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  1. Never say that the Buffalo Sabres do not know how to get a coach fired! LOL
  2. How did the Rangers beat Colorado? I mean, Colorado was up 2-0 I believe? So much for the Avs being the team from the West. To hell with them. No goaltending perhaps? But losing to the Rangers after up 2-0 stinks to high heaven
  3. I guess it took some kind of injury to McCabe? Well, let McCabe, and Jokuharju take a seat and watch the All Star representative of the Rochester Americans, who are doing quite well by the way, to play for the Sabres again and hopefully this time he is here to stay!
  4. Yeah, I really do not know what to expect from him?
  5. This is not a good injury . I am not sure what Krueger does? Does he put Skinner back with Eichel? That i what I would do. No doubt someone gets called up from Rochester. Not sure who it will be? Scandella is gone, so I would bring Pilut up. I have been wanting him up for two months
  6. You are right. And to me the two most almighty streaks of all time are the 56 game hitting streak by Joe DiMaggio and the Lakers 33 game winning streak. I do not see those falling ever. No disrespect to Ted Williams and his batting 400. That is right there. The Flyers 35 game unbeaten streak is not as big because there are no ties any more. So the streak is what it is and no fair way to compare. Cal Ripken's iron man streak is NEVER COMING DOWN.
  7. Oh yeah. But right now I want Krueger and his boy Joke a har u gone.
  8. Where is the report button? Ha. Eichel, FYI, is on the front of the hockey page on CBS and the headline is "Is Eichel in the lead for the Hart?" What irony. Anyway, I think he is. We are absolute garbage without him. My problem with the streak was him missing a game for an injury, and that ending it. The Hockey Guy, who has more credibility around here than me, said himself its unfair for Jack to lose his streak due to an injured night off. Because he did not play. That makes perfect sense. I am not sure of how that works in baseball? Let say someone is on track to tie the almighty DiMaggio 56 game hitting streak? And they miss a night due to sickness?
  9. Thanks to that moron behind the bench our chances are slip sliding away. Tough tough loss to Boston last night. I think they deserved better. I am thinking about the Bills now.
  10. It means they are a mathematical certainty to make the playoffs
  11. I cant stand him. If I am running the team I fire Krueger and tell him to take that punk with him
  12. Bad enough no info on Jack Eichel on playing but then the moron puts Hutton in the goal, and he has not played in over 2 weeks. And the first two goals were own goals, but in the bet by Sheary and Hutton. To make it worse even was the once again brutal play of this guy they got from Chicago. Jokuharju or whatever. I am not looking up his stupid name. He SUCKS. Needs to be benched and they need to call up Lawrence Pilut from Rochester. This dumb bastard Krueger does not know what is right in front of him How many giveaways is he going to tolerate? He rewards him with more ice time and at critical times! He is horrible. I have not seen anything from him either in his zone or the opposing zone. At least Dahlin, not great at defending and Risto can generate offense. Miller and Scandella know what to do in the zone. NOT JOKUHARJU or however you spell his ridiculous name. Might as well be Rumpelstiltskin. Get rid of him and Krueger in on fell swoop. Let Rob Ray coach the damn team. Anything would be an upgrade. And YES, I could do a better job! I would at least know who to call up and who to send down to Rochester. What a humiliating performance. I mean, without Eichel this team quits. They quit last night. I think they were shocked that the captain was out. I heard someone hear say its the flu? Not sure if he got good info or if he was just making jokes as usual. Eichel is what makes this team go. Without him they are useless. And that goes for you too Skinner. You sucked the money out of us and now you are just worth crap without Eichel on your line to babysit you. I cannot say anything bad about Olofsson. But he needs Eichel to set him up Okposo has been very good but he needs help also. Sending Middlestadt down to me was stupid. There are 3-4 guys in Rochester that should be changing jerseys with guys in Buffalo. FIRE THIS IDIOT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Still in the race as long as Eichel comes back? But who knows what is going on? He has a 17 game point streak, and he is in consideration already for MVP. To me he is the MVP
  13. Does anyone know off hand how many times we play? Usually 3? I think two might be in Philly and only one in Buffalo? Not sure. Too lazy to go look it up. I know we have usually bounced back from a loss pretty well. We could have easily tied that game in Toronto but it did not work out. We must do better on the road. WE have been better at home just like the Flyers.

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