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    2018 NHL Mock Draft

    By Members of HockeyForums 

    Mock Draft Discussion Topic



    Rasmus Dahlin


    Ht/Wt: 6' 2"/187 lbs
    Position: D
    Team: Frolunda HC (SHL)

    WITH THE FIRST PICK IN THE DRAFT, The Buffalo Sabres take: Rasmus Dahlin.  There is no doubt that Dahlin is the best two-way defenseman in this draft.  Dahlin has been described as "Lightning in a Bottle" due to his high-end skating, and dynamic stick handling, and the reckless abandon he approaches the game. Dahlin is also won't shy away from the physical game either as he is an accomplished open-ice hitter. His 20 points in U18 play is the best offensive performance by a defenseman in Elitserien history and is the second-best U18 performance of all time.  What more can the Sabres ask for... as Dahlin will be the #1 - d-man on the Sabres for many years and has been compared to the likes of a combination of Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson.


    Dahlin is the consensus No. 1 overall pick at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, is driven to win and flat-out hates losing. “He has that edge, he wants to win at everything he participates in,” said his current coach, Roger Rönnberg. “He controls the rhythm of the game. He’s so skilled with the puck, and he can be the difference maker in the game.  ”Welcome to Buffalo!


    selected by @Hockey Junkie


    Andrei Svechnikov


    Ht/Wt: 6' 3 / 191 lbs
    Position: RW
    Team: Barrie Colts (OHL)

    With the second pick in the 2018 NHL draft, the Carolina Hurricanes select, from the Barrie Colts of the OHL, Andrei Svechnikov.


    This pick is about as no-brainer of a selection as possible as far as best player available, and while Carolina has one of the deepest defensive prospect pools in the league, they need help up front. Svechnikov is a top-notch scorer with the potential to be a star in the NHL. At 6'3, 184 pounds, he has the frame to develop into a very good combination of size and finesse. He has a plus shot, plus speed, and excellent, if underrated vision. He is a threat both with and without the puck, finding the open areas to create opportunities for himself. 


    Selected by @AJgoal  


    Brady Tkachuk:us:

    Ht/Wt: 6' 3"/196 lbs
    Position: LW
    Team: Boston U (H-East)

    With the 3rd Overall selection, the Les Habitants du Canadiens are proud to select, from Boston University, Brady Tkachuk.  While there were other scoring wingers that were available and very tempting, the chance to draft a franchise cornerstone center for our Top 6 was simply too good to pass up.  By the way, does anyone want to talk about a deal to move Jonathan Drouin?!?!?  I kid....I kid....no seriously, does anyone?  


    From ISS: "Physical presence, leadership and ability to play with swagger and jam are the first things you notice in his game.  After that when you analyze the intricacies in his game you are able to see a strong skill set with few glaring weaknesses."     


    From ISS:  "Offensively this player lives between the dots and the top of the crease and this is where he is most effective.  You win with guys like this.  I like this player." 


    Selected by @CreaseAndAssist


    Oliver Wahlstrom:us:

    Ht/Wt: 6' 1"/205 lbs
    Position: C/RW
    Team: USA - U18


    With the fourth section of the NHL draft, the Ottawa Senators select from the USA-U18, Oliver Wahlstrom.  Wahlstrom is one of the top goal-scoring prospects in this draft class who already possesses an NHL caliber, quick release wrist shot. He's most known for his goal-scoring ability  and can hit a one-timer as good or better than many professional players. 


    A sensational scoring threat, Oliver Wahlstrom is a fierce competitor that preys on weak play. He exploits gaps in the neutral zone; his positioning allows him to carry the puck forward immediately or shift up and into stride off of an outlet pass. He promptly takes easy lanes away from the opposition along his own blue line, but could stand to be more proactive defensively. Offensively, he might be described as uncontainable: the confidence he has in his individual puck skill, paired with a high level of thinking, makes him a difficult cog to take out of alignment. He is able to create opportunities for himself, as well as teammates, out of nothing; this, in turn, translates to energy on the ice and in the building as a whole. All-in-all, Oliver Wahlstrom is an instinct-driven hockey player gifted with the size, skating, skill, and smarts that coaches yearn for.  - Curtis Joe, EP 2018


    Selected by @BobbyClarkeFan16


    Filip Zedina


    Ht/Wt: 6' 0"/195 lbs
    Position: RW
    Team: Halifax


    Filip Zadina is a dynamic offensive forward that plays a complete game. A deft and agile skater, he exhibits explosive mobility both up and down the ice. In all three zones, he proactively looks to create problems for the opposition. His awareness is indicative of his high level of hockey sense, and he knows how to make plays and scoring chances materialize. Has a goal scorer's toolbox, complete with the individual puck skills that one comes to expect from today's elite offensive players. The accurate release on his shot is noteworthy and is a defining aspect of his offensive capabilities. Defensively sound, he disrupts lanes and pressures the opposition to make hasty decisions; he is tenacious in pursuit of puck control and transitions up-ice naturally. All-in-all, Zadina can be categorized as both a two-way forward with a well-rounded game and a dominant offensive force. (Curtis Joe, EP 2018)


    selected by @hf101


    Evan Bouchard


    Ht/Wt: 6' 2 / 193 lbs
    Position: RHD
    Team: London


    With the sixth pick in the draft, the Red Wings are glad to add right handed shot defenseman  Evan Bouchard. To me it comes down to size, I have nothing against Michigan boy Quinn Hughes other than he is five foot nine and 168 pounds, we need size and IMHO behind Dahlin I rank Bouchard as the best defenseman in the draft for his overall game. Size, speed, vision, a right handed shot which the Wings have been searching for since rafalski and even before he came over. Bouchard dominated at both ends of the ice, was the first defenseman to finish in the top ten in scoring in the OHL in seven seasons. He has a hard shot that is low and accurate, and again, other than Dahlin is the most NHL ready of all the defensive prospects. He will team with Dennis Cholowski to give the Wings skill and hope on the back end.


    selected by @yave1964


    Noah Dobson


    Ht/Wt: 6' 3 / 180 lbs
    Position: RHD

    Team: Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL)

    Canucks GM Jim Benning shuffles across stage to the podium and hands a notecard to Gary Bettman.


    With a chorus of boos echoing from all areas of the arena around him, Bettman begins his announcement……

    “With the 7th pick overall in the 2018 draft, the Vancouver Canucks select from the Acadie-Bathurst Titans…….Noah Dobson, Defenseman.”


    (There is a collective sigh of relief among Canuck fans as there had been recent rumors of Benning possibly trading the rights of the #7 pick)


    It is no secret that the Canucks need more defensive prospects.  Bouchard would have looked great in Vancouver, however, the Canucks are lucky that the next couple of prospects are all defenseman.  Hughes, Dobson, Boqvist, and Bouchard are all neck and neck and so close to each other.  Either way, the Nucks get a position of need which, IMO, happens to BPA.


    In Dobson, you have one of the best two-way defensemen available in this draft. Want offense? You got it. He posted 17-52-69 in 67 games from the blue line and added 3-10-13 in 20 playoff games. So what do we have in Dobson? We have someone who plays the game the right way and is solid at just about everything he does. He can play both special teams units including power-play quarterback and he is Right Handed shot!


    “A talented two-way defenseman that can play in all situations and stay productive. Uses his edges well and is, for the most part, a very smooth skater…..Offensively, he utilizes his keen sense of awareness to be in the right spot at the right time, every time. Soft hands and a deadly shot accentuate his ability to get creative, on occasion. Rock solid defensively, his strong positioning severely limits time and space for the opposition. All-in-all, a well-rounded, reliable, and consistent defenceman that can log a lot of ice time and provide his team with a stable presence on the back end.” –Elite Prospects


    Rangy, mobile defender with size and strong puck skills who sticks to his opponents like velcro. Dobson is a rare specimen for a teenage defender in that he is a big-bodied puck mover with speed who plays with poise in all three zones. He is one of the QMJHL’s top scoring blueliners thanks to his ability to run a power play, dictate the tempo of a game regardless of the situation and seize opportunities that nobody else was able to identify. Dobson is a strong, agile skater with a deceptively quick first step and the ability to make sharp directional changes in open ice. Getting the puck behind pesky opponents in the neutral zone can be done with either his wheels or with hard, crisp passes, but Dobson isn’t the kind of defenseman who lets his forwards take it from there — he loves to jump into openings and create or finish from areas close to the hashmarks.” –Steve Kournianos/The Draft Analyst


    His one knock ..yup you guessed….. he needs to get bigger.  But then again that can be said a lot about all 18 year old in the draft.  At 6’3” he is one of the tallest defenders in the draft.  He will fill out.


    Benning had a very hard time deciding between Dobson and Boqvist, but in the end, Dobson won out.  This is not a knock on Boqvist, but today, GM’s want size and skill.  Boqvist despite his high ceiling, is just lacking in size and that was the deciding factor.


    selected by @pilldoc


    Jesperi Kotkaniemi


    Ht/Wt: 6' 2 / 188 lbs
    Position: C

    Team: Ässät


     Ok....just looking at the Hawks situation at Center....both Toews and Anisimov are 29, turning 30 with this coming year. Not a whole lot underneath them at the pro or prospect level. IC and 2C should be pressing needs in the years ahead. They picked a D last year, which of course, does not count out Boqvist or Hughes, both legit prospects in their own rights.....I just don't see the Hawks going that way again. I have a direct tie between Hayton and Jesperi Kotkaniemi....they are both well known for being defensively responsible. I think Jesperi has a lot more offensive upside. I think his upside is 1C, and a tad worried that Hayton's upside is 2C due to a possible lack of elite scoring at the next level. Either way, the Hawks leading C scorer was Towes with 52 and Artem is 39....so a REAL need to inject offense in that spot, even if it is a few years away. 


     With the 8th pick, Chicago takes Jesperi Kotkaniemi.....and do it quickly. This kid is still 17 until a month after the draft, so any skating concerns may be deflected by his big frame and youth, he needs to grow into his body still. 


    Selected by @jammer2


    Quinn Hughes


    Ht/Wt: 5' 10 / 170 lbs
    Position: LHD

    Team: Michigan (NCAA)

    With the 9th pick in the 2018 draft the New York Rangers are proud to select Quinn Hughes, 5-10/170, University of Michigan.

    Smooth-skating offensive defenseman with a superior command of his puck control and distribution, Hughes is the very best of a talented group of American draft-eligible rearguards. Raised and nurtured within a deeply-rooted hockey family, the current freshman at Michigan is one of the NCAA’s top newcomers and became an instant go-to option on a team loaded with NHL prospects and quality upperclassmen. The first thing you notice about Hughes is his calmness with the puck — he rarely, if ever, gets frazzled or frustrated in the face of a relentless or physical opponent. His ability to maintain control of the puck under harrowing circumstances is excellent, but it’s the plays he makes immediately after eluding pressure that sets him apart from the significant majority of not only his draft peers but all defensemen in college hockey.


    Hughes is a strong playmaker with excellent vision, capable of threading the needle with either hard or saucered cross-ice passes. Additionally, he has a heavy shot with a quick release, and goaltenders have to work hard to control rebounds of his shots. Hughes makes plays on his backhand look effortless, and he’s adept at receiving and settling down pucks while traveling at a high rate of speed. His defensive play is relatively sound in terms of positioning and one-on-one tactics. Hughes has improved the timing of his step-ups and hip checks, and he stands his ground on zone entries despite obvious limitations in size and stick length. Losing slot territory to bigger players should be expected, but Hughes is a clever thief with a quick stick who transitions from defense to offense in the blink of an eye. He has top-pairing potential and can quarterback any power play regardless of the talent or skill level of the surrounding personnel.


    Selected by @bbgarnett


    Niklas Nordgren


    Ht/Wt: 5' 9 / 174 lbs
    Position: RW

    Team: HIFK


    With the 10th pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, the Edmonton Oilers select Niklas Nordgren, RW, Lilga, HIFK. 


    Nordgren had a ton of offensive skill, with a very good wrist shot, and a quick, accurate release. He is also a very good playmaker. Defensively, he The one thing that needs to be worked on in Nordgren's game is good at supporting back pressure against the rush, and does a good job supporting the defense versus the cycle.  The one thing that needs to be worked on is his skating. He is choppy, lack explosiveness and has to improve his first step and acceleration. 


    Selected by @FD19372


    Adam Boqvist


    Ht/Wt: 5' 11 / 168 lbs
    Position: RHD

    Team: Brynas Jr.


    I believe it's 1999, again. That was probably the worst draft ever outside of the first drafts where most prospects were already signed. Anyway 1999 produced the Sedins and Zetterberg so there's hope for all drafts.


    What's wrong with this draft, well the d-men are for the most part small and this is considered a d-man draft. I can't imagine pretty well any of these d-men being able to handle an Ove or Malkin. The forwards are all light scoring and very difficult to get excited about.

    For the above reasons Lou Lam is proud to select, with trepidation, Adam Boqvist.

    He finished 2nd in the Hlinka tourney, among all scorers, with 8 points in 5 games. He's good with the puck and defensively proficient. At 5'11" and 170 lbs he might be one of the bigger d-men available with skill.

    High IQ, yes

    Skating, excellent


    Of the d-men available Boqvist might be the best d-man after Dahlin however the drop off in talent after Dahlin is very steep.

    And he's a righty which almost makes him worth his weight in gold. 


    Selected by @hobie


    Isac Lunderstrom


    Ht/Wt: 6' 0 / 185 lbs
    Position: C

    Team: Lulea


    Pick #12, again for the NYI, Isac Lunderstrom from Lulea of the SHL.


    He's competitive, reliable, a 2 way force which makes him a safe choice but safe with upside as he's been playing for the last year in a man's league. He's a center on the 2nd line for his team and got a ton of minutes but like all teenage prospects coming out of Europe his offensive stats are light, 42 gp, 6g, 9a, 15 pts with 14 penalty minutes.


    He played against his peers in the World Junior Summer Showcase in Michigan, yes there is such a thing, and his 2 way game and offense were very noticeable, reminded some of Lias Andersson who was drafted 7th by the Rangers last year.


    At 6' and 185 lbs, he has decent size and as a center, well, no team can have enough of them so he's probably the best choice of what's left.

    Selected by @hobie



    Serron Noel


    Ht/Wt: 6' 5 / 205 lbs
    Position: RW

    Team: Oshawa


    With the 13th pick in the 2018 NHL draft, the Dallas Stars are proud to select...from the Oshawa Generals, RW Serron Noel.


    Dallas might have to wait a few years to reap the benefits of this monster RW, but he will be worth it.  He has raw, untapped ability to become an absolute star power forward in the NHL. His skating has improved greatly this past season.  He is a menace in the corners and in front of the net and an absolute nightmare matchup for defensemen everywhere.  Some will say Dallas should have traded down to acquire Noel's services, but when you know the player you want, you don't take chances and grab him when you can.



    • NHL Central Scouting Mid-Term: 9th
    • Future Considerations: 31st
    • McKeen’s Hockey: 22nd
    • ISS Hockey: 21st
    • HockeyProspect.com: 28th


    Selected by @Davey J


    Vitali Kravtsov


    Ht/Wt: 6' 2 / 170 lbs
    Position: RW

    Team: Chelyabinsk (KHL)

    With the 14th overall pick in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers welcome Vitali Kravtsov to the City of Brotherly Love!

    Okay, so I went a little off the reservation, but I don’t think I’ve strayed very far.  On the Flyers board I have professed my love for Kupari, whom I still like.  While offensively  gifted, he is currently a liability on the defensive side and someone I don’t think Hextall will go for.  I looked long and hard at Farabee, but with his being committed to playing at Boston University, I kind of want nearer term with a #14 pick.  Other than that, I think picks 12-24ish have players at similar levels and value and with varying flaws, so clear BPA is out the window to me.   The Flyers have slightly more need at LW, which was my interest in Farabee, but it’s not a huge concern.   So, Kravtsov it is.

    A big, skilled winger that can play up and down the lineup and provide scoring in a number of roles. He brings grit and physical size, but could be more assertive in throwing his weight around more. Displays excellent speed on the rush and in zone entry, but could backcheck quicker. Plays well in his own end and takes away lanes. Very good hands and awareness. Kravtsov has the potential to develop into a staple top six forward that can produce at the next level.  - Elite Prospects


    Kravtsov is currently ranked 24th by Hockey Prospect. A six-foot-two, 189-pound forward hailing from Vladivosotok, Russia, he is a skilled winger that can fit anywhere in the lineup and provide scoring in a number of roles. He plays with an edge and has a big body, but could definitely throw his weight around more.

    Kravtsov is a very fast skater with the ability to gain zone entries with ease, but he’s not very strong on the back-check – an area in need of improvement. However, he’s good in his own end and is capable of taking away passing lanes. He has quick hands and possesses a lethal wrist shot. Terrific play-making abilities allow him to see time on the power play as well. Simply put, Kravtsov has the potential to become a top-six forward in the NHL.

    Kravtsov began the 2016-17 season with Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk of the MHL, a Russian junior league. That season, he put up 36 points in 41 games with Belye before being called up to Chelmet Chelyabinsk of the VHL, the minor league in Russia. The VHL is similar to the AHL in North America, as it develops players for the KHL, the top professional league in the country.

    With Chelmet, Kravtsov tallied four points in six games, and then was called up to play for Traktor Chelyabinsk of the KHL. He only played three regular-season games with Traktor and failed to put up a point. However, he dressed for six playoff games and became the youngest player to score in a KHL playoff game at the age of 17, a record held previously by Evgeny Kuznetsov.  - The Hockeywriters.


    Selected by @ruxpin


    Joseph Veleno


    Ht/Wt: 6' 5 / 205 lbs
    Position: C

    Team: Drummondville


    The Florida Panthers are in an interesting position with no true glaring need that needs addressing as pretty much anyone you would want to keep is signed long term favorable deals. So I am able to draft what to me, is the best available. With the 15th pick the Florida Panthers draft  Joseph Veleno, Centre from the QMJHL.


    What is not to like? A big kid, the drafts best true center who can play up and down the lines and projects as a Trocheck type he will fit in perfectly with the up and coming Panthers group. Vision, speed at worst he is a 3C with nice crisp passes, at best he is a solid number 2 or a low end number one. Panthers thrilled beyond thrilled to add him here. 


    "A fantastic playmaker who rediscovered his scoring touch after a Dec. 19 trade from Saint John to Drummondville, with 48 points (16 goals, 32 assists) after he was moved. Veleno (6-1, 193) has a great work ethic, is willing to learn and plays with a lot of pace."  -Mike Moreale


    "There is so much to like about Joe Veleno. He's a hard-nosed workhorse that makes the players around him better. The fleet-footed center is unselfish and will primarily look to make a play at top speed; however, when the chance arises to put it in the pot himself, he will capitalize. He sees the ice well and is rarely caught out of position. His defensive game is refined and he actively pursues puck control. Transitioning to offence is natural, smooth, and quick. All-in-all, a well-rounded two-way forward that skates well and can be the catalyst a team needs to turn a game in its favor. If he can find the consistency in refusing to let himself get taken out of plays, especially if he doesn't start them, he will thrive and exceed expectations." (Curtis Joe, EP 2017) 


    Selected by @yave1964


    Barrett Hayton


    Ht/Wt: 6' 1 / 190 lbs
    Position: C

    Team: Saulte Ste. Marie


    With the #16 pick in the NHL Entry Draft, the Colorado Avalanche pick, from the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, centerman Barrett Hayton


    Okay, so once again I took a long look at Farabee and this time at Martin Kaut.   The Avalanche need help all over in their system.   Since he was named to his current position in May 2013, Joe Sakic has been in charge of 5 drafts.   The Avalanche have made a total of 34 picks.  5 have been centermen, 5 LW, 5 RW, 15 D, and 4 G.   They have drafted exactly one center in each of the drafts with three of them being first round picks.    


    I was really thinking leftwing since they didn't draft any at all last year with any of their 7 picks, but that was to make up for 2 LW the year before and no RWs.   Their depth chart is ultimately most shallow at center.


    Along with the QMJHL, the Avalanche most often pick from the OHL (6 times each of the 34 picks), though this would be the first time drafting from the OHL in the first round (in the 5 drafts, they've never drafted from the same league twice in the first round, so this is the 6th different league represented by first round picks) so at #16 they grab their center for the year.



    Offensive Game

    Hayton has a heavy shot and a good release. A big reason for his increased goal scoring this year has been his ability to get into the right spots and use that wrist shot more often. He has also improved his accuracy but can still stand to get better in this area. His slap shot needs some work though, as it lacks power and his wind-up is very big. Hayton is not afraid to get to the front of the net. Once he gets there, he battles hard for position and has the soft hands to finish plays in tight. Hayton scores on tip-ins, quick one-timers and by quickly pouncing on rebounds.

    Hayton plays a straightforward game. He protects the puck well on the cycle and has some soft hands. However, he is not the type of forward to dangle a defenceman and get past him in a one-on-one situation. Instead, Hayton looks to keep the puck moving, find the open man, and then get it to the net. He is a smart player, who makes quick, smart plays with the puck on his stick. He is also good on the forecheck. While he does not lay a lot of big hits, he gets in quickly, pressuring defenders and creating turnovers. - Last Word on Hockey.com


    Selected by @ruxpin


    Joel Farabee


    Ht/Wt: 6' 0 / 164 lbs
    Position: LW

    Team: USA


    In honor of the 15th year anniversary of the New Jersey Devils winning the Stanley Cup, I would like to announce with the 17th pick of this year 2018 NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils would like to welcome from the USA-U18, NTDP Team, Joel Farabee, LW.  


    After much debate between Martin Kaut and Joel Farabee, the Devils are ecstatic that a potential top 10 player has landed to them at #17.

    Undeterred by the fact that Farabee has committed to Boston Univ. next year, the Devils feel they have a “dangerous and prolific scorer amongst his age group, where he helped Team USA win a gold medal at the Under-18 World Championships in 2017 where he also recorded six points (3g-3a) in seven games, including two goals in the gold medal game. Blessed with top level skating ability and a mind for creating offense, the New York native can also be trusted in his own zone which facilitates further opportunities from the coaching staff. (Dobber Hockey)


    As captain of the team, he finished second on the US Under-18 team in goals (33), assists (43) and points (76) in 62 games last season.

    So what do we get in Farabee now? We have a player who is one of the best skaters in the draft and uses that to create offense. He uses his speed to burn past defenders and then he uses his pro shot in a variety of ways. He is surprisingly effective around the net for someone of his stature. His fearlessness and work ethic make him a load to handle in the offensive zone.


    What sets Farabee apart is how effective he is defensively. He uses his smarts to put himself in position to intercept passes and break up plays. Once he gets the puck on his stick, he’s excellent at transition offense. He’s one of the best 200-foot players at the top of the draft. (The Hockey Writers)


    Farabee has excelled on the top line where he has a lethal shot and excels in and around the net.  He has the offensive talent to eventually assume a role at the next level as a top-six forward.


    “Farabee is a very high-energy, big–effort player with skill…he never stops moving his feet or finding ways to try to be a factor on the ice…has jersey-flapping speed…his ability to change pace is impressive and allows him to stay elusive…possesses good puck control, and has a dogged willingness to take the puck to the net…has creative hands and can pull a skilled one-on-one move to gain space…moves the puck around the ice extremely well, connecting with good strong passes that lead his linemates effectively…not scared to shoot the puck when presented the opportunity…has a quick release but lacks velocity on his shot at this stage…keeps moving in the offensive zone, and that creates a lot of space and time for he and his teammates, and in doing so he generates a lot of offensive opportunities…he excels in all zones, providing his team with a tireless work ethic, strong defensive play, and some offensive flair…has the low-end potential of a strong third liner with speed who can help a penalty kill, or a high-end upside as a top-six scorer who can contribute on special teams.” -Future Considerations


    Again as with most kids his age, he does need to bulk up some. The key for his success is can he find a way to play among bigger and faster players at the next level?

    Slide him next to Nico and the Devils are finally finding their way to bring more offense to this organization.

    Selected by @pilldoc



    Selected by @More Hockey Stats



    Selected by @ruxpin

    4_Kings.gif?_cb=1528549960   Selected by @thenewestlights

    Selected by @More Hockey Stats


    Selected by @BobbyClarkeFan16


    Selected by @hf101

    Selected by @CreaseAndAssist
    4_Toronto_2.gif?_cb=1528549960   Selected by @hobie
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528549960   Selected by @bbgarnett
    4_Blackhawks.gif?_cb=1528549960   Selected by @jammer2
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    4_Capitals.gif?_cb=1528549960   Selected by @FD19372


  • HF.net 2018 Mock NHL Draft


    Order NHL Selection HF.net Selection
    4_Sabres.gif?_cb=1528503527 Rasmus Dalin Rasmus Dahlin
    4_Hurricanes.gif?_cb=1528503527 Andrei Svechnicov Andrei Svechnicov
    4_Canadiens.gif?_cb=1528503527 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Brady Tkachuk
    4_Senators.gif?_cb=1528503527 Brady Tkachuk Oliver Walstrom
    4_Coyotes.gif Barrett Hayton Filip Zadina
    5749c4438b338_4_RedWings.gif?_cb=1528503 Filip Zadina Evan Bouchard
    4_Canucks.gif?_cb=1528503527 Quinn Hughes Noah Dobson
    4_Blackhawks.gif?_cb=1528503527 Adam Boqvist Jesperi Kotkaniemi
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528503527 Vitali Kravtsov Quinn Hughes
    4_Oilers.gif?_cb=1528503527 Evan Bouchard Niklas Nordgren
    4_Islanders.gif?_cb=1528503527 Oliver Walstrom Adam Boqvist
    4_Islanders.gif?_cb=1528503527 Noah Dobson Isac Lundestrom
    4_Stars.gif?_cb=1528503527 Ty Dellandrea Serron Noel
    4_Flyers.gif Joel Farabee Vitali Kravtsov
    4_Florida_2.gif?_cb=1528503527 Grigori Denesenko Joe Veleno
    4_Avalanche.gif?_cb=1528503527 Martin Kaut Barrett Hayton
    4_Devils.gif?_cb=1528503527 Ty Smith Joel Farabee
    blue_jackets.gif Liam Foudy Rasmus Kapari
    4_Flyers.gif Jay O'Brien Ty Smith

    Rasmus Kapari

    Blade Jenkins
    4_Sharks.gif?_cb=1528503527 Ryan Merkley Martin Kaut
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528503527 K'Andre Miller Bode Wilde
    4_Ducks.gif?_cb=1528503527 Isac Lundestrom Jonatan Berggren
    wild.gif Filip Johansson K'Andre Miller
    4_Blues.gif?_cb=1528503527 Dominik Bokk Ryan Merkley
    4_Senators.gif?_cb=1528503527 Jacob Bernard-Docker Ryan McLeod
    4_Blackhawks.gif?_cb=1528503527 Nicklas Beaudin Akil Thomas
    4_Rangers.gif?_cb=1528503527 Nils Lundkvisk Dominik Bokk
    4_Toronto_2.gif?_cb=1528503527 Rasmus Sandin Rasmus Sandin
    5749c4438b338_4_RedWings.gif?_cb=1528503 Joe Veleno Jared McIsaac
    4_Capitals.gif?_cb=1528503527 Alexander Alexeyev Jett Woo
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