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Capgeek.com shuts down

J0e Th0rnton

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Effective immediately, Jan. 3, 2015, CapGeek.com has permanently ceased operations. This sudden decision is made with a heavy heart and is due to the personal health of CapGeek.com founder and director Matthew Wuest. While this decision may raise many questions, it is requested that you respect Matthew's privacy and wish for no media or purchase inquiries. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this difficult time.

Well crap. Loved their armchair GM option.


Guess is am back to NHLnumbers.com

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Cap geek had some nice options, but I really like how hockeybuzz's cap section is laid out. Very straight forward and easy to read.

I didn't know Hockeybuzz had a cap section. I looked at the NHLNumbers.com site and it looks very similar to HockeyBuzz. I preferred the CapGeek functions which also showed the AHL salaries for players on 2-way contracts.

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This IS really, really sad.


Like many of you, capgeek was my 'go-to' website for instant information regarding team salaries, UFA/RFA status inquiries, and player lifetime earnings and contracts broken down by dates.

And on top of all that, whenever there was player movement (i.e. trades), capgeek was VERY fast in reflecting that.


I've looked into some other sites like it mentioned here, and well, they just aren't as intuitive to me.


Guess I will just have to pick one and get used to how they are laid out, read, etc......because wishing capgeek would come back won't make it so. 


Gonna miss that site.  

Well wishes to its former owner in his future endeavors.

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Too bad to hear about the owner's health problems, and hope he can work it out. Other than that, I only accessed the site a few times, when I was curious about a player's contract, so it won't impact me very much on a personal level.

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Those hoping the National Hockey League would add or develop an online resource that would track salaries and contract information might be out of luck.

It would seem such an idea, especially in a league that includes a salary cap, which the Canadian dollar may impact if it drops low enough, and trade speculation and contracts pique conversation, would be in high demand.

But, according to commissioner Gary Bettman, there is not the fan interest for such a tool, like Capgeek.com, which was a valuable resource for fans and media but ceased operations in early January due to the health of its founder Matthew Wuest.

“We hear from the fans on a regular basis and we hear on lots and lots of issues,” Bettman said Tuesday, as per CSN New England.

“We’re not getting a lot of feedback on [a Capgeek-style site]. It’s not something that seems to be driving fan interest as much as perhaps the interest of the people [in the media] in this room, and your colleagues.”

“GM’s have access to information. The tools that we have for internal business use are different, but everything we do internally for business purposes doesn’t necessarily need to be made public and be the object of discussion.”

There are still websites that track salary information for NHL teams, such as spotrac.com.



Bookmark the site:  http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/

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