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  1. I have no good into on the offense. But it has nothing to do with their performance obviously.
  2. Hi Rux, Good to see you. I was wondering where you were? Anyway, its a big secret and Hockey Guy says we likely will not find out. I am guessing it has to do with sex or race? Usually does
  3. There has to be something far bigger behind the scenes that we do not know about. We may never know?
  4. After a valiant effort to tie the score with 6 attackers the Buffalo Sabres appeared to have won the game in Vancouver on a great play by Jack Eichel. But it did not stand. A penalty to Jokoharu or however you spell his name? He should be taken out and Lawrence Pilut should be called up from Rochester at once. I have not checked todays lineup yet but Krueger cannot be happy with the penalty that killed Eichel's winner? I believe Krueger has shown way to much faith in this guy from Chicago. I am NO FAN
  5. Hutton stinks. That is the main thing. Last night was the worsts effort of the year Like they did not care. They played well vs Ottawa. The jury is still out on the entire season. It can be saved if they realize that Hutton is the problem
  6. I never thought I would miss Scandella but to my shock, he has been darn good so far this year. Not the turnover and penalty machine he was last year. Montour is ready. Skating. I would expect him to be in vs Washington on Friday? I hope. He brings a ton of speed and skill to the offense. Lawrence Pilut is a very god young D man, he likely will be sent to Rochester to keep ready? Unless he is put in because of Scandella injury? I hope he does play. I love the kid. Montour is of course a true big league player as he can skate like the wind. Maybe Eichel is the only guy that can really skate with him? I would hope Ullmark gets the start in DC. But we will have to deal with Hutton in one of these games for sure. I cam also hoping Luukenen plays well in Rochester where he is due to start soon if not already
  7. Well after hearing the update that Teresenko is likely gone for he season, that really sucks. I do not agree with the blatant statement by one insensitive member here saying, "there goes the repeat". Yes he is a huge piece. But it does not eliminate the Blues from contention on its own. No way. Its very tough to repeat anyway. Of course I would bet against it even if he was here. But you cannot rule out a team of their talent just like that. No way
  8. What the hell does the statement "they are the Sabres" mean? They are a very proud franchise and have been for 50 years. Say what you want. We will see you and your summer boys in a week. Here is to Olofsson putting a couple in tonight. Thanks for a great article JR.
  9. He had 10 points in 10 games. I expected this to be a big year for Teresenko. I am sure he is very disappointed. He was injured vs the Kings.
  10. The defending Stanley Cup champion St Louis Blues have just received a dose of bad news. Teresenko, the superstar that helped the Blues hoist their first Cup, is now to be lost for 5 months due to shoulder surgery. If they can survive without him and still make the playoffs, it would seem he would return for that. I believe they are deep enough to do it.
  11. Well thanks for posting the games they will wear them at. I actually love them. Gold is my favorite color. There will be some special alumni at the Islanders game. I think Rene Robert might be there. Perrault was at the home opener. Ted Darling who passed away in 96 will be mentioned, he is the original Sabres broadcaster
  12. Special Golden jerseys are being worn on some nights to commemorate 50 years in the NHL by the Buffalo Sabres. There will be many special old players and personnel in the arena this coming week, I believe at the Islanders game? The late Ted Darling will be mentioned and honored as he was the original voice of the Sabres and he was a very good announcer. Many members of the Sabres past will be present. Gilbert Perrault was present at the home opener. I am going to cast my best goal of the 70s vote. Gare's goal vs Montreal likely gets my vote but Rene Robert was one of my all time favorite players. Here is to the Sabres making the playoffs in this special season. I believe!!!!
  13. This is a rare moment in Buffalo. Both the Bills and Sabres are off to great starts And the schedule for the Bills suggests they could go into Dallas on Turkey day, their first Thanksgiving Day game in 20 years, at either 9-1 or 8-2? Most likely game to get knocked off in would be the Eagles and I believe maybe they go to Cleveland before that also? Washington and Denver come in and I do not see the Bills losing those. Miami of course is next and a visit there also should be a win. If not, well, ouch. Its really tough to tell, a month nobody would have put the Sabres in the same category with the Bills. Maybe they are not ready yet? I think both are on the rise. If I had to pick one, I guess I would have to say the Bills are more likely to have a shot to go farther right now.
  14. The Wild are in for a long season. Maybe longer than Ottawa?

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