worth it. He has only one loss in regulation and the way he played in Boston says he is as good as Hutton. But the Sabres no doubt do not want to lose him Not unless that kid from Finland were ahead of schedule and ready
  13. Seriously, though I am not a Flyers fan, I look at this with complete no bias. You do not want to hire Quenville. He is going to be the Phil Jackson of the NHL and just suck up money. You need a younger guy with some piss and vinegar

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