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Flyers sign Raffl to multi year extension.


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   Anytime you can fill a top 9 forward slot for just over a million a year, it's a terrific bargain. The great part is he will progress and evolve over these two years he is signed for so cheap, he should show continued upward trends in goals, pts, play away from the puck. A real life diamond in the rough, great job by Homer and his scouts!!

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Excellent signing.  I thought he could have asked for $1.5m per season though. 


I agree. Yet, he wasn't even playing in the Swedish Elite league when he signed with the Flyers. I would like to know who scouted him!? His type of pick ups only seem to happen to the Red Wings. 

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@Vanflyer   Both Dave Brown (director of player personnel) and Illka Sinasalo get the credit, both seen him at the World Championships last year. Apparently, there was a bidding war that came down to Nashville and Philly. Perhaps the Weber offer sheet damaged the Preds ability to compete for Raffl, if so, a double win for Homer here.



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Love it. Really nice deal for a solid top 9 forward who can play all positions and is a strength defensively.

Kinda leaves me scratching my head as to why B Schenn is without a contract.



 I'm hoping it's because Holmgren wanted to wait and see how he progresses throughout the year before signing him. His gritty game becomes more valuable come playoff time IMO.

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