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Gagne for a 4th, I like!!!

correction: Conditional 4th round pick previously acquired from Phoenix

Class act without question and I hope he retires here, but for god's sake Homer stop with these nickel and dime moves ! Who is Gag's going to replace is what I want to know. Even though I'm a huge fan of his, I DON"T want to see him get concussed again, very mixed feelings. Does this mean the Fedotenko to Boston rumor heats up even more?

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I may be showing my pro-Gags bias here, but I think this is a good move from a hockey standpoint (as opposed to just a "make the fans feel good" standpoint). Gags isn't the player he used to be but he was always one of the best two way wingers around. There are some young guys on the team that can learn from him. And his presence in the lineup will certainly bring some energy to the building (the Flyers' building that is), at least for a little while.

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Glad to see Gagne back where he belongs :) I hope he retires a Flyer. Probably a great 3rd liner at this point.

That being said... I've got to think that there's more coming. We don't need a winger, do we? I mean Read is out, but I'm thinking someone else gets shipped out, demoted, whatever, or there is something bigger brewing involving a winger.

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