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  1. Lets hope Holtby does not mess this up tonight. He has not been good in this series. Washington was on them like a cheap suit and not rewarded. They have to keep them from getting cheap goals like the fast one that gave them the quick lead in the last game. Washington needs to come out like gangbusters and at the same time keep their heads in their own zone. Do not depend on Holtby. Out shoot them again and shoot the puck upstairs. Go Capitals
  2. I am hoping to wake up one morning soon and see that Botteril has pulled the trigger and released Lehner and picked up someone on the market. Right now Ullmark is slated as the backup for sure. Lehner the starter and I do not think he deserves it. Sure he played well during regulation at times. I mean far better than Chad Johnson the phony that he is. But there are alot of shootouts. And Lehner sucks my balls. Get rid of him. Go get Jhonas Enroth and make him the bloody starter.
  3. Well I guess that depends on how high they are on him actually being the answer long term? I have more info on what the Bills are thinking than the Sabres. Botterill seems to be a smart guy that is dedicated to Kim and Terry Pegula. I mention Kim first because I think she is the true brains of this.
  4. He never learns from his mistakes on breakaways and shootouts. A SO is basically a breakaway, a clean breakaway. It was one thing Miller had over Hasek. His ability on breakaway's. I would at least consider putting the Finnish kid in Rochester next year. That is not such a big deal. And Dahlin has to be NHL ready or he would not be the number one guy on that list In 1970, our first year of existence, we won a coin flip with Vancouver for the first pick The result. A guy named Gilbert Perrault. The guy Wayne Gretky idolized coming up. The most exciting player I have ever seen. He had acceleration like no other. I saw how fast he was. It was breath taking to watch. The explosiveness he had. He is and always will be the best Sabre in history unless someone like Eichel really goes nuts. He was what a number one pick is supposed to be. He made them better right away. You had to account for him. When he got Robert and Martin, it was like a power play every time they were on the ice. We need this team to come out like they did after the lockout. When we had Drury and Briere together.
  5. This is not the NBA. Much tougher to get to the playoffs with so many teams. Lehner sucks in shootouts more than any goalie I have ever seen. I wish I had 5 minutes with him so I can tell him what he is doing wrong. Enroth is a small goalie but very good. Team Germany who pulled off the huge upset and won Gold, has a few guys I would not mind having. Back to the Finnish kid, at 19 I do not think 3-5 years away is a fair statement. If he is good he could be in Rochester next year. If he plays well in the AHL, who knows. But if that is not the plan, then they must make a deal. Like the one for Hasek when they robbed the Blackhawks blind. LOL. Unlikely to be repeated. But usually Buffalo has had the knack of finding a goalie that is good at least. If they get Dahlin, I wonder if they will split him and Ristolainen or pair them? What do you think? Obviously on a power play they likely would be paired? Unless they alternated and used 4 forwards and one D man?
  6. I am hoping for Lehner to be replaced. Ullmark is going to be the backup. I would rather have Miller's old backup, but doubt that will happen. But I am hoping to grab someone in FA. If not we will need to score a ton of goals to even think about sneaking into a low seed. But who really cares about that anyway. I have been down that road enough. Jhonas Enroth who plays for Team Sweden is better than Lehner
  7. Do you honestly think we want Chad Johnson back? We are not that crazy. And HELL NO, he is finished in Buffalo. And Allen does not stink. Yao stinks. The Blues and Sabres are going to come back and put hair on the wall
  8. Well I still do not know where this big Finn fits into the equation? How good is he? When will he get his shot? Will he play in Rochester this year.? I do not think Hutton is going to get the type of money that a guy like Fluery or Bishop or Quick is going to get. Or Allen.
  9. OK, Worsely just jumped off the top of my head. Eddie Giacomin, Gerry Cheevers, Vashouin ( have no idea how to spell it) and more I believe played at pretty old ages for sports.
  10. Age does not scare me as much with goalies. Many many goalies have played until late ages like Broduer, Gump Worsley just to use examples from recent and past times.
  11. Oh no question. They had a bum in the nets in 75, and i just cant think of his name right now. But after that Edwards and Sauve were very good goalies. Sauve shut out Montreal back to back in the old 3 of 5 format. We won that series but then we lost in 5 to Quebec one year and I really knew we had the better team. This was before they had the team that went to Colorado and then got a cup, by the way as technically an expansion team? Or were they not considered expansion because they were relocated? Not sure. But the Cup banner belong in Quebec City. The 1975 Sabres were light years better than the 99 team other than the exception of Hasek being ten times better than the bum we had in the nets in 75. The 99 team had no line even close to the French Connectioni or even the second line with Danny Gare, Rick Dudley and Luce. And we had Craig Ramsey, one of the best penalty killers of all time. King Kong Korab, Bill Height, Schoenfeld, Lorentz and Stanfield the ex Bruins.
  12. The kid from Finland is the mystery
  13. I would love to get Hutton over what we have now
  14. Buffalo has the number one pick. That is going to help. We have Ristolainen already. Nelson signed two yr deal yesterday, he will help us. We will be much better but Botterill must get us a good goalie somehow. FA obviously. Ullmark is likely the backup Lehner I hope will be gone. His regular season play was good at times. But he just sucks in shootouts. Sucks. Miller has pics up with his stupid Ducks sweater and his kid. I mean, hello Ryan!!! WTF? Do you really think anyone is going to remember you sitting on the bench in Anaheim stealing money? Burning money? What a waste. If he is going to come back would you not think he has enough self pride left to pick up the phone and at least consider coming back to a team where he would actually be the number one guy? It seems like he no longer cares about the game. Just wants to get his damn check and play. But are the Ducks going to settle for that? Talk about a free ride. Send him to F&$cking Buffalo. The NHL version of Alaska. Well maybe that would be Edmonton now? McDavid could not save them all by himself. They also need major help. I think we did more so far to build than they have. They got Talbot. Big deal. We have to look around and find a backup that is good enough to start elsewhere. The Capitals are one team that has one. And the Ducks as we know. And others . They are out there. I wish I knew how this kid we drafted from Finland was doing? Maybe he can be the answer soon?

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