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NHL Center Ice

Freddy Fog

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First of all, happy Thanksgiving from the Volunteer State, (living in Knoxville, born and raised in Philly).  My question is about the NHL Center Ice.  Are most of the games NOT in HD this season?  I don't think any games have been in HD, and it is kind of ticking me off.  Is this regional or are you guys seeing this as well? Thanks.


By the way, on a side note, I have always been suprised at the lack of production the team has in warm climates.  Someone should try and get a doctorate in statistics by showing and proving this weird phenomenon (if it does, in fact, exist).



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I have Center Ice through DISH Network. Over the years I have found the majority of the games to be in HD with the exeption being when they use a feed from a Canadian team. Games against those always seem to be standard broadcasts.

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@Freddy Fog


I have Comcast. I think the # of HD feeds you have may depend on the TV package that you have.  I generally have most games with a HD and a regular feed, especially those by other teams that use Comcast, ie the Blackhawks and Sharks, Capitals, etc.

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I use NHL Gamecenter, looks good in HD on my TV, via PS3 over wifi. It's not full HD, as you can see a little compression noise and lower frame rate overall, but it's still good. Not sure how much the av receiver cleans up though.

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Cant' speak for other cable providers, but we have the Centre Ice package with Comcast in Minnesota.


They have two channels for HD games, the rest are in standard definition.


When I lived in Florida, we  had Direct TV, and if I recall right, almost all games were in HD for the premium package.


We have a 52" HD television, so that does make a difference for us, as the standard broadcasts tend to look a bit fuzzy with the larger display.


It is kinda disappointing that in this day and age, and with the money being shelled out by consumers such as ourselves, that companies STILL have standard definition as the norm for these packages.

But I am told that Comcast moved from one HD channel to two for this year, so perhaps that is a sign that they are moving towards all HD feeds. We will see.

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