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Miller to be dealt: return to be disappointing?


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But after last night’s media scrum with GM Tim Murray, those faint optimistic hopes were cut off at the knees.

“No interest? I don’t know if he has no interest,” Murray said about the possibility of an extension. Then came the dagger: “I know what I think his first choice would be. I don’t think signing here is his first choice at his age. We’re where we’re at, we’re the 30th place team. But I wouldn’t say he’s got no interest.”

According to Murray, more than two and less than 10 teams have inquired about Miller, which is the GM’s way of saying negotiations are open without actually telling us anything. Asking about Miller and tossing out some names for trade doesn’t necessarily mean a team is excitedly offering the farm for the Sabres goalie.


The return?


Will Murray get the home run return he’s seeking for Miller? History suggests fans should temper their expectations and just be thankful to get anything back. With one week to go before the deadline, Murray said trade talks were still cold and nothing was imminent. And that’s when he hinted at how committed the Sabres are to moving Miller by stepping down from his own asking price in the very same scrum he named it. And this is what Sabres fans should be really terrified about: The history of the market suggests they’ll have to settle.

“I don’t think teams are going to bend over backwards to make life easier for us,” Murray said. “So a determination will be made on what the best deal is offered and if it’s draft picks it’s draft picks and we’ll turn them into assets and players.”

Yesterday on the blog, Matt Larkin broke down just how uninspiring a “first round pick” can be as an asset, even if it sounds attractive for a team in Buffalo’s position. When it comes down to it, a mid-to-late first round pick is an unknown asset. In the big picture, a pick like that might help out in a minor way, but odds are that type of return for Miller would have little positive impact on the team’s long-term turnaround.

It will go one of two ways with Miller: 1. his name gets added to the long list of goalies traded for pennies on the dollar and the Sabres pick up a first round pick and either another pick or a B grade prospect, or 2. because Miller is the best, most proven goalie to become available through trade in years, the market swells and a bidding war erupts to drive up the price. In that scenario, the Sabres would get a better return than any goalie trade in the past two decades or so.

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Backstrom and a second round pick and prospect


The Wild could really make a successful run in the playoffs with Miller.


Backstrom (2 more years at $3.4M) is an interesting thought. He does have a modified NTC, though.


I concur the Wild could use Miller. Just think that maybe Backstrom/2nd/plus is a little more than they would need to part with.

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Between the injury to Backstrom and the sad story of Josh Harding, the Wild have a big investment riding on the shoulders of kids like Kuemper and retreads at best like Curry. The team is in desperate need of a goalie, Miller (Or Ward) would be perfect fits.

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  Backstrom would make the Sabres to good to soon. Go with Enroth and any back up....take the top 3 pick and be happy with it. I'd want goals in return for Miller, if not legit NHL goalies, at least the promise of them....like Wild winger Charlie Coyle to start with. Coyle and a second rounder and maybe another mid range prospect sounds about right to me.

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You just want us to fail. So I do not take your posts seriously concerning Miller. I want Miller to stay and that is in Buffalo's best interest. We have enough picks.

You just don't get it. Everyone analyzing your team has the benefit if no emotional attachment to Miller. Nobody is sabotaging your squad, they're telling you how to make it respectable!

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@Polaris922  Yep, good God man, that was all I was trying to do, make suggestions that make the Sabres a better squad. Some people can't see the Forest for the trees, I guess!!  You don't keep a 34 year old goalie who goes UFA next summer, you just don't. Miller has already publically stated he want's to go to a winner. He deserves his shot at playoff glory. *Really* what competitor would *not* want a chance to make a meaningful playoff run? Trading Miller is the biggest no brainier in all of sports right now. It's guaranteed to happen, even if they only get a second   :blink: 

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You just want us to fail.  So I do not take your posts seriously concerning Miller.  I want Miller to stay and that is in Buffalo's best interest.  We have enough picks.  



 They've already failed....they're the worst team in the league WITH MILLER!


 You may have enough picks...but if you're going to suck you may as well improve your chances in the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. He'll make you forget Miller in a heartbeat.

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I agree that getting something for him is better.  But don't you realize the GM's out there know the situation and are playing hard ball with us to try and steal him.  But they are gambling because he could be lost in the summer.  If a team thinks he could be the difference between winning the Cup or going home, they should offer something substantial.  Like St Louis, San Jose, Minnesota for instance.  I do not think Minny would win the Cup with Miller.  I still do not think they are good enough.  I know St Louis is good enough.  San Jose?  Not sure.  You will see them tonight.  They are favored for the record.  I have not seen them in a while and I think  they have some injuries?  Tonights game could be an 8-7 affair.  But back to Miller, if you are Buffalo, and you really want to keep him, you have to gamble.  But they need to talk to him and ask him if he will accept an offer.  I have a question for you.  If he does not get dealt, and finishes with Buffalo and then this summer he is offered a 5 year deal worth 60 million, do we not have the right to match the offer?  Like we did with Vanek when Edmonton tried to steal him????


What is it about all of the reporting - including from the Miller side of the aisle - that indicates to you that Buffalo hasn't talked to Miller about an offer? He has talked with the Sabres. They have made an offer. Miller wants to be traded.



Every game from now until the March 5 trade deadline will have a common theme for the Buffalo Sabres; was this Ryan Miller's final game with the organization?

From the sounds of it, the answer will be yes for one of Buffalo's three games before the deadline comes. Miller has been on the trade block for what feels like forever now but it's never been entirely clear if he would actually be traded before hitting free agency this summer. The last time GM spoke about Miller's situation, he said it was a matter of if they trade him, not when.

It sounds a lot more like "when" now after Murray spoke prior to Tuesday night's game (via NHL.com).

"The route we're looking at is to get value for him, to put him in a position to succeed as a ... good soldier [to the Sabres]," Murray said. "By trading Ryan to a contender, a good team that's lacking only his position, I think that we've certainly not done a disservice to him and helped the organization in our own right. Our goal right now I think, on both sides, is to pursue a proper trade."

Miller doesn't seem to mind very much either.

"I don't want to close anything off right now but I know they're kind of looking around for an opportunity, and I think that's probably best for everybody."


Reality - like it or not - exists.


Miller is an "unrestricted free agent" - the Sabres have absolutely no control over where he goes and no rights to the player at all after July 1.


Vanek was a "restricted free agent" who was signed to an offer sheet exactly like Weber was in Philly. Buffalo matched Edmonton. Nashville matched Philly.


There's absolutely no relationship to the Miller situation at all.

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Well that sucks.  So Ryan wants to leave?  But he is not willing to go anywhere and just look at Vanek.  He wants out of NY big time to turn down that contract.  He does not want to wake up next to the East River every morning.  Cannot blame him.  So it looks and sounds like Ryan Miller will be gone by next Wed.  The question is where.  I hope its St Louis if he must go.  I am cheering for the Blues.   But I am not sure.  Maybe San Jose?  Maybe Anaheim?  Quick was not on last night, could the Sabres trade him to LA for Quick?  His wife is in LA.   So Cal is on his list along with Detroit but I highly doubt they would part with Howard?  But if I were them I would take Miller over Howard in a NY minute. I do not see Miller going to a non contender.  He will be here if that is the case and maybe even re sign


Vanek said - specifically - that he wants to test the market. He might very well take the Isles offer - but he's not signing before the off-season.


He is expected to go to Minny to be reunited with Pominville. That might also be a destination for Miller - far more likely than LA trading Quick.


Another plausible destination is Winnipeg.


And its absolutely plausible that he doesn't go anywhere at all and leaves after the season.


Moreover, even IF Miller is traded, the Sabres can STILL pursue him as a "free agent" in the off-season. There is nothing preventing them from doing so, unless the team he is traded to extends him before he gets to free agency.

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I think he may make his decision on the Sabres based on who they decide to be the head coach moving forward.  I think he likes Ted Nolan and if Ted gets the job, which I hope, he may be willing to sign.  let him go win his Cup in St Louis and then come back here.  That would be my dream come true


As a 79-game-a-year Sabre fan I hope that Miller does come back. He's an important part of WNY and a great goalie.


Honestly, I don't see it (unless your example of Miller winning the Cup as a rental comes true). Even then, the team that he won with will have fan pressure to re-sign Miller before he can hit the UFA period.


I can't see St. Louis at all. Makes no real sense for the Blues. Goaltending hasn't been their playoff problem - goal scoring has. Miller won't help them with that.


Again, look at Minnesota or Winnipeg as possible contenders needing a solid goalie.


Or even a reunion with Lindy in Dallas...

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Posted · Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - unnecessary
Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - unnecessary

Rick - I know you're going through some trying times. Here's something that will hopefully lift your spirits....


Ok Mr Wisenheimer.  I will lift yours.  I was at the Gold medal game when the Russians came back and buried the Canadian team in Buffalo two years back.  Yes the junior championships in Buffalo NY>  I never saw so many maple leafs painted on chests and drunken Canucks walking around singing the Canadian anthem.  I am glad I left early as I am sure it was a long ride back after that disgracefull third period.  Maybe signs to come in S Korea

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Posted · Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - unnecessary
Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - unnecessary

@Hockey Junkie  What are you on???  Quick for Miller....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!    San Jose wanting Miller ove Nemi....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....comedy gold right there!!!!!!

To answer your first question, Oxy this and oxy that.  And it is laughable, because Miller is sooooooo much better than anything they have

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Posted · Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - trolling...
Hidden by radoran, February 28, 2014 - trolling...

Him and Lindy did not always see eye to eye.  So I kind of doubt it and their goalie, whose name starts with an L and I cannot spell it, is good.  Minny is looking like the place IF IT HAPPENS.   Big IF in my opinion.  Especially if they try for Vanek.  No way is Miller going to Winnipeg.  He will NEVER  go to that frozen tundra


Yes, because Buffalo is so tropical.

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