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Hail Hartnell!

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He deserves a thread! he gets alot of negative becouse he is not a fancy player and we all know his skating isnt world class. Well honestly his skating is really really bad but as a player and person, his attitude! I love him. He brings 100% in almost every game and he score goals. I've been on the "trade hartnell train" but no more. Im ashamed for that. Big ups for his hat trick vs boston! Keep it up Harts!

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His skating this year has been significantly improved. He is stronger on his skates and isn't randomly all of a sudden dropping to the ice. His discipline level has increased significantly as well; he just isn't taking the dumb lazy penalties anymore.

I can't help but think the trades had a drastic impact on him. I think he was sucked into the party-boy attitude. Once they replaced the lackadaisical attitude of Richards with the focused and intense one of Giroux, Hartnell turned around. Compounded with him apparently dealing with personal life issues the last two years that are now gone, it's almost like we have a new player (not to say he didn't play really well with Briere and Leino last year).

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His "divorce year" really de-railed every part of his life for a while. It was VERY clear he wasn't 100% interested in playing during that time and it really showed in his production. Just look at the "Trial on the Isle" photos from that training camp and it was clear that he wasn't anywhere near game shape. He looked pasty and flabby.

Unfortunately, that year and his poor results are what stick in a lot of people's minds. I think last year he finally got back to being himself and his quality of play jumped.

I'm sure he sought comfort in the 'party crew'... but his play was even getting better with them around. This is just the icing on top.

He must feel great to finally be earning the 4 mill salary he was given. Him and Giroux and some of the only Flyers I'd say are worth their contract. (and bob/talbot)

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I wanted Hartnell gone in the worst way during the first few weeks of this season; I'm glad I was wrong and will gladly accept my heaping helping of crow. What a treat it's been to watch his play during the past few weeks!

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havoc wreaking goal scoring comedian.

I had the boston feed on yesterday and they interviewed him post game. Boston has some sexy asian woman sports reporter doing the interview. She is asking him about one of his goals he scored and is asking him to kind of surmise what was going on with the play. So he goes blah, blah, blah and then goes, oh wait that was the first goal, no the third goal, no the second goal I scored.

He was totally tongue in cheek and the interviewer did not get it at all and was a bit flummoxed.

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