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Giroux - Neck Injury (Update -- Back to USA to see specialist) **Update 12/20/12


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I heard on the news that Giroux was injured the other night....

Neck injury but "nothing serious"

According to the Baltimore Sun, the average cover athlete for an EA Sports hockey video game plays six fewer games in the season after they make the cover. It's not a jinx on the level of the Madden Curse, and EA Sports actually produced a video attempting to dispel the notion of hockey cover voodoo.

Philadelphia Flyers fans are hoping NHL 13 cover boy Claude Giroux hasn't been hexed.

Giroux is playing for Eisbären Berlin in Germany during the NHL lockout. He suffered a neck injury on Friday after a check to the head forced him out of a German Elite League game. There was no penalty on the play, and the Polar Bears petitioned the league over the non-call against Krefeld.

Giroux told the Philadelphia Daily News it's "just a little neck injury" and to "not read too much into it."

On Tuesday, however, the team announced that Giroux is headed back to the U.S. to see a specialist in Atlanta for further tests on his neck, as initial SCAT tests didn't reveal any damage but Giroux continued to feel "unwell," according to Hockeyweb.de.

Bill Meltzer notes that the initial word on Giroux was a "neck stinger", which is hopefully just the case. As '24/7' dutifully chronicled, he has some concussion history. But the good news is that this sounds all very precautionary, according to the GM of his German team.

For all the players that hopped overseas during the lockout, there's been (pleasantly) surprising few injuries to significant stars.

Remember the Great Rick Nash Injury Panic? The New York Rangers star hurt his shoulder early in the lockout, but initial concerns proved more dire than the actual injury.

It did lead to an interesting debate about a player suffering a significant injury — like a career-threatening one — overseas. As Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record wrote:

The short answer likely would be another fight between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association since no precedent has been set.One agent said Monday he believes such an injured player would argue he was fulfilling the language in his NHL contract that demands he stay in shape. Obviously, the NHL team would argue otherwise and possibly seek nullification of the deal. Likely, it would head to a grievance proceeding or a court of law.

Hey, good times. Let's end the lockout and bring our boys home, shall we?


Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Would be just our luck that the season starts and our best player is injured.......

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If this is a concussion, added to his ongoing history of concussions, this is very bad news.

As much as I understand that the players want to play (make money), he might need to sit out until the NHL starts back up (if it does).

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Last I heard he was back on the ice skating and practicing in Ottawa.


Claude Giroux skating again after neck injury

December 06, 2012

AFTER SUSTAINING a neck injury while playing in Germany on Nov. 17, Flyers star Claude Giroux was back on the ice in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Giroux, 24, participated in a 90-minute skate at the Carleton Ice House in Ottawa, where he makes his summer home.

"I skated for the first time today," Giroux said in a message to the Daily News. "It was a slow skate. Just trying to get the legs going again."

Giroux is not fully recovered and said he had "no idea" when he would be back at 100 percent.


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** Injury UPDATE

According to Meltzer:

Giroux is healthy enough to start training camp if there is to be a season. If not he is waiting till after the new year to return to Germany.

Bourdon has officially been diagnosed with a concussion. It is his fourth in the calendar 2012 year. He is out indefinitely.

Lilja is fully cleared from his hip surgery and is medically cleared to play.

Meszaros would likely not be cleared to play if there is a season come Jan.

Holmstrom is having knee surgery today, no timetable for return at the moment.

Gustufsson has a severe bruise on his right foot, x-rays were neg.

Pronger still has episodes of Migrane headaches and other post concussion symptoms although less frequent.

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Nice two way player, but not sure I would say huge loss.

Holmstrom was the Phantom's captain. He is a solid 2-way center. and If games ever begin in 2014, the Phantoms would be without both Couturier and Schenn also leaving them fairly weak up the middle.

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Holmstrom was the Phantom's captain. He is a solid 2-way center. and If games ever begin in 2014, the Phantoms would be without both Couturier and Schenn also leaving them fairly weak up the middle.

Good point about captain. Regarding the center vacancy, they will have that anyway. Holmstrom is not going to replace either of those guys (wasnt schenn playing on Couturiers wing?).

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