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Good Riddance Matt Cooke


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Matt Cooke placed on waivers; buyout next?
By Michael Russo
JUNE 18, 2015 — 11:53AM

The Wild, looking to clear cap space this offseason, has placed veteran Matt Cooke on waivers. If he clears, the next route would be a buyout.

Cooke, 36, who had an injury-ravaged season and was limited to only 29 regular-season games and seven playoff games, has one more year left on his contract at a $2.5 million cap hit with a $3 million salary.

If Cooke clears and the Wild buys him out, the Wild will pay him 2/3 his salary over two years $1 million per year. The Wild would save $2 million in cap space this year and $1 million in cap space next year.

I'm expecting to talk to his agent soon. GM Chuck Fletcher couldn't be reached for comment.

As I reported last week on my podcast with Jim Souhan, Cooke was being shopped heading into draft week.



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About the ONLY thing that could go wrong here is this:


Brendan Morrow is a UFA the Bolts are sure NOT to re-sign...that opens up a winger spot on the 4th line in Tampa Bay.

Hopefully, Steve Yzerman doesn't get the bright idea that "Cookie" here would make a good 4th liner / PK specialist, and (lord help us all) help 'mentor' (more like MENTAL) some of the younger guys, like...oh, I don't know, Jonathan Drouin.


But for the here and now, yay, yay, and MORE YAY!


A bit of money shaved off the cap, roster spot freed up.....shoulda done this DURING the season that just passed.

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How good would Matt Cooke look in Orange & Black?


I hope they at least give him a tryout!



I can't think of anyone better to be passing his knowledge, class and wisdom onto the youth of hockey. There's an opening on the Phantoms at the head coaching position.  :blink[1]:

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Secretly, Wilson is twiddling his thumbs saying "exxxxcelent". With Torres scheduled to come back, he will sign Cooke and acquire Lapierre or Ott, creating the dirtiest 4th line in the league. Sharks are going full heel! You heard it here first! Jumbo is trying to pull off the babyface, but is just managing to look like a tweener.


This heel's finishing move is definitely the chokeslam

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As long as he stays away from Karlsson's Achilles, I don't car where he goes, but if he wants to keep playing, the KHL would be a good spot. Russian winters are beautiful, after all.

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