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we may suck, but...


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These shirts don't. Or maybe they do. You guys tell me. My expert marketing intuition told me it was a great time to make a new Flyers shirt. (mods please let me know if this is not allowed)


EDIT: Not allowed to post link to buy the shirt.

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Will vouch for the high quality uniquely designed t-shirts from @mkscrewy

I have a Samhain/Sanheim shirt and it is the f'ing bomb, fits great get's comments whenever I wear it. 


For your sake mk I hope the team turns it around because that design is a ripper. 

Crappy luck rolling it out in the middle of the great 2021 swoon.


Your copy in the product description kills too! LOL

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Don't change the layout because these jackals are spinning urban legend stories about gross dislocations.

Or, do change it so I have a collectors item....hmmmmm.

Either way, looking forward to wearing it.

Can't have too many black tees. 


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Update, Clarke shirt has been delivered.

Going to test out it's juju conjuring abilities tonite!

Fit is true to size the material is that cool stretchy cotton, really nice T-shirt


Screenshot 2021-04-05 180735.png

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17 minutes ago, AlaskaFlyerFan said:

That wasn’t Jake’s fault.  That should have been a tripping call.  That goal is on the Refs.

Didn’t see it, I was just echoing what the Flyers beat writers initially tweeted out. They clarified it a few minutes later. That one wasn’t on Jake but he’ll have plenty of time before the games over.

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