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  2. Duclair too. BUT to be fair, A LOT of guys were taken above Geuntzel and Duclair. Oddly, both teams traded their first and second round picks that year (the penguins got a second back from Columbus though). The Rangers apparently didn't have a second either. I think DuClair was their first pick. The Penguins got goalie Tristan Jarry ahead of Guentzel. Guentzel IMHO, SHOULD have been the Conn Smythe winner on their last run. Crosby got it on name recognition and the C alone. He hasn't the achievements of Jake Guentzel yet, but Lindblom was a 5th rounder.
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  4. Congrats to our exclusively promising prospect Connor Dewar, who had a Birthday(20 y.o.) today (he was born on June 26,1999). According to the eliteprospects.com he is going to play in Iowa Wild this season. Last season was the most advanced one for his stats and for the Wild organization. By being a Captain for the Everett Silvertips (WHL) in 59 games he had 81 points (36 goals;45 assists; +/- +27) as well as in playoffs for that team he had in 9 games 10 points (5 goals;5 assists; +/- +2). I was trying to look at the main Wild website for the full list of prospects involved this summer to the development camp but did not find it. Usually we had that list in previous years.
  5. I can't get too angry. He is a known entity. Apparently, the youngins in the system aren't ready. Talbot flunked his audition. I suspect we will see 3-5 goalies played by season's end. Keep your fingers crossed. Howie
  6. Nothing wrong with Moose other than potentially his durability. The problem is WHY THE HELL DID FLETCHER TRADE STOLARZ FOR TALBOT IF TALBOT HAD NO INTENTION OF BEING A BACKUP!!!!!! I still contend that trading Stolarz for Talbot when he did was the single biggest cause of their comeback ending. Dumping Simmonds for Hartman our the nail in the coffin of them regaining it. Doesn’t matter? They should have had a better first half? Ask the Blues. At at least he got something for them? He got Pitlick and Zilch.
  7. If you’re talking about Neuvirth, you’re just begging me to take us all back to history class to review the Vegas expansion draft chapter. Hextall wouldn't have traded Stolarz for a UFA goalie he knew he couldn’t resign. I have utterly no confidence in Fletcher. Looks like Sandstrom is going to get his shot at some point this year.
  8. 2013, so yes. Also, I would have thought if we were going to wine about taking Goulbourne over anyone the third round it would have been Guentzel, not Bjorkstrand, but that’s just me.
  9. Elliott may be trending down in his career numbers, but this perky 9th rounder is still giving his team a chance to win (allowing 2 goals or less in Games Started) more often than not - Moose 23 GS, 13 games of 2 goals or less, 57% of his starts were giving his team a 'chance to win' game Hart 30 GS, 14 games 2 goals or less, 47% Talbot 32, 10, 31% Mrazek 51, 25, 49% Bob 71, 33, 46% Bishop 58, 40, 69% Welcome back Moose!
  10. My only question about Elliott is whether the damage Hakstol did to him is fully healed, or if it's going to be something that lingers. If it's not a lingering issue, than he was likely the best FA option out there that wasn't a guy looking to be a starter. If he gets 30-35 games (that's the number of back to backs this season, right?), he should be fine. It's not an exciting signing, but I much prefer not getting excited over the backup goalie. Otherwise we're doing it wrong.
  11. A way for the league to create more goals. This is clearly done with the intention of giving a sizeable advantage to the attacking team. This is a plus or a minus depending on your stance on "there aren't enough goals scored" or "defensive tactics still need to have a place"
  12. LINE CHANGES FOR DEFENSIVE TEAM: The defensive team will not be permitted a line change when a goalie freezes the puck on any shot from outside the center red line. Similarly, if the actions of a skater of the defensive team cause a stoppage by unintentionally dislodging the net from its moorings, the defensive team will not be permitted to make a line change. In both of these instances, the offensive team will have the choice of which end zone dot the face-off will take place. This new rule is insane. We already have players so tired they can barely stand because of icing. Now if the goalie freezes the puck they are not allowed to line change? This means dead tired players will need to somehow get possession and skate the puck out lol
  13. Lol. Was he really drafted ahead of Guentzel? Astounding. I mean, the Flyers weren't the only ones who missed there, but wow.
  14. 2013, so yes. Also, I would have thought if we were going to wine about taking Goulbourne over anyone the third round it would have been Guentzel, not Bjorkstrand, but that’s just me.
  15. I think you're right about it being Homer (which is even worse) regardless time to move on from them if they can't help........but he did have a hand in the Mcdud fiasco.
  16. With 10 chances, I take Rittich every time.
  17. Since 2015-15 his save percentage has went down every year...and his goals against have went up ever since. Not a good combinations...but i'm sure we can find something good to blame it on...how bout Lindros??? #loweringourstandards
  18. I thought that was the last Homer draft, am I mistaken?
  19. He'll be injured opening the door on the bench...
  20. Moose is a good dude by all accounts, I think he could be very valuable in this role. I like that contract is only for a year also. Elliott seems like a cat who would be helpful even during games....he has been a good teammate- with Talbot I got the sense he wanted more pt even last year. So putting aside the Hart /Talbot friendship I think this is actually a good signing. Provided Moose doesn't wind up in the starter's role i think this is a-okay.
  21. Since he likely won't be the #1 netminder, and even if he plays 50% -- that should be less of an issue.
  22. No you're be honest. It is why i would have pursued Curtis McElhinney first...
  23. ..... key words here ..... when healthy .....
  24. Yeah the pride parade with all the other gaping 5 holes
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