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Stanley Cup Finals: Blackhawks vs Bruins



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  1. 1. Who Lifts the Cup?

    • Blackhawks in 4
    • Blackhawks in 5
    • Blackhawks in 6
    • Blackhawks in 7
    • Bruins in 4
    • Bruins in 5
    • Bruins in 6
    • Bruins in 7

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The Bruins shut down some of the best offensive players in the East. I expect their defensive play will slow down some of the Hawks offense, however the Hawks offense seems to have gotten it back together. The Hawks defense is just as solid as Bostons if not better. Crawford vs Rask is a wash. I think the PP for Chicago is the difference.

Hawks in 7

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The West is so far ahead of the East this season that it is not even funny. Hawks in six at most.

I strongly disagree with the West being ahead. I dunno how to call this one though. The Pens had the best offense in the playoffs and were shut down. If the Bruins play the same way... I'm going Bruins in six.

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There is no reason to think the Hawks will mow this Bruins team down, keep on misunderestimationing them . They roll 4 very good lines any of the top three can put the puck behind Crawford, they are big , fast enough and skilled . They are all committed to back checking and all seem to have a knack for getting their sticks in passing lanes. there's a lot to like about the big and bads.

F Chicago- Broons in 7.

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Bruins-Hawks!!...suit up the esposito brothers!!...both teams are peaking...will Toews get rattled again?...will Seguin ever score?...watch out for the lesser known players coming up big...this will be big boy hockey...no dancers allowed...

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We are in for a real treat!! Both these teams have won the cup in recent years, both rosters know what it takes to win....which bodes well for the fans of hockey who have no emotional attachment to these two teams. I give the Bruins the edge, better defense and better goaltending. The depth at forward is pretty even, both teams have excellent scoring and excellent bottom six forwards. Bruins in six, but I do believe 3 or more of the games go to OT, where the Bruins have the edge with Rask in goal. The red hot line of Horton, Krejic and Lucic will see a majority of the top checking, freeing up Bergeon to pick up the slack with lesser checkers trying to keep him in check.

I love the way Duncan Kieth plays the game, but there is no real counter on the Hawks for Chara. I think Lucic (or maybe Thornton) will fight Bickell early to try and establish physical superiority. This is gonna be a fast paced, hard hitting final for the ages. Can't wait!!

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