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  2. Just thought I'd announce that we will do the Playoff Pick'em again this year, probably with a similiar set up to what we did last year. I'm hoping for a good amount of interest. Now's a good time for any feedback of what should be improved up from last season. I hope to get the first weeks of games up on Saturday.
  3. It does not look like it started yet?
  4. Are we doing it again this year?
  5. Thanks, I have to admit I was a bit thrown by the double points in the final round. (I didn't realize it until after Gm 1) It almost made the other rounds feel like the "Just get in" for the playoffs feel. But my Luck and timing in those rounds was enough to hang on...By a thread. . .Literally limped to the finish line, Lol. That saying about toughest thing in sports is having to hold a lead is so true.
  6. Thanks to all who participated and I agree I hope more will participate next season. Thanks also to @rottenrefs who scored the regular season and @pilldoc who helped set up the google doc sheets. One thing I am hoping for next season is a plugin to automating some of the pickem scoring, it has been promised to be available for football season.
  7. Thanks ClusterChuck and congratulations you are this years (1st Annual) HF.net Pick'em Champion
  8. Big Thanks to hf101 for running the playoff picks and solo I may add. *Applause* Also thanks to those who played and stuck it out through the whole thing. Too bad more weren't involved. I look forward to the new season picking Wild games and being there from the start this time.
  9. June 12, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Boston 4 Chara beats Binnington in 2OTs to win the Cup, then jumps and flies through the air Bobby Orr-style.
  10. June 12, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 4 Boston 2
  11. June 12, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Boston 4 Since I picked the 'B's, The Blues get to hoist the cup. Since that's how these things have been going for me this round. If either team gets up by 2 near the last 10 mins, It'll become an empty net score fest.
  12. Hopefully St Louis wins this, if not the better team won. Boston 4 St Louis 1
  13. Stanley Cup - Pick'emWelcome to Stanley Cup Pick'em. This is the final game of the 2018-19 season. Thanks to all that have enjoyed playing pick'em. Best of Luck to both Boston and St. Louis. Those who qualified via the regular season having earned 250 or more points or who won at least 1 week can compete for the HF.net Pick'em Trophy. Of course, any member can join in to play throughout the playoffs. Copy and Paste the matchups and add your predictions for the final scores. Topic closes 15 min prior to the first game of the night. Scores are double for the Finals - 2 pts per win, 6 points for a perfect score Good Luck! June 12, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis Boston 8:00 PM
  14. Rolls dice... June 9, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 4 St. Louis 3
  15. June 9, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 1 St. Louis 3
  16. I would've liked to pick the Blues for a 4 straight sweep. But I have to go with who I think will win each night and not who I want to. I'd really like to see a Home team hoist the Cup and have the fans go nuts, And I really don't want that honor to be Boston.
  17. Well I'd like to see the Blues win on home Ice, but I think this will go 7. Boston 4 Blues 2
  18. June 9, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 4 St. Louis 3
  19. Lots of big goose eggs for you Boston pickers. Wake up and smell the damn coffee fools
  20. Blues 6 Boston 1 Blues do something that rarely occurs. Win the Cup on home ice. They are far more of a physical force than the Canucks were when they blew game 7 to these Bruins. A few cars might get tipped over in St Louis, but for different reasons
  21. June 9, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 2 St. Louis 3
  22. June 6, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 2 Boston 4

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