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  1. Agreed, either that or possibly a hip dislocation or displacement; the way they were manipulating his leg, to me, didn't seem to indicate any issue w/his knee. Poor kid.
  2. One of my earliest memories of attending some of my first home games as a kid... we were a few rows behind "sign-man" one night and Sinisalo potted two or three. Sign-man's "Ilkka Scor-a Goal-a" sign will forever be etched into those fond memories
  3. I'm firmly with Rux and others on this one. Sometimes the infraction is so egregious that a player's lack of "history" is (or should be) irrelevant. Was Bertuzzi's history (or lack thereof) factored into his suspension? I don't believe that it was. Now, I am not trying to compare Bertuzzi's incident to Nyquist's, not by any stretch of the imagination. I'm simply saying that Nyquist's actions here should be evaluated in a vacuum and for what it was -- a premeditated, non-hockey play that was a blatant attempt to injure another player.
  4. True, but if all the talking heads (bought and paid for by Comcast) told the truth then they'd just sound like us
  5. I thought that the effort against Carolina was the worst I've seen from them this season; I think this one may be worse.
  6. Agreed, I was at this game and had a close-up look at Mason during the 1st and 3rd (and Rinne in the 2nd); Mase left more than a few fat ones out there that came oh-so-close to ending up in the net. To me the game came down to possession; our guys couldn't win a face-off to save their lives, and when they did they couldn't retain possession more times than not.
  7. If that's the case then he got a PhD-level education last night, because I was at the game and McDud was simply horrible for 90% of his TOI.
  8. Looks like Domi continued with one and maybe two more punches after Kesler was already down & out? If so, not cool...
  9. Hakstol must have read Abel's post about Schenn during the first intermission...
  10. What are these "2nd round picks" that you speak of?
  11. Just saw this great tribute to "Mr. Hockey" by Gretzky, thought I'd share: [Hidden Content]
  12. Why such a stranger?

  13. They also heartily booed Lundqvist when he returned to the game after being injured; thought that was classless as well.
  14. Agreed, @eleven24 -- great post! I posed a similar question last night after the game in the ChatBox -- can the Flyers hang with the Caps in a 7-game matchup? From what we saw last night, I very well think that they could.
  15. Maybe Holtby gets a well-deserved night off? Then again, no-name backup goalies always seem to give us fits, so...
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