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🟦 2023-24 Round 2, West Semi Finals: (P2) Edmonton Oilers at (P1) Vancouver Canucks (EDM WINS 4-3) 🟩

Oilers at Canucks  

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  1. 1. Are the Canucks True Division Champions, or Do the Oilers Expose Them as Paper Champs?

    • Oilers in 4..... Vancouver just really never stood a chance.
    • Oilers in 5.... Like seriously....VAN didn't have a shot, even if they did steal a win
    • Oilers in 6... Good series with some back n forth, but ultimately showing the Oilers were the better team all along
    • Oilers in 7.... Fantastic set that seemed to come down to the little things. Little things the Oilers did better.
    • Canucks in 4.... Unless it's the Kings they play, the Oilers aren't beating anyone else, says VAN
    • Canucks in 5... Execution fails the Oilers in a big way, while the Canucks do just the opposite and mostly breeze through the set.
    • Canucks in 6.... Well now, look at that. Vancouver deserved that Pacific crown after all..despite the powerful Oiler charge!
    • Canucks in 7.... Very heated set and one way or the other, the Canucks find their way to elation in the West Finals, while dealing frustration to the Oilers and their fans

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Posted (edited)



So far during these playoffs:


GF/G:  4.4,   GA/G:  2.6
PP%:  45,    PK% :  100

Won their first round against the LA Kings 4-1




GF/G:  2.17,   GA/G:  2.0
PP%:  15.4,   PK%:  90.9
Won their first round against the Nashville Predators 4-2

We get an all Canada Semi Final set that sees the Pacific Division champion Vancouver Canucks face off against their closest pursuers during the regular season, and the team many thought would take the Pacific title, the Edmonton Oilers.

VAN started out red hot for the season, maintained much of that throughout when many expected them to fall back, finally did show signs of wear towards the end of the season, then with not the best play they could muster, still managed to get by the surprising Nashville Predators.

EDM meanwhile, started out horribly and that had pundits placing them DOA very early on in the season. McDavid and his crew, however, turned things around in a big way and finished the season about as strong as any team could, and did a convincing job of taking care of LA in the opening playoff round.

The overall numbers in the opening series seems to favor the Oilers, however, Vancouver, especially on offense, should be a step up from LA, even though their GF/G against Nashville doesn't really show that, so the Oilers need to be wary of that.
On the flip side, the Oilers are most certainly a giant leap from the Predators as far as the Canucks are concerned, and while Vancouver got away with some lackluster play here and there against NSH, they really can't expect that to fly against Edmonton.

Oilers look poised to 'run over' the Canucks with the way each team handled their first round opponents, but if the Canucks can get their orcas out of their blowholes, and play to their abilities (albeit without Thatcher Demko!), then this series could very well be quite entertaining.

The Oil...The 'Nucks....series talk goes right here!

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I think EDM boat races the Canucks.

No goalies for Vancouver,  an absurdly high season shooting % won't be sustainable. 

They barely got past a middling Predators team that out played them 5 times in 6 games.


The Oil are rested and healthy.

I said Oil in 5, it might be fewer.

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Gonna have to go with Vancouver in 6 since they don't have Demko back yet they'd win it sooner with him...but even without they can contain McDavy and Co...

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Goalies: :canucks:

Defense: :canucks:

Offense: :oilers:

Special teams (PP/PK): :oilers:

Coaching: :canucks:

Mental: :oilers:

Experience: :oilers:

Robustness: :canucks:

Depth: :canucks:


This series is like the Stars-Avalanche one. A more balanced team vs. a lethal offense that can clutch at any time. I think Vancouver can succeed where the Kings fell flat and if Demko plays and is stellar, the Nucks can push it to the limit. Still, Edmonton's special teams and offense can make the difference.


Oilers in 6.

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-Whereas the Kings wanted to limit the Oilers offense with the 1-3-1 (which the Oilers had the skill and speed to pick apart) I'm pretty sure the Canucks defensive gameplan will centre around not playing the way the Kings did in round 1. LA had just about the opposite gameplan of what you should do to shut down Edmonton: they tossed muffins at Skinner from anywhere and everywhere and then sat back and dared the Oilers to get through the 1-3-1. In short, they let Edmonton have the puck too damned much. I'm expecting the Canucks defensive gameplan to be built around holding the puck in Edmonton's end and trying to get enough shots through layered traffic.


-If so, I think that's the Canucks best way forward, because that's what they're good at. The best part of their defensive game is o-zone time on the boards, wearing down the defenders until their one line that can produce gets on the ice. It's been very effective through much of the season, though it nearly faltered in round one, where they spent too much time in their own end. Nashville tossed away a series they probably should have won.


-The absolute last thing the Canucks will want to do is trade chances with the Oilers. The Kings were excellent at preventing High Danger chances (4th overall) in 82 games and still got lit up like a wick in the first round. Vancouver was a middling team in High Danger Chance% this year, whereas Edmonton comfortably led the league.


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Just now, Tomdog said:

Is Demko available, or is he still injured? 


So far, he's been ruled out for game 1.


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Posted (edited)

2-0 after the 1st period.


-Vancouver committed the cardinal sin of taking an early penalty, and the Oilers didn't miss. 1-0.

-Ekholm hammers a screened shot for the 2-0 lead.

-Oilers were hemmed in for an extended time on two shifts, and for about the last two minutes, but kept calm. The puck stayed to the perimeter and away from the danger spots. Only allowed 6 5 shots.




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4-2 EDM after 40 minutes.


-Strong start for Vancouver, score an early one.
-Evander Kane should never share the ice with Darnell Nurse and Cody Ceci. That pairing has been the only negative spot on the EDM blueline this playoff. Kane, for his part, is a poor defensive player who doesn't manage the puck well.
-Two quick goals from Ceci and Hyman off defender's sticks.
-Lindholm with a goal from behind the goal line after Ceci fails to clear. Also in photo: Darnell Nurse, covering nobody.
-Draisaitl in the dressing room for the last 10 minutes of the period. That's just about as bad as news can get.


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Posted (edited)

-Draisaitl back to start the 3rd. Seems to have been a back issue.
-JT Miller has been dominant in the faceoff circle.
-Nurse/Ceci continue to struggle, on the ice for every GA. With 10 minutes left in the the 3rd, the Scoring Chances are 1-12, High Danger 0-6 with them on the ice.
-Big PK for Oilers, with 7 minutes left in a 4-3 lead.
-Rocket from Zadorov goes in 4-4.
-And another GA 39 seconds apart. Weak goal by Skinner. Neither goaltender has been good. 5-4 VAN.
-Draisaitl can barely move.
-If either of these teams plays like this against COL, they don't have a prayer.
-Oilers press with the empty net, but Vancouver only allowed 1 shot in (I think) the last 5 minutes.

-Doesn't happen very often, but McDavid has been invisible tonight.


5-4 Vancouver

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 🟦 2023-24 Round 2, West Semi Finals: (P2) Edmonton Oilers at (P1) Vancouver Canucks (VAN Leads 1-0) 🟩

Well heck, that was something.

I watched only a little and thought, yeah, the Oil are gonna **** those kids up.


I reckon the Oilers play a full 60 next time.



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The Oilers coasted in the third period, a little bit, and it was costly. Vancouver was the far more aggressive team, and obviously, they had to be.. being down 4-1. Maybe part of it was Draisaitl being a bit bothered by injury, but they're too talented and veteran a playoff team to have a lazy, bad third period like that. Credit the Canucks a ton for the comeback, though. I still think the Oilers are going to win this series.

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4 hours ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

I tuned in late to this game, saw the Oilers up 4-1 and thought, "Pfffft....a throw away game for the Canucks? Already??"


I was going to go to bed until they got that late goal in the second to make it 4-2. Yep stayed up to watch that incredible comeback. McDavid held without a shot 

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 🟦 2023-24 Round 2, West Semi Finals: (P2) Edmonton Oilers at (P1) Vancouver Canucks (Series Tied 1-1) 🟩
Posted (edited)

I didn't have Silovs making 41 saves on 44 shots for the Canucks tonight, on my series Bingo card. Wow.

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 🟦 2023-24 Round 2, West Semi Finals: (P2) Edmonton Oilers at (P1) Vancouver Canucks (VAN Leads 2-1) 🟩
7 hours ago, Brewin Flames said:

Edm getting beat by an acc truck driving school netminder.


Love watching Canuck fans and Oiler fans going at it about missed calls lol.





If only the Flyers could make the tournament and be given a chance to cry about the refs....

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Wow looks like i missed a lot of good playoff hockey while on vacation and a lot of bad non calls and calls as always.



Seems like the NHL gets worse and worse every year.

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