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Game 67: Flyers vs Capitals 3/6/19 at 7:30 PM

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Very huge game coming up. They are fresh off a dominate performance vs. one of the top teams in the East without two of their top forwards.





I will say i was very shocked but Brian Elliott had easily his best performance of the year wow was he on fire. Not even sure of the lineup yet but i would venture to say he gets the start again.


Will they be getting Jake and Patrick back not sure haven't heard much yet. If not you would think there would be a recall so the new players could practice with the team.



Jake had an MRI just not sure on what. It was deemed an upper body issue...so shoulder???


Guess we'll see soon. No matter the Flyers need this win and it doesn't have to be in regulation it just needs to be two points. 3 points behind the Blue Jackets.


Flyers playing some good hockey. 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. Going for their 3rd in a row. 


Caps 7-3-0 have won 4 in a row. So both teams are playing well. Should be a great test to tell us where they are at.


Let's go Flyers!!!!!!!!

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3 hours ago, Podein25 said:

Trade him, his value will never be higher! 


speaking of trade him now his value will never be higher...Elliott has quietly put up some solid numbers even though not a lot of games played...


9-7-0-1 920% 2.50 gaa


...should had a  shutout had Mcdud not gotten any more ice time....


...can he maintain...will he break again soon??



Next man up. I am assuming the call someone up maybe Patty plays but with an MRI on Jake sounds like he won't be able to go.


NAK this could be your chance.

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Flyers have 16 games left. 


Caps x 3

Isles x 2

Canes x 2 (including last game of the season)

Leafs x 2









Assuming they will need 98 points to make the playoffs, they need to go 13-3. 


There are 4 MUST WIN games for the Flyers - two against the Canes, one against the Pens, and one against the Habs.


They need to 9-3 against the other teams, and doesn't matter who they beat or lose to.


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11 minutes ago, OccamsRazor said:
The Flyers have recalled Justin Bailey from the Phantoms. No indication that it is an emergency call-up so the team now has one (non-emergency) recall left this season


I'm guessing one or both of Patrick and JVR can't play tomorrow night.



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We are a mild underdog:




I have not seen a final lineup posted, but Patrick is questionable, hence Justin Bailey's callup.  Goal hasn't been posted either.





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19 minutes ago, brelic said:


I'm guessing one or both of Patrick and JVR can't play tomorrow night.




I think you meant Jake who had an MRI which doesn't sound good.


Patty got some stitches he's a hockey players he will be a game time decision I think.


Jake not sure how bad or even what the injury is they are right lipped on it.


Not meant to be a knock on Bailey but is this a sign that NAK will be shipped off like Leier dude can't get a call up to save his life.


I know he was hurt last week maybe he is still out.

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20 hours ago, brelic said:

There are 4 MUST WIN games for the Flyers - two against the Canes, one against the Pens, and one against the Habs


So the first test comes the 17th on the road.


They didn't get much help last night. Columbus and Pittsburgh won in OT. The Canes however lost in OT.


I wish they had one more game vs. the Blue Jackets...who basically control their own destiny as long as they keep winning.


Flyers can get a nice boost by beating the Penguins and Canadians.


They do have some hard ones coming up, enough i don't know. Penguins the harder maybe.


Pitt- CBJ, CBJ, BOS, WAS, BUF, STL, PHI,CAR, NSH, DAL, NYR, NSH, CAR to close out march.


Mont- LA, SJ, ANH, DET, NYI, CHI, PHI, NYI,BUF, CAR,FLA, CBJ, WNP to close out march.


So looking at the two the Penguins have the hardest schedule by far that is a toughone.


Flyers must win that game vs. Penguins on the 17th or their chances are done i think. Montreal just doesn't have a tough enough schedule to change it all enough.


Blue Jackets- PIT, PIT, NYI, BOS, CAR, BOS, CAL, EDM, VAN, NYI, MON, NSH, BUF is maybe harder than Montreal.


So i have a small small glimmer of hope.


Getting Patrick and Jake back for this stretch run would be huge. It is a gauntlet they have to run getting Hart back soon could help a lot too. Not sure Elliott can hold up his type of play the rest of the way.


Hell this could come down to the last day vs. Canes having to win to get in crazy 2010 type hype maybe.


I see Letang has a questionable hip injury that initials reports say it could be career ending.

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Flyers gonna have their hands full with the suddenly hot again Capitals.
That said, teams that gave the Caps work even in games Washington won were the Rangers and Islanders.

Those teams played tenacious defense and had decent to good goaltending going up against Washington.
Will the Flyer defense and goaltending (Elliot tonight) be up to the task?

One thing I think Philly has over both NY teams however, putting defense aside for second, is better scoring ability and puck possession (Flyers are either the leading team or top three at least in face off wins), as down the middle they can usually give their team the initial advantage.

Philadelphia is also among the league leaders in hits, so Caps players can expect lots of contact.

Would also help Philly's cause if they can get their PP as hot as it was during their win streak....that would control the amount of aggression the Caps would use if you burn them on the man advantage.


Caps... 4 game winning streak
Flyers... 2 game winning streak


Someone is going to get 'reset' after tonight.

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2 minutes ago, Howie58 said:

The boys look out of sorts.  They miss Jake and Pat.  Maybe they need a Dunkin.


Some fans may not admit it, but the team may miss Simmonds as well.

Even when he struggled on the scoreboard, he provided the team with a 'swagger' if you will.... a confidence that, whether realistic or not, the team was able to play, check, and skate with anyone.


Obviously, Simmonds role will need to be refilled by...……..well, not sure who.

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