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Today in Flyers History....

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How good was Danny B for the Flyers?


With 37 goals and 35 assists in 68 playoff games for the orange and black, Briere has more postseason points in a Flyers jersey than Tim Kerr, Reggie Leach, Eric Lindros, Rod Brind'Amour, Eric Desjardins and Dave Poulin — all Flyers Hall of Famers.

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13 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:

If you have 30 minutes to kill i did I'm at work.




G needs to watch this for some motivation.  Sure do miss the old days!!!!  This was remarkable!!

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On 5/4/2021 at 2:27 PM, OccamsRazor said:

I'll never forget this...........man i hated Tucker!!!!!!



Yes, I loved that game, I also couldn't stand Tucker and the bonus was I made a lot of money on that series betting my  friends who were Laffs fans.

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I'll never forget this had it set up to record when I left Columbia (S.C.) at 6 pm for a concert at the Farm in Charleston South Carolina with my first wife.




Watched some of it at the bar when I had the go grab a beer.


Once concert was over drove back go Columbia and one we got home around 2 am in just walked it the house turned it on in time to see the game winner. Amazing.

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Had a blast in Hilton Head South Carolina when this series was going on.



Everywhere i went i got go Flyer's when folks noticed my jesey i wore out on game night.


I watched the comeback in game 4 down and almost out at a place called Aunt Chiladas not sure if it is still there.


Got back home in time to watch them win game 7 back at my house.

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