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whatbis it about his game that you thinking just right?  I'm just not buying the lack of a power forward theory for this flyers team.  We need speed and skill.  What was the difference maker for this team this year?   Ghost. 


Meet need guys that can skate and make life just a little bit easier for G.  Someone who can find him in stride, someone who can handle and control a pass, someone who can find a corner of the net occasionally. 


Besides the fact that he's not that, Lucic will be asking for too much money. He'll command top 6 dollars and he's simply not the kind of top six we need.  He's more like the top 6 we have points wise. 


He's a good age, but his PIMS will double in O&B and he barely scored 20 goals on the kings. How's that going up with the Flyers?




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1 hour ago, activestick said:

Would love to see him in O&B next year.  He's exactly what we need.



I have to completely disagree. Sure he would add toughness but that is about it...Flyers need scorers...playmaker whom have size as well he doesn't have this.

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1 hour ago, NRH said:

I'm not convinced either would sign if Hexy isn't going to Holmgren them 20 million for 3 years.

And that's just fine. Stay the course and build through the draft. 

Don't burn cap space now chasing ghosts. Save it for when the prospects have become nhl players.  Two years out with read umby striet off the books. Shultz etc...

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