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  1. That game was game to go 5 - 5 into OT. That man prevented a miracle. Bet he wore shades and a trenchcoat on his way out Toronto.
  2. Who's that Blackhawk goalie who cheated tonight by intentionally dislodging the net late in the third? Not only was a penalty shot not given, but he ruined my hockey buzz. Some of the most frenetic action I can recall seeing during an unlikely comeback late in a game.
  3. Seems many folks may have that viewing issue. Philly needs a Telescope Giveaway night or two to address things.
  4. Fly squad's looking pretty killer. Kinda like angry Jack-o-Lanterns having emerged from some experimental and serious tanning-booth sessions. Has that been their home look all season? I've seen so few games from any team this go-round.
  5. I could see Robi and Co. considering that route: Carter's ghastly injury last year may have them wracking their noggins. But they may keep him forever given they got him in exchange for a guy who has yet to prove himself on the ice:
  6. Wonder if management's thinking same given that signing vis a vis current results.
  7. Everybody's disappearing for the weekend.
  8. That Duck decal doesn't look roasted enough.
  9. See my thread--that Just went up--for the answer. : [Hidden Content]
  10. Swap all the Kings for all the Bolts Gonna miss ya, Kopi. But desperate standings are calling for comprehensive measures.
  11. That can depend on what outfit he chooses to wear on a particular night.
  12. I hope they don't add to or subtract from the current uniform! Major black's where it's at! Major white's all right on away nights. <--Kind of like those teeth! 'No' vote here on purple and gold.
  13. I've been thinking about players whose skill amazed me back when I first got into hockey. Gilbert Perreault, like Lemieux, was one of those players who could get me out my seat. GP's most memorable move for me would be how he'd split two defenders, then deke a goalie for a goal, looking perfectly smooth as he did so. I recently learned that Gretzky coming up looked up to Gilbert Perreault so much that he wanted to be #11 if his team didn't have #9 available. Perreault was so good that Bobby Orr called him the best player he ever played against. There were even times that GP made BO look foolish on the ice. How many players can even say they did that once to #4? I miss watching theee Monsieur Gilbert Perreault. Glad we've got articles and highlights by which to remember and celebrate him. [Hidden Content]
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