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9 hours ago, flyercanuck said:

If this is ClusterChuck the poster, Happy birthday.


If this is ClusterChuck, the GM and destroyer of all things Flyers, Go F*** Yourself You F***ing Imbecile!

Why so harsh on Mister Fletcher? 

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2 hours ago, ClusterChuck said:

I blew out my candle and had 2 wishes.
1. a Wild Win.
2. Something about a 'Birthday suit' came to mind. 😇
*Asking for a friend...

Your 1st wish happened Wild wwwiiinnn tonight. 😀

Do not know yet about a suit. 😊

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37 minutes ago, notfondajane said:

We have one of your misfits we don't need a second! But then again it's the Penguins! :)


Hextall is far from great...but I'd take him back in a heartbeat over the dimwits we currently have.

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