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Kirill Kaprizov signs 5-Year, $45 Million Deal


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Kaprizov beat his own personal record last game against Islanders in comparison to his stats last season. Yesterday he had 52 points in 39 played games. Last year he had 51 points in 55 played games. I think he is on a run for more than 80 points this season if no more injuries will affect him. One game he missed already this season because of injury.


And also a nice info about Kaprizov's parents, which was taken from Russo twit:

"Kaprizov's parents had to get their visa clearance in the Dominican. Told they spent 2 weeks there before flying to NY. They'll return to Minnesota tomorrow to see Kirill's place, stay there when #mnwild go to Chicago and go to Vegas with Kaprizov for the All-Star Game."

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Kirill Kaprizov had 3 assists in 2 All-Star games by playing for Central team last weekend. 


I was impressed of Kyrou's results of the speed's test competition, who was the best there. He was able to beat McDavid's previous 3 years in a row record.



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 Our main Wild weblink published a good article regarding Kaprizov's play and what should be done to improve his play as well as team's results:


We have now 7 in a row home games. Like the article said, hope we will be able to win most of them. As a rule, we need to build a nice collection of points on home games before playing usually more difficult road games.

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On 2/5/2022 at 11:41 AM, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:


You mean, you never considered Filip Kuba to be a TRUE All Star!?? :ph34r: 


Filip Kuba won a coin flip against Willie Mitchell for that opportunity.  Nick Johnson was a more worthy all star than Kuba.  

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