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Merry Christmas!


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I'm not a big poster but I do spend a LOT of time here reading all of your conversations... just want to say that I appreciate the great "community" here and I hope that everyone has a safe, peaceful, and happy Holiday season with your family and friends.

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whiz isn't just for tourists...it's a delicacy.  

I like all kinds of good / high end cheese, so i'm not speaking from an ignorant cheese palate, whiz on top round or rib eye with peppers and onion just works.

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I make a never fail Medium Rare Prime Rib for Christmas eve.


1. get a choice prime rib, take it out of the wrapper the night before so it dries some in the refrigerator

2. let set on counter 3 or so hours to get to room temp  (room temp is really important)

3.  insert LOTS of garlic slices into the fat and meat (takes a bit of time)

4.  cover it Dijon mustard, lots of sea salt and pepper

5.  heat oven to 500 degrees and cook on a rack fat side up for 5 min x # pounds of the prime rib  (ie, my 14lb prime rib will cook 70 min at 500 degrees)

6.  Turn off the oven




WAIT 2 HOURS  ( perfect for those who wish to go to a Christmas service)


again DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR until after the full 2 hours


slice and enjoy  with mashed potatoes and green beans 


(red - white - green)   ho ho ho



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