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  1. With 3 games in 4 nights, and Boston will be in a foul mood after that loss in Philly. Of course they used the guy I never heard of and Ullmark no doubt will face us tonight. I know what Ullmark can do. He is a solid goalie. I really thought he was going to sign with us and stay. Not sure how the coach will play this? Anderson and Toharski will obviously share the duties the next two nights. Both havre been good so far. Middlestadt is still a week from return I guess? I do not miss Jokuharu. Not one bit. I would keep things the way they are if it were me. But we need Middlestadt bi
  2. OR loves him! Has him for his avatar. Enemies entering the zone must deal with him. He is a big boy. Tough as nails. I wish him the best. Alway liked him and was sad to see him go.
  3. Well you will like him. He is a beast. Can handle puck and shoot it also. Getting ready to watch this stinker of a Thursday night game, NFL. Watching some live look ins on NHL network
  4. Eichel is a tremendous talent that no player on this team is fit to tie his skate laces. Yes he may be arrogant, if we could really use him
  5. Have you stopped whining about Ristolainen yet?Did he do some head hunting vs Boston?
  6. I am being realistic about this team and I realize we will need Middlestadt back and much bigger issue is Eichel or whatever we get for him if he is traded. Sure I would prefer him to get the surgery and play for us. I see no situation where we get a guy as good as Jack in return. I would hope the teams play so far might inspire him ? We get Boston and Tampa at home coming up. Two real tests. And I’m sure Boston will use Ullmark after the other guy was routed in Philly
  7. You guys did not have to face Ullmark. No doubt they saved him for us. They will be out for blood after the 6-3 pummeling. A test for Sabres
  8. We will get Middlestadt back soon. He is going to help big time. I like him alot. Cant say the same for Jokuharu. I hope he stays put. Fine without him. Eichel needs to stop his crap and just get the fusion and get out there. I am wondering if the early success might motivate him? Who knows. Get the damn surgery Eichel. The Sabres are 3-0, but they are not a lucky 3-0. Like Anaheim has been lucky because Gibson has stood on his head as they say. The Sabres are outshooting and outplaying their opponents. And if they fall behind they dont quit. So this coach is making a difference.
  9. Big win for your team vs a pesky expansion team. Saw highlights. Hart was on his game. Not sure what t expect from Boston
  10. I still have faith in the Blues. Though it sucks losing Schwartz, to the Kracken, they are still loaded. Teresenko remains and of course must hope he is at least 80% of his former self. Pietrangelo and Jaden Schwartz are the two most notable guys gone from the Cup win 3 years ago. It seems like it was yesterday to me. I would say they are right there in the west. I mean, who is really better? Vegas? Have doubts. Colorado? Beat them last night. If there is a surprise it might be the Wild? But its early. Maybe a Canadian team like Edmonton or Winnipeg? But do not sleep on the Blues.
  11. I know. I think I heard that he won’t play this season. His own damn fault. We just got some grinder from Kings. Never heard of him like half this team. In 99 the no names worked out, but we had a goalie named Hasek
  12. Hutton. Let in 8 fist game and was left in !!!! Are they on crack?
  13. Can you believe we might face Hutton today!!! We may hang 8 on him
  14. Things could get better as soon as they either get Eichel on the ice or cash in on trade. Powers is coming. I want to get another franchise goalie. Big concern!
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