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  1. I tend to agree in most places. Methinks Brown showed in his return to great form this past season that he certainly can be top-line material. Jenkins could prove a surprise and be that injection in a year or two. But the Kings really had no excuses for how they performed in the playoffs. They were competitive against, scored on, and beat the Knights in the regular season. Quick's usually fantastic, tends to become extra special in the postseason (as he was this last one), but the Kings just didn't deliver. They had the pieces to do so, as they already showed in Carter's regular-season return, but they just didn't. Inexcusable for a veteran team to go MIA on offense and get bounced in four games. I hope Doughty keeps his mouth shut about Vegas and other teams this next season, focuses on speaking with his game, getting the boys back on track to threaten for some so they're not sippin sorrow on the golf course early again.
  2. Cheers! I just got a feeling as I studied him, watched his game, considered his situation, and compared him to a couple players rated higher--that this guy may be a better prospect than he's currently rated. I get that scenario you propose there. I think the Kings may serve themselves well by picking Blade Jenkins and trading up for another go at the Cup this year. No use waiting to see how Doughty goes. Without some great draft picks and / or quality trades this year or next, I don't see this King core having too many more shots at the Cup. But of course I must speculate because Robitaille has gotten worse and worse at texting me back over the years.
  3. Thank you, Ruxpin; and thank you, Pilldoc... "We need a left winger!" No one who was there in the break-room at LA King headquarters that fateful day will forget the upheaval which followed that innocent and accurate outburst. Without considering context politically opposed employees--Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and Independents--converged on the break-room, knocking over a loaded piping-hot crock pot and a would-have-been-delicious deli tray, to begin a shouting and shoving fracas. A professional female almost-robot-like voice called out over the intercom: Rob Blake to the break-room, please; Mr. Rob Blake, please go to the break-room. You're needed there--again! The legend burst onto the scene, pushed employees to various corners, and reminded them--robustly--that the comment was about both the NHL and HockeyForums.net drafts! He could be heard muttering "I thought I left this kind of crap back in the '90s" as he kicked a stack of cold-cuts out into the adjoining hallway and exited. So with that--because of this prospect's skills, his made-for-hockey name, and because Grigori Denisenko may be an operative and / or hothead: the LA Kings are pleased to draft Blade Jenkins from Saginaw in the OHL ! Everyone in LA's not only excited about this kid's OHL rookie season--but they're pumped they could be the professional organization that gets him into a much-better-looking uniform! According to Mike G. Morreale: "Jenkins (6-1, 195) had a solid rookie season in the OHL with 44 points (20 goals, 24 assists) and 140 shots on goal in 68 games for the Spirit. He's an effective passer, has good hockey sense and competes, and can play physical when needed. Jenkins is at his best when keeping things simple, fighting for rebounds and deflections in the slot." King players have expressed enthusiasm about the physical aspect to Blade's game. Jake Muzzin commented: "We take a fairly simple approach to the physical side of things here in Los Angeles: In any game against Anaheim that's gone for more than a couple minutes, you just start swinging at the nearest Duck. I think Jenkins would fit right in." I see this pick working a couple different ways for the Kings. Blade [<--so fun to write!] could progress soon and perhaps provide the missing playoff-offense ingredient if LA's contending again. I could also see this chap as a bargaining chip in a trade to get a more seasoned offensive threat on board now to strike before any possible Doughty departure makes the iron less hot. It does seem it's been on the left side where the Kings need the biggest offensive boost. Blake in Action: [some slick shots here!] and Jenkins' first hat trick in the OHL ! : Ladies and gentlemen, blokes and sheilas, homettes and homies... please get the applause party started for @More Hockey Stats' SJ pick!
  4. Holy smokes, @ruxpin , you are quick-draw today! Which works well for me given it means I may have time to draft before Comcast sabotages my internet again.
  5. That means it's time for @ruxpin and his second pick for
  6. It's been tough a lot of times on HF for the to get much love. But I know they surprised some folks, myself included, by making the playoffs this year. They could be an up-and-coming team. Combine that with their uniforms which they hopefully make scarier like in days of old, and that stadium there may start packing out again soon. Shame on any "fans" who buy tickets only when a team's going gangbusters. P.S. Shame on any NJ fans too who aren't telling Brodeur to knock it off with those lame Enterprise ads.
  7. If that's a compliment I'll take it. If it's not then I'd like to be the first to blame the difficult Quote situation I found myself put in.
  8. 3 minutes ago, More Hockey Stats said: I'm still vacationing in Florida, but at pace like this I should be able to make both of my picks in comfort after 6/11 Christmas when I am back. Ladies and gents: go to Ruxpin for all your time-travel vacation needs. Incredible prices and speedy service!
  9. Just got a call from Bettman. He told me that Buffalo will lose all its draft picks this year, as well as have the sabers portion of its logo replaced with salad tongs for five years, if Hockey Junkie doesn't draft before 11.59.59 EST tonight. Boyfriend was fumin'!
  10. Yave: I appreciate your commitment to full disclosure about "Etroit" despite their being your team! You've got principle! Hopefully any D in your draft will put the D back into D-Town.
  11. I'm wondering if the are gonna end up in a similar position but be in rebuilding mode with McDavid and Draisaitl still on the bank-straining payroll-- for years to come. Perhaps last year was a fluke. They better hope so. Maybe they'll be able to use some kind of Yelp.com or NHL.com draft coupon to secure a talent who matures rapidly.
  12. Nice notice and analysis with respect to the younger players! It appears a couple more pieces need to come together for the to get a with this group. Methinks it's a specific kind of offensive power which I hope to "secure for them" in our HF Mock Draft. This team's been a difficult one to figure. Carter's gone for most of the regular season, but LA stays competitive nonetheless, while Kopitar and Brown enjoy career years along the way. He returns, plays great, but then the offense goes MIA for Quick in the playoffs. The coaching and office changes seem to have the team on a better track. Kopitar's at ten-million a year?! I thought it was eight-. Either way that's cap-tastic given the Doughty situation. I can't see letting the latter go, given he's likely not immediately or eventually replaced with commensurate quality, but I have to wonder about Doughty leaving when this team's still a contender. Maybe he's content with his LA-related hardware and's willing to work for a team that coughs up the cashola even if it doesn't look a contender right away...? There are a lot of first-round defense prospects for this year's draft. Perhaps the Kings will go that route in hopes they'll get a bright star there who gets brighter quickly while Drew's a