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  2. Everyone on the team needs to earn their salary.
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  4. I wont be upset if he earns his salary
  5. It just means he'll make two different salaries. 700K if he is on the NHL roster and 85K if he is in the AHL.
  6. It means...he loves you too. Enjoy the cross-pollination of macho-amore'!
  7. Lol....notbreally hatin NAK signed a 2 way deal for 700k What is the significance of this. Somone fill me in on my mancrush
  8. I would trade Ivan for Marner if both were signed for the same number of years. Flyers need offense and have enough defense. Rip me, it's okay.
  9. When you suggest moving , do you mean him and parts to get Marner? Is that enough to get it done? If Marner gets an offer sheet and the Leafs dont match, the draft package theu get could bring them some good pieces. But i think they have positioned themselves to go for it now. So if they lose a key offensive piece, but add a solid dman and a good offensive player, that might be more valuable to them immediately
  10. Sadly, our signed Alexander Khovanov is missing too at same list of our prospects in the Wild system. Wish also to see a tryout of Mason Shaw for the big club this season , who is considered an extremely nice hardworking and play-making machine. For seasons he had multiple assists (up to 43-66-67) in minor leagues. Last year he played for the 1st time a full season for the Iowa Wild team and collected 33 points in 76 games (8 goals;25 assists), which I think was a pretty good season for the rookie. Hope, he restored his strength during the summer after surgery.
  12. Trust me, the kind of money Marner is talking about would be what Provo and TK are going to get combined. It's not worth it and Toronto isn't going to do it. It was an interesting thought experiment a few weeks ago before leaks of what Marner wanted came out and before Toronto resigned Kapanen and Johnson for 2/3 of their market value. Marner and Laine are done deals.
  13. Jones is definitely better, but I can see Werenski's agent getting him more than that. He's not gonna care that Jones is signed for less than he should be.
  14. They'll be signed. Let's just worry about Provo and TK instead.
  15. very well thought out post.....however I still disagree about moving Provorov. It is a known fact that D-men take longer to develop then forwards. I'm not moving a 1st pairing d-man right now for Marner. Removing Provorov from the Flyers actually makes them weaker on defense. In this case you stand pat and move Ghost if anybody.
  16. The Wild link of our prospects in the system should be updated. Nesterenko is missing in that list. And many prospects pictures are missing too. [Hidden Content]
  17. Yeah but would they give him more than than the 5.4 mill Seth Jones is making...who is better I think? Shouldn't be much more.
  18. I started this discussion because unlike some here, i accept that I do not know everything. I like to engage members of this forum for their knowledge and insight. So my question was intended to see if there was a TRADE that could be made for either player, and what would you give up. Disclaimer: im not an NHL GM (shocker, I know) I answered your question. I would move a 1st pair Dman if the return was worth it. So, is Marner better at what he does, then Provorov is? And does the team need that, more? Seems to me the Flyers are D heavy, but young. I personally think Marner would be a better asset. So Provy and something for him is a deal I make. Then you open a spot at D that can be filled by one of the young guys who is NHL ready. Seems to me our D fits NHL ready more than any of the wingers in the farm What I read is the Leafs freed up cap to get Marner signed. Not really my problem. But if true, then they have cash to ink Provy. The flyers have to make room so they could sign Marner and have room for Konecny Dont know exactly how, but I dont see it as a hard fix. Again, Im not a GM. I am glad the farm is stocked with "Potential". But personally, Id move unproven potential, for a young, guaranteed star
  19. Watching the Blues in the Finals showed a huge difference between us and them. They had pretty much Everybody hitting and not just bumping into them. Even Tarasenko was throwing it around nicely. You can probably count on 1 hand how many players we have who would consistently hit and put in that kind of effort. We'll need a different playing style because if we continue to "get the puck in deep...work the boards...yadda yadda" we'll fail. It may work a bit in the regular season but not in the PO's. With all the hitting going on, The other teams will easily disrupt our plays and we don't adjust very well. I watched as many PO games as possible trying to see how the Wild would be affected and by what I was seeing it was a good thing we didn't make the PO's.
  20. I think McAvoy will be a bridge deal. He didn't have a great year. I think he'll bet on himself and raise his price over a couple years on a bridge. Werenski is the bigger issue I think. Columbus can afford to spend whatever he wants, and I've no doubt they're going to lock him down before he starts padding his value with 60pt seasons from the back end.
  21. Even NHL.com uses sarcasm in their team reset articles. They wrote "key substractions", "Bitetto" and "Åberg" in the same sentence.
  22. Depends unless the Bruins set the market they only have 7 mill to sign McAvoy and Carlo with. So it's in their best interest to sign first.
  23. Love predictions about negotiations that haven't even started yet...
  24. Haha I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, but that can't be the 'plan,' at least not 'Plan A." Also, I've read in several spots that the expectation is that there will NOT be any amnesty buyouts if there is another lockout / work stoppage.
  25. It's entirely possible someone else will have to be moved to sign both. I'm not saying that's what should happen, but it is a possibility. Provo could be asking for 7-8M. If it wasn't for his disappointing season last season, he would almost certainly get that much. TK is only 22 and fitting in perfectly on the top line. He is easily the best shooter we have on the team and probably the fastest on the ice. If he starts putting up 60+ per season, how much is that worth? I'm not worried either. Fletch has to sign them both, or he'll be run out of town. That said, it is possible someone might yet be moved to give him cap space to work with. If so, who could he move? Ghost remains a possibility I think, but Raffl and Hagg would do it as well. It'll open some holes though. Or maybe Provo settles for 7M and TK for 6M. We don't know enough about Fletch yet to figure it out I think.
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