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Flyers vs Rangers, 24/10/2013


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I'm calling for a 2-0 victory. Giroux gets the GWG from Vinny and Streit on the PP. Read pots an empty netter.

Mase with the shutout.

Of course, I have Vinny and Mase in my FHL, so I'm biased ;) I dropped Streit last week. Still on the fence with Voracek (but I'm keeping him on the bench tonight in favour of Jiri Hudler).

I just looked at the Rangers lineup.... wow, putrid. No wonder they can't score either.

20 Chris Kreider - 21 Derek Stepan - 19 Brad Richards

67 Benoit Pouliot - 16 Derick Brassard - 10 J.T. Miller

14 Taylor Pyatt - 22 Brian Boyle - 12 Jesper Fast

40 Brandon Mashinter - 28 Dominic Moore - 15 Derek Dorsett

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I had a dream that Voracek was traded to Winterpeg.


Not that it has to do with much, but I'd be bummed if that happened. 


I also predict a win tonight for the Flyers. I hope they do not make the rookie Talbot look like Patrick Roy though. 

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Lucky for me, I have a pass to get into the Cadillac Grille tonight.  I will be drinking a few whiskey's before the game, because that is the only way I can enjoy an entire Flyers game so far this year...stinkin drunk!


Lets go Flyers....please stop this progression towards a drinking problem! :o

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doc... I am trying to be positive and maybe the mini-camp will help but until I see a complete game (and effort)... well, you know :(


agree...I'm trying to stay positive too...but through the 1st 8 games it has been rather hard. 

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I think we will win this one simply because it will frustrate us fans to know we won against an injury-plagued team and can't really feel all that good about it. Still, a win will be a win. If we win, that is.



If anything this would be a moral victory... the Rangers lineup is pretty terrible.   To get excited about this win would be fool's gold.  

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After a week off, teams usually look a little rusty.  I can't imagine they could look any slower than they have in the first 8 games.  Hopefully, they can break that trend.


Rags have had 5 days off as well.  Going to look like the squirts out there.

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Didn't know that.  Thanks.  I better get a nap in this afternoon so I don't fall asleep during the game!



LOL!  This game could be ugly!


I just grabbed a bottle of Tequila while running errands on lunch.  Might need some xtra if they are losing to this Rags team :huh:

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It was ugly but it got the job done. Thankfully Mason did his thing. Two clinkers off the posts...


OK, there was some energy. But the PP looked anemic.  A win is a win. And this doubled their W total...yikes.


Voracek is OK.  Simmonds is just sucking. I don't get it but the third line may be a reflection of current contribution. That is sad.  


So...will there be carryover?  




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Can anyone on the Flyers; A make a pass to a moving target . B receive a pass that if it is not perfectly on the tape . C settle a puck ?

Damn they looked bad, like hey, my name is Wayne nice to meet you,oh you're getting ready to play hockey, need a winger?

Maybe they'll play faster when the puck works for them , they are all fighting it something fierce.

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I thought Vinny played a solid game too considering it was his first back..in fact he was creating more space than any other player out there.


It was a disappointing win but I like how Read Couturier and Simmonds are shaping out as the second line (first line the way they played tonight)


Raffle Mc'Taffle is a nice player but doesn't belong on the top line.  Voracek is playing well but I swear he used to be faster...he had a race for an icing he usually would have won out right.  I don't know what to do with Giroux except stop sabotaging your first line with second line talent....(which they did to Richards his entire career here, save when it was Knuble and Gags)

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