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  1. Lindy Ruff kept my Sabres in the fight. Say what you will about him, he is a very good coach. He took a bunch of nobody's with Peca as probably the best player other than Hasek to the Finals in 99 and should have made it to game 7 if not for Bettman and his turning a blind eye on the truth, NO GOAL. But here we are, 21 years later. Lindy, I wish he were our damn coach again. Botteril was not fired quick enough but I still doubt he would have gotten the call in Buffalo, even though he will always be a Sabre
  2. I must say I am a little worried. I know the Blues went through the motions, putting Allen in and all. But now Binnington has to step up. And so does Teresenko who is a huge bonus
  3. OK . I filled mine out. But you made it sound like the matchups could change based on who wins? So if I am wrong on some of mine, in the first round, do I get to pick the remaining series in round 2 or do you just score it as it is? Hi Pierre
  4. Like the one that was for the playoff brackets last two years which I won by picking Washington and St Louis. Before the games were played
  5. Sure I was bad in fantasy. But I won the playoff contest last two years. Only two years
  6. So you do not want to pick who wins the whole thing? Your party
  7. Wow. So you deputized a non Flyer, an outsider in TFG? Wow.
  8. I did win the first two contests here or at least the two I knew about the last two years by picking Washington and St Louis. Hell, I might have a new team. But someone, like onoe of the mods, must do it. So who are the mods here anyway? I mean other than HF101? I know Ruxpin stepped down? Time is ticking. The playoffs start in two weeks. A very strange playoofs
  9. Because they are the current champions. Wont be considered a fluke
  10. For now I really would like the Leafs to do well. But like I have said, whoever wins it other than St Louis, gets an asterik
  11. Lets not forget the Sabres owned the Leafs for a long time. I am pretty sure their all time record vs the Leafs is very impressive and the Leafs have not won the Cup since before the birth of the Sabres franchise. So I do not think the Sabres will stay bad forever.

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