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Welcome to   HF.net's NHL Daily Play Pickem

Daily NHL Matchups are posted in a question and answer format in the NHL Game Matchups.

Please copy/paste image matchup entry into your post.  Erase your losing team and post your predicted score for the winning team each game.  Example Wild 4-2



Anyone may participate. There’s no fee and no monetary exchange, weekly winners may even receive an icon trophy.

Correctly predict a game’s final score = 3 points  

Correctly predict a win = 1 point

Daily Pickem will be posted on Saturdays for the Following week of Mon-Sun thus entries can be made for the week in advance.

Post your daily predictions 15 min before the first NHL game of the Day (pay attention to the entry's timezone: EST)

Edits can occur up to the Daily Locktime of 15 min before first NHL game of the Day.  (predictions may be the same as others)

Each day a pick'em winner or winners will be scored within your Daily Pick'em post.  Scores are additive for weekly and overall leaders.  Thus Play Pick'em Daily!

Try to keep conversation to a minimum for easier scoring.  Use our ChatBox for Bragging or conversation within Team Forum Game Day topics.


Enjoy and Good Luck!




  • Play Pick'em Leaderboard

    Weekly Winners

    Lonkkis 1 win

    hf101 1 win

    rottenrefs 1 win

    Pilldoc 1 win

    Bylan 1 win

    Villette/Lavaux 1 win

  • All Star League Standings

    Week 3

    Halifax Sharknado 44-10-0 (88)
    putting on the foil 35-15-4 (74)
    Leafs Raisn' Cup 2019 28-22-4 (60)
    Naty Angryman 26-22-6 (58)
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 24-27-3 (51)
    Green Star Blades 23-27-4 (50)
    Inside Edge Hockey 22-26-6 (50)
    Hell Bears 22-26-6 (50)
    AKOF 21-28-5 (47)
    Ewing Oil 21-30-3 (45)
    LadyNeat's Team 19-31-4 (42)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 14-35-5 (33)
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 3

    Bambie on Ice 35-15-4 (74)
    Slick Sticks 34-17-3 (71)
    Mom's Luv LeTang Too 31-17-6 (68)
    Ded Flatbird 28-19-7 (63)
    Mickey's Gang 24-27-3 (51)
    Hockey Throne 23-26-5 (51)
    Staal in the Family 22-26-6 (50)
    SFN's Standout Team 23-28-3 (49)
    Wolfe Pack 22-27-7 (47)
    Jagged Ice 20-27-7 (47)
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 17-32-5 (39)
    RickB's Team 16-34-4 (36)
  • NAHANA Standings 2018-19

    Week 3

    pipers 32-9-4 (68)
    Putting on the Foil 28-11-6 (62)
    The Windsor Warriors 26-14-5 (57)
    Elsiinore Catamounts 24-16-5 (53)
    MN Ice Kickers 23-18-4 (50)
    AKOF 20-18-7 (47)
    Lady's Knights 19-20-6 (44)
    Halifax Sharkticons 18-22-5 (41)
    Mighty Drunks 18-22-5 (41)
    Inside Edge Hockey 16-23-6 (38)
    Divine Swine IcePigs 17-25-3 (37)
    Silky Mitts 17-26-2 (36)
    Billyport Crips 13-27-5 (31)
    Metadeke 10-30-5 (25)
  • 2018 Fantasy Cup Leaders


     1. hf101   107 pts 
     2.  Pilldoc   95 pts
     3. FD19372   83 pts
     4. MoreHockeyStats   76 pts
     5. J0e Thornton   75 pts

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