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Las Vegas 'Desert Knights'


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Maybe this is just speculation, but it appears that the new Vegas team might be called the 'Desert Knights'.



Domain names were registered last week that might be an indicator the NHL team scheduled to begin play in 2017 could be called the Las Vegas Desert Knights.


Last week, the domains lasvegasdesertknights.com, vegasdesertknights.com and desertknightshockey.com were privately registered to Moniker Privacy Services, the same company that procured the domain name to NHL.com.




-- granted Foley didn't comment on the name... but it makes a lot of sense in comparison to other names recently proposed.


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Great find.  I actually like the name too.  I googled images to see what would look good or possible team color scheme. 

(Disclosure..this is my google find and thought and not at all what the actual logo may look like or team colors)





I like the the yellow and blue (though it looks a bit purple to me ) although I know the Blues are yellow and Blues along with the Sabres.  I wonder if if a yellow and maroon would look good?


The other logo I found was this one .......




Maybe change the color scheme a bit and clean up the lettering a bit, but I could see a logo similar to this for the NHL.  What about a different shades of purple an black?  Something like the Reading Royals?  Purple is always associated with royalty and a Knight used to protect the King an Queen of England.   Of course  blue and grey could work..and or maroon.grey.I edited the images (2,3,4) on the right.  The last image on the far right would work IMO.




So use this color scheme for the Las Vegas team, if the rumors are true and the team name could be the Las Vegas Desert Knights?


Here are some other "Knight" logos that would look cool on a NHL jersey....


http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-y_nsVXKx65Y/Uo_ZcPTub3I/AAAAAAAAGGE/YP5MGIbUUhQ/s1600/logo_Knight2color2a+copy.png  http://images.easyfreeclipart.com/464/cub-scout-clipart-blackknightslogo-464818.gifhttp://www.smusd.org/cms/lib3/CA01000805/Centricity/Domain/1367/2009-2010_Logo.JPGhttp://centennialknights.swim-team.us/team/img/brand/centennialknights_logo.jpg


I like the 1st one here and they could go orange and black. (Yes..don't kill me for mentioning orange and black of our beloved Flyers! ;) )





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3 hours ago, Hockey Junkie said:

I never like it when a teams nickname is two words.  It just sucks.  Maybe some may agree?  Lets go Knights is much easier for fans to yell than Lets go Desert Knights.  Are you kidding me?  Of course nothing will ever top "Lets Go Buff-a-lo!"


Also I do not like teams like the Fire or Avalanche.  You cannot call them a Fire or Avalance like you can call a Sabre or Flyer as is.  Call them the Gonads.  Or Nomads.  LOL.  Gamblers was the first thing i thought of.


I was just in Vegas.  Stayed at the Tropicana which I would not recommend because you have to walk forever to find your room.  After finding your way through rooms of one armed bandits.  The sports book is ok.  The only damn thing you can win at.  They cannot alter the outcome of a baseball game.



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2 hours ago, MadDevil said:

Desert Knights doesn't even make any sense. With all that armor they'd get cooked alive.


I think the name Desert Knights is a play on the name 'Desert Storm'

Image result for desert storm,knights


and for the record Foley did register the website domains.



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Desert Knights is more likely a play on Desert Nights in Vegas. He wants the team to be identified with Vegas and have people use their merchandise as something representing Vegas.


Domain names are cheap. Especially for someone who just plunked down $500M plus to get a team. If you have the slightest interest, buy them.

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On 8/26/2016 at 5:28 PM, no1sjsharksfan said:

The whole "Knights" thing in Canada is an issue.


That was my first thought. After the big deal made about that, wouldn't this bring us back to square one?

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