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Your team's nemesis

Chicago Hawkie

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Which team(s) does you team(s) seem to have the most trouble winning against?


For the Blackhawks in recent years, the Edmonton Oilers seem to have given the Hawks the most problems.  They handed the Hawks one of their rare losses last season and practically blew up the scoreboard in a couple of games in the 2011-12 season, where the Hawks gave up 15 goals in two games against the Oilers.

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Man, for the Nucks, that's easy: ok boys, cue the Jaws theme music!  dum, dum....dum, dum....dum, dum....dum, dum.....CHOMP!!  Le Sharks :o (11 games in a row we've lost!).....any day of the year, morning/afternoon/evening...& twice before bedtime!  Grrrrrrrr!!!


The Kings....


The Hawkies! haha...


and those Big Bad Broons!!  (someone tell them to stop pahking their cahr in our yahd!!)  :huh: 


there are more, but these are the main ones........ :unsure: 

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Hmm...let's see, I will start with the Lightning...


In recent seasons, it's been teams that are either very  high scoring or bring a very tough, physical defense.

Given that, I would have to say its been teams like Pittsburgh, Boston, New Jersey, and Washington.


Right now, TB doesn't have a 'main rival' per se....in years past its been teams like Philadelphia, Washington and Carolina....but those series have cooled down a bit due to either those teams or TB not being particularly good recently.

And NO, despite what the media would have you believe, the Florida Panthers and TB Lightning are NOT really rivals or nemesis to each other. Media wants people to eat that up simply because both teams are from warm weather Florida, but fact is, whenever one of those teams has been good the other hasn't....or both have been bad at the same time.

Until BOTH are competitive at the same time AND competing for playoff spots against one another, AND better still, meet in the playoffs, no real rivalry exists.

Good GAWD I HATE media manufactured "rivalries"....


For the Minnesota Wild, for the longest time, it's been the Vancouver Canucks as the Nucks have dominated the former North West division and Minnesota could do very little about it.

With re-alignment, I would have to say the Nucks nemesis thing will probably die down a bit...now the Wild have to worry about division rivals (and nemesis teams) like St. Louis, Chicago, and Colorado.  The Blues in particular, simply because they beat and bash their way through games with Minnesota, and the Wild right now, don't have much of an answer for that style of play.


Same goes for Minnesota nemesis teams out in the Pacific such as Anaheim, San Jose, and Los Angeles..teams that the Wild simply have a hard time dealing with their combination of size, physicality, and skill.

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