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  1. Nashville 3 Dallas 1 St Louis 4 Winnipeg 1 Carolina 3 Washington 2
  2. Well yes its Good Friday. I am going to try and make the 1030 mass on Easter Sunday. I am hoping Jesus has moved to St Louis for a month or two and then to Buffalo. Just kidding Lord
  3. What is the big deal here? Its good to hear something other than the Star Spangled Banner once in a while. I wish they would sing America the Beautiful more often.
  4. When Housley ran Bergland out of town, it left no doubt we got our pants dropped in this trade with the Blues. Ryan O'Reilly is proving what a great player he is. We knew that all along though. Botterill knew this. So why did he do it? Its a bit of a head scratcher. Bergland and Svobotka are both good hockey players but not in the caliber of O'Reilly. The draft picks sweetened the deal I guess and made it look close. But losing Bergland was not expected. Cant blame Botterill for that. I blame Housley, who is now thankfully gone. I never liked the hiring of him. I know he is a long time devoted Sabres all star defenseman in his playing days. But good or great players do not translate into great coach's that often. Just look at Wayne for an example. But Botterill never saw this mess with Bergland coming. It really sucks because I was happy to have him. Chalk this on up as a loss. Still no new coach. Makes me wonder what Botterill is thinking?
  5. Toronto 5 Boston 4 Calgary 6 Colorado 2
  6. Tampa 6 Columbus 1 Islanders 5 Pittsburgh 4 St Louis 5 Winnipeg 2 Las Vegas 6 San Jose 2
  7. Your crazy to say they have the superior lineup. Better than Teresenko, O'Reilly, Swartz, Steen, Perron, Pietrangelo, and the list goes on. Laime is the only guy in that class. Do you think I am worried about one loss over lucky bounce goals? Worried about baby face Maurice and his 1965 glass's? And Bygoonlien should be banned longer than Kadri. He is the dirtiest damn player in the NHL
  8. I am a bit scared he might go with Chris Taylor. I would take Patrick, the ex Sabre first. Lindy Ruff's old assistant.
  9. Where is Stevens? I cannot recall who he coached?
  10. I do not know why you guys are being so hard on this guy, he has not coached a game for you? So he was hired? I did not hear this. I think he is a good coach. I think you could have done far worse. At least you are not in limbo like us. WE have no damn idea what Botterill is up to?
  11. Fill me in? I do not know what is going on. Vignault is the new Flyers coach?
  12. Did not know they had this Toronto 5 Boston 4 Carolina 4 Washington 3 Nashville 3 Dallas 1 Calgary 4 Colorado 2
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