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Round 1 - Flyers vs Rangers


Round 1 - Flyers vs Rangers  

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  1. 1. Who will will this first round series?

    • Flyers all the way, baby!
    • Rangers

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Ok, folks, the matchup is set! They split the season series, 2-2, with the home team winning each time.


Regular season series (Series tied 2-2-0)
Oct 24, 2013 New York 1, Philadelphia 2
Jan 12, 2014 Philadelphia 1, New York 4
Mar 1, 2014 New York 2, Philadelphia 4
Mar 26, 2014 Philadelphia 1, New York 3


Flyers have the edge on offense; Rangers have the edge on defense and in goal.


The Flyers recalled Cal Heeter and Jason Akeson. How does it work for playoffs? Does the roster limit increase? I can't remember.


I was reading somewhere that Game 1 is scheduled for Thursday.







What are your thoughts on the series? 



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My thoughts are, I wish we drew the Pens. :D

Not exactly a good matchup for us, plus I hate the boring style the Rangers play. If Philly can get back to playing the way they were a few weeks ago, they can take these guys out.

All of this

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I think who ever said it in game chat yesterday.....if they can steal a game at MSG then I think we have a chance to steal the series.  Bottom line I think King Henry is slightly better than Mason.  Special team will also be important.  Flyers need to stay out of the box...I'm talking to you Hartsy, Zac and Downine! No dumb penalties.  If they can do that I like our chances.


Right now I would favor the Rags by the slimmest of margins, only because they have home ice.





Agree with both of you guys....I wanted the Pens!!!!! :D

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I Can't Wait Are My First Thoughts. After That It Should Be A Very Close And Long Series. By The End Im Pretty Sure We'll Be Sick Of Carcillo(If You Weren't Already). I Think We Need To Dump And Pound Their Dmen With A Ferocious ForeCheck. Im Hoping Our Little Dmen (Street, Macdaddy) Can Handle A Physical Series. Im Predicting The Flyers In 7.

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The Rags have to know we basically "gifted" that last game to them (at msg); it was one of the worst efforts all season by the Flyers.


So what's it usually come down to in the POs, goaltending right? and imho it's even. Lundqvist, for all the fear he seems to strike in people around here is no PO wizard. He's got a rock solid game but that's it. Reg season or POs his game doesn't change. He doesn't have "another gear" come PO time. (haven't seen it yet anyway)


If the Flyers play the right way they win in 5. Physical, straight-ahead hockey. Get pucks deep, stay disciplined, play the system - all the clichés.


My only concern - no matter who the opponent - is Giroux, if they can smother him esp on the PP, the Flyers struggle. He'll draw most of the focus of course. The good news is Giroux has "another gear" and another one after that. So it's not a huge concern.


[edit: realistically the Rags are good for 2 wins. So Flyers in 6. C'mon Baby...Don't Fear the Rangers.]

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Not sure who takes this one

Yeah. Objectively it's a tough one, huh?

I said Rangers in five just because it's the way I think it will shake down but I think it will be five back and forth close games.

But who knows

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The best thing we have going for us is that, McDonough is playing with a severe shoulder injury, one big hit could put him out for the series . I believe he missed the last 3 games...McDonough and Girardi are the keys to the series,they always seem to do a great job on shutting down our top line. So if we can knock our Mc D or lhis injury limits his effectiveness, better for us.of course we also have to hope Timmo holds up too

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I would love to see the Flyers win but I smell Rangers in 6.  This is a "developmental" series in terms of our future. 1) How does Mason look as a playoff goalie? If his "rehabilitation" is on track we need to see a good effort. 2) Does scoring balance translate into winning?  Everybody sees the Flyers as rolling four pretty competent lines. OK.  In playoff style hockey, which is defensive in nature, does the four line setup really pressure the opponent. Or would we be better served with less balance but more potent scorers?


One way or the other, our D will be challenged. And we know that is a work in progress.





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In this one I am taking the Rangers in 6.


You know, I completely agree with you on that (unless the Rangers do it sooner--I *think* I said 5 but 6 is probably going to be it).  But you give me hope.  Thank you for that.

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The Rangers and Bruins are on a collision course.  You guys will get beat by Lundquist and Nash.

There it is, the official kiss of death to the Rangers and Bruins. Based on HJ's stellar track record for predicting all things hockey, look for the Flyers and Red Wings to advance out of the first round.

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