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  1. This is a rare moment in Buffalo. Both the Bills and Sabres are off to great starts And the schedule for the Bills suggests they could go into Dallas on Turkey day, their first Thanksgiving Day game in 20 years, at either 9-1 or 8-2? Most likely game to get knocked off in would be the Eagles and I believe maybe they go to Cleveland before that also? Washington and Denver come in and I do not see the Bills losing those. Miami of course is next and a visit there also should be a win. If not, well, ouch. Its really tough to tell, a month nobody would have put the Sabres in the same category with the Bills. Maybe they are not ready yet? I think both are on the rise. If I had to pick one, I guess I would have to say the Bills are more likely to have a shot to go farther right now.
  2. The Wild are in for a long season. Maybe longer than Ottawa?
  3. It does not look like it started yet?
  4. I had a feeling this new coach was going to get the most out of this unit but I did not see this coming. Out of the gates they are number 1 on the power lay, and do not have a regulation loss of yet. Only 1 OT loss in Columus, after a valiant comeback. They did a number on Dallas today and beating Ben Bishop is never easy. Next up, at Anaheim. Maybe a meeting with Ryan Miller who just beat Columbus on the road? Montour is close to returning and Lawence Pilut is skating and almost ready. The Sabres are loaded on the blue line. It makes you wonder if they might be thinking of trading one of these many talented defensemen for another scoring threat? A winger? Not sure but they certainly have the depth to do it. If they continue to play like this no reason to think they cannot make it back to the playoffs this year. Jack Eichel is everything they dreamed of. He is a monster of a player. Ristolainen is buying into the program and I was worried because of the trade talk and that not only includes Botterill discussing trading him but Risto himself at one point saying it might be for the best. I do NOT WANT TO LOSE RISTO. No way. I would rather trade anyone than him, probably excluding Dahlin. But so far they seem to be playing very well as a unit. Today vs Dallas, well they shut them out. I do not really think it was Hutton as much as the team. But lets give Hutton some credit. 4-0 so far. Go Sabres!!!!! And yes I remember the 10 game streak last year and the collapse. But this is not the same team. Or coach. I do get the feeling Luukenen is still in the plans for this year?
  5. The jury, and me included, are still out on him as a coach. Of course I am not going to complain about the start. No regulation loss yet as of this posting. Dallas looms tomorrow. Which means we have to find a way to solve Bishop. That is beating Dallas in a nutshell. The rest of them do not really put fear in me. But this is about Krueger. I am really wondering why he put Ullmark in goal when Hutton has played well, and is supposed to be the number one goalie until Luukenen is ready? I think he is already on dangerous ground making such a risky move and potentially alienating the starter. Ullmark is a very good backup as was Jhonas Enroth and Marty Biron. But that is all he is. A BACK UP. Learn that Kruegger. We might not be walking on land mines otherwise. As for his mixing of lines? Strange but some of the moves I like. He has put Reinhart in more of a responsible role. Olofson has played well so far. He has the smarts to realize that Rasmus Ristolainen is not just an average guy. He is a very very important part of this unit. He can skate, handle the puck, make good decisions and maybe most importantly, just knock the hell out of anyone that comes neat our goalie or threatens guys like Jack Eichel. He is a beast and a beast that we need. He has tried to utilize Colin Miller and that is a work in progress. So far I give him a B+. No A because of his mis handling of the goalie position.
  6. The odds are up on Bet Us as to who makes the playoffs. While some odds are expected, some to me are a bit strange. They have confidence that Boston and Pittsburgh will be back. Much more in Boston. In the West they have Vegas as a slam dunk. And the Sharks as pretty confident. I am not so sure about the Sharks. So here are some of the odds. Philadelphia (I list them first because I know of the interest here) +110 so modest chance Toronto -660 (slam dunk) Winnipeg (-145) maybe too much respect? St Louis (-220) defending champs should have a much better number, a good bet Washington (-280) Edmonton (+225) sorry JR Vancouver (+180) San Jose (-180) Vegas (-700) lots of love Buffalo Sabres (+225) same as Edmonton, not promising Carolina (-180) Florida (-220) jumping on the wagon? Montreal (+140) this is one I might take a shot on Rangers (+125) too much respect IMO Penguins (-180) I am not sold Tampa (-1000) no surprise Minnesota (+200) I do not like their chances Nashville (-300) Boston (-500) this is the most blown up number I have seen. Not sold Dallas (-325) Calgary (-210) maybe too much faith? Colorado (-325) the other media darlings other than Florida, but I say better than Florida Anaheim (+325) Arizona (-115) quite a bit of respect I believe that between Pittsburgh and Boston, at least one is likely to take a big step back. Pittsburgh is getting very old. The Sabres got one of Boston' solid trench players and how much did that game 7 loss take out of them? We will see. I think that Montreal likely gets in. So they would be a value play. I would bet against the Rangers. Maybe Im wrong? There are bound to be some surprises. I am hoping the Sabres are one but if they do get in likely it will be a fight to the finish for an 8 seed, given the uncertainty in the nets and the need for another quality winger. Its really a shock to me that Montreal did not get in last year the way they played down the stretch. If they can start out like that they should make it. But who knows. There you have it.
  7. Is Lehner still there? He is a bum in shootouts. Regardless of the season he had last year. Lehner I mean
  8. So is it too late to be in on fantasy?

  9. riWinnipeg is at a dead end with Patrick Laine. So would the Sabres be wise to pursue him? Hockey Guy thinks Risto would be a great fit in Winnipeg. They certainly need a guy like him And we need a guy like Laine. A fair deal could be reached. As much as I would hate to see Risto go, this is one guy that might make sense to pursue
  10. I think Risto is an offensive minded defenseman. He thinks offense first and is very good at it. So they simply need to tell him to change his game a bit. But you cant have him put his offensive skills to bed. You put another guy with him that is more of a stay home type. Maybe that makes a big difference? Is this Colin Miller that type? Doubt it. Zach isnt But they have many blue liners. One of them will have to be stay home if Risto stays. A big if perhaps.
  11. Hutton played like a bum. I think some guys just got tired of it.
  12. It does not look like he will be traded before the season starts? I could be wrong, but some believe it could happen during the season? Or not at all. Perhaps he will like this guy, the new coach and will respond well? I think our bigger worries are really on offense and in the nets. They cant get Luukennen in net fast enough. And that sounds like the long term plan. Luukennen. Have no clue how to spell his name and it really does not matter. Not unless he turns into Hasek or Miller
  13. Risto is only 24 and his shortcomings are mental, not physical.
  14. He is the only one other than Begosian that can take guys out with authority. I mean bury them. And he can control the puck with the best of them in the offensive zone. He has more offensive skill than most D men we have had . I would say he is the most talented since Jay McKee.
  15. As much as I do not like Ristolainen's comments I watch the Sabres far more than most that have posted here. Its not his damn fault that his plus minus rating is so bad. The goalie has been horrible. The forwards the same. He has at times been frustrated and who wouldnt be. Lets see how he does with a better skill set around him. If he does stay. He is not going anywhere for free. If he leaves, its going to cost
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