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Any chance of the flyers going after Nathan Horton as UFA

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Since, we need a defenseman more than anything and a scoring right winger second and we can really only afford to make one trade, which will be for a dman.... do we go after Nathan Horton next year?

Hope not...Not wanting too pay him what it's going to take considering this defense we have

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If Briere is gone, maybe. Absolutely if they manage to unload Hartnell's contract. And I'm one of the guys here that likes the positives of what Hartnell can bring to a club. Bad contract though.

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I'd like to see Horton on the Flyers. I was with you Gazoo. I wanted them to go for him when he was with FLA.

However, they need to offer fair market value and not join in if there are teams throwing out crazy offers.

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I wonder if they would go after his former teammate Stephen Weiss? Up until this past year he has been physically durable and a steady performer for a generally miserable franchise. We always like centers, right?



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I had this gut feeling that Horton was going to get hot in the last few weeks of the fantasy calander, so I figure what the hey, he plays 4 games in the week, I'll give him a whirl. He was stone cold that week, and to make matters worse the Bruins did not play 2 of their 4 games that week due to the Boston Marathon bombings....I went on to lose the Semi's in a tie breaker...I lost on a last second assist on the Sunday. Basically, Nathan destroyed my entire fantasy season.

Turns out my instincts were just a few weeks off, because he has had a terrific playoff to this point, he's best when he is physical and in your face, did not see nearly enough of that in the regular season, acutally a mirror image of Lucic, horrid regualr season and playing the best hockey of his career when it matters most. GM's pay out the nose for tough gritty scorers, so Horton get's a 6 year deal at 6 per on the open market. To rich for our blood, fix the defense first I say.

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