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  2. Sure ok. But the only way to get experience is ya know uh play? You don't come out the womb with experience. That my friend is earned. No better time than the presence.
  3. PRESEASON OUTLOOK Kind of meh, they seem to make a habit of finishing 9th in the conference missing the playoffs by a few points almost every year. A big trade with Calgary and donating Skinner to Buffalo for a bag of beans didn't impress nor did signing Mrazek. Not expected to contend. FINAL RECORD 46-29-7 99 points, 4th in Metro. Stunned defending champs the Capitals in double overtime game seven on a goal by MGGinn set up of course by Justin Williams. Then they swept the Islanders in the second round before being steamrolled by the Bruins in the conference finals. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR The bunch of jerks thing was either awesome or a travesty but everyone was talking. The stretch drive in which they passed the Canadiens and Jackets to finish in the first wildcard and avoid drawing the Lightning was huge. But the high point was after a slow start they sat at 15-17-5 going into the new year and caught fire, going 21-6-1 thru March 2nd, two months of flawless hockey with a different hero nightly to announce that the Jerks were to be taken seriously. Besting the Capitals and Isles was damn nice as well. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR None. Even losing to Boston didn't hurt anything, by then they were playing with house money for over a month. They had highs and lows, started slow but after the first of the year were one of the top three or four teams in Hockey and exceeded all expectations. WHAT WENT RIGHT Sebastian Aho established himself as a stud, 83 points to lead the team while moving inside to fill the 1C role admirably. Williams had 23 goals, Teravainen 21 and rookie Svechnikov 20, Svech coming on strong down the stretch after a slow start. Slavin developed into a top pair defender at both ends of the ice and excelled in the playoffs. Ferland battled concussion issues but was a beast when healthy. Dougie Hamilton had 18 goals and 39 points, Faulk was solid, the whole defense was near brilliant. Niederreitter came over from the Wild and simply killed it at a near point a game pace with the Canes. A crazy balanced attack, a whopping 13 players had double digit goals. Mrazek and Mcelhinney came from nowhere and had outstanding seasons. Brind A'mour proved that he was absolutely the right choice for the job. Health was key, most of the key cogs were 15 players appeared in 72 or more games so they had a full season of continuity. And then the AHL team, the Checkers won the Calder Cup. Lots and lots went right. WHAT WENT WRONG. Staal was the exception, he missed time several times and after a good start offensively he slipped in the second half. Victor Rask was awful before being traded. Darling was a complete washout in net. Zykov was finally given up on as a complete bust. Seriously, that is about the whole list. FREE AGENTS Key contributors Mrazek, McBackup, Ferland, and Williams are all UFAs and are wanted back. Ferland is the tricky one as he is going to be in demand as a young hard hitting power forward with offensive upside. The other three should be a bit easier. Aho is going to want signed long term or will go to arbitration. In other words, most of this offseason will be internal housekeeping. OFFSEASON QUESTIONS Literally everything went right this year, can they handle adversity when injuries or prolonged slumps occur? Can they resign Ferland? Williams? Mrazek? How much is Aho going to get? Will he take a bridge like Nylander or want an eight year deal? A season in which everything went right is usually followed by slipping back a bit, the saving grace may be kids at Charlotte ready to step in if anyone slips and falls.
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    2018-19 highest average attendance North Dakota-11,398 Wisconsin-10,044 Minnesota-7,944 Ohio State-6,437 Minnesota Duluth-6,028 Omaha-5,816 Penn St.-5,801 Michigan-5,628 Denver-5,568 Michigan St.-5,461 Notre Dame-5,368 Massachusetts-4,876 New Hampshire-4,735 UMass Lowell-4,615
  6. Why not just keep ghost with provo and niskanen with sanheim. Let sanheim join the rush and niskanen stays back. Morin/Haag with Meyers
  7. PRESEASON OUTLOOK They pulled off a steal adding Karlsson to the defense they looked to be the odds on favorite to win the Western conference. FINAL RECORD 46-27-9 101 points, 2nd in Pacific, stunned the Knights in seven hard games (scoring 3 goals on a late controversial five minute power play then winning in overtime in game seven) holding off the upstart Avalanche to win a hard fought series before finally running out of gas losing to the Blues in six tough games. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR Down 3 games to 1 to the Knights they exercised their playoff demons coming back to win a series that was all but over, Martin Jones who was at best average all year was a stud in games 5 and 6 setting up the euphoric miracle that was the third period/overtime of game seven. Game six was won in double overtime, seven in overtime, that series was arguably the most fun of any series during the playoff season. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR They bested the Blues in game 3 of the conference final in overtime on a goal by Karlsson to go up 2 games to one and then.....well they simply ran out of gas. The Blues put it all together winning the next three games by a combined score of 12-2 to send the Sharks home with a ton of free agents and questions about where they go from here. There habit of losing series to eventual cup winners or at the least cup finalists continues. With the Blues and Capitals winning cups over the past two years the Sharks now have the mantle of the team most in need of a cup who always comes up short. WHAT WENT RIGHT Brent Burns was a beast as well as a wookie, leading all defenseman in the game with 83 points as well as leading the Sharks in scoring. Hertl had 35 goals and established himself as a force at both ends, Meier chipped in 30, Couture had a solid season and then was a force of nature in the postseason. Captain Pavelski led the balanced attack with 38 goals. Evander Kane had 30 and led the league in penalty minutes. Lebanc quietly had a very underrated season. Donskoi and Sorenson were solid third liners. Thornton is not the play he once was but as a 3C he is arguably the best 3C in the game. Dillon was a plus 19 on a team that had only one other player over plus ten. WHAT WENT WRONG Karlsson was good but not great and his first and possibly only season in San Jose must be considered a bit of a disappointment. Nyquist came over from Detroit to help balance the top three lines and while not bad was a poor fit. Braun was pretty bad, but what mostly drug the Sharks down all year was their goaltending. Jones would follow decent stretches with very bad ones, Dell was a third of a goal per game worse. The two of them, also known as the arson squad drug a well balanced solid team down a peg or two and Jones failed them badly against the Blues. FREE AGENTS oodles and oodles. Pavelski, long time captain may be squeezed out, Karlsson is in negotiations and supposedly wants 10 million plus a year long term which is a hell of a risk for an injury proned superstar. Thornton is a free agent and will likely wait until late July to see how much money they have to pay him. Nyquist was a rental and will be elsewhere.Tim Heed, a serviceable 3rd pair defender, as well as Donskoi a very usable bottom six forward are going to be hard to fit under the cap. On top of that Meier is arbitration eligible, Money is going to be a problem going forward, and Jones still has five years left on his deal. And they only have 1 pick in the first four rounds. In other words everything people say about Columbus and to a lesser extent about Nashville apply in spades to the Sharks. OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS: Can they resign both Pavelski and Karlsson? If not, which one do you resign? Will they have enough cap room left to make it worth while for Jumbo to make another run? Can they fix the goalie issue internally, or can they find a taker for Jones and start over in net? Another year older and deeper in debt.
  8. I am not a Maatta fan, not much there IMHO. He broke in a house afire seven years ago and just fizzled out, he is a third pair stay at home guy which every team needs but there are cheaper better options. And Kahun as a 23 year old rookie had a solid year working his way up by years end to the second line and drawing praise from Toews for his speed and creativity. Frankly I think Chicago got hosed on this one.
  9. So, I guess the question remains, where is Ghost being traded to?
  10. By impossible season I meant, theylost their goalie replaced him with a 30 something never was, they had little if any offense and yet somehow managed to stick around all season in the hunt. All the peripheral numbers suggest they should have been one of the worst teams in hockey yet they made an improbable run that fell just short for the final playoff spot.
  11. @OccamsRazor, sure Niskanen has more experience and credentials over Gudas but we still traded a veteran for a veteran . So its still 5 young guys with one vet. Two of which, Meyers and Morin have about 20 games experience between them. Niskanen if paired with Provo, how does this help Meyers or Morin while on the ice? You need one more steady and stable veteran to play next to the most inexperienced guy. Niskanen can be a factor on the bench or locker room. In todays NHL, one bad goal from a young defenseman is the difference between winning and losing a game. Morin and Meyers are gonna make alot of rookie mistakes, Ghost is not exactly a defensive stalwart, so having a stable veteran to cover for a young guys mistakes is very important. I still think we are offering Ghost for Trouba or some other skilled veteran.
  12. Impossible season? They didn't make the playoffs despite the fact they looked like they were on their way. In that way they demonstrated they were very much the Coyotes like every other year. Maybe a little promising but not nearly enough.
  13. Sounds like if he plays his cards right Myers could be given the keys to the top 4. "We're bullish on Philippe Myers' upside," Fletcher said Saturday in a conference call. Puck is on his stick. What will he do with it?
  14. (yawn) There is no guarantee Skinner will live up to this deal, in fact...stats would indicate he won't over the course of the deal. They still have players to pay. You can't afford to give every player almost $10 million just to stick around. Will ownership finally back off and let this team grow organically instead of thinking its going to happen by changing the guy behind the bench.
  15. I'd love to have Kahun with the Wild. Decent trade for both teams.
  16. I think Buffalo just did what they needed to do at this stage of their competitive cycle: Sign a young enough guy with a legit skillset to help push this franchise forward as other players develop into full fledged NHL contenders. That seems to be the plan anyways. Again, I think wherever Skinner would have gone, he was going to get paid and get paid big....so if you are Buffalo, why not sign him...keep him there with Jack Eichel whom he seemed to work with real well. Ok, so perhaps Skinner benefitted from Eichel as a linemate, but still, Skinner himself is a bonafide offensive threat. Put up decent numbers with woeful offensive Carolina teams in the past, his possession metrics seem to be pretty good throughout his career, and while he has yet to gain the notoriety of some of the players on your comparable list, I think he can be just as good....maybe he will be noticed more playing in Buffalo as opposed to Carolina, playing on an up n coming team like the Sabres. Buffalo still needs lots of other things of course, but if they make good signings elsewhere and, more importantly, the guys they have develop correctly, I think this deal will still look good. Not very many players at all usually live up to whatever the big contract they end up getting is....I know you know this. But many times teams are willing to take the chance on a guy with a reasonable shot at becoming a regular contributor and a guy you can continue to build around for the majority of the contract given....as I think this is the case with Skinner. The team has the cap space and will also have some other contracts coming off the books as soon as next year
  17. Sure but they would only be play around 12-15 minutes a night to start against talent they should be able to handle. Two towering defensemen who move very very well. Not Hatcher and GrossmanN.
  18. I could see that being the case by the mid point of next season give Myers a chance to work his way up the lineup.
  19. I'm okay with it. I might flip Niskanen and Myers. I don't know that I really want to relegate Niskanen to the 3rd pair, but Sanheim/Myers and Morin/Niskanen, I think, mixes sizes and skill-sets a little better. Plus, the Morin/Myers pair looks awfully green and--this isn't a horrible thing--awfully huge.
  20. [Hidden Content] Blackhawks acquire D Maatta from Penguins The Pittsburgh Penguins have traded defenceman Olli Maatta to the Chicago Blackhawks for forward Dominik Kahun and a 2019 fifth-round pick, according to TSN hockey Insider Darren Dreger. The 24-year-old Maatta scored one goal and added 13 assists in 60 games last season. He has spent his entire six-year NHL career with Pittsburgh, winning two Stanley Cups in 2016 and 2017. Kahun, 23, is coming off his rookie campaign in which he scored 13 goals and added 24 assists in 82 games. "Dominik had a great rookie season with the Blackhawks," Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said in a statement. "He is a speedy, versatile player capable of playing all three forward positions. He also saw time on Chicago's power-play and penalty killing units. We are very excited for him to join our team." Ollie Maatta Hockeydb Dominik Kahun Hockeydb
  21. Alright first post of the new year. Flyers need to go sign this kid to a entry level contract and add him to the Phantoms back end. Roll the dice. [Hidden Content] Very nice wheels at 6-3 205 and a right hand shot to boot. They only have 4 D men under contract for them in 2019-20 these four need some help. Schlemko-Friedman Brennan-Willcox
  22. How do you figure??? Gudas had 416 NHL games. And +11 Niskanen had 881 games. And +97. Plus that shiny Cup he helped win. Is the intangible experience they seek too. This i don't think is a huge task. I would be shocked if Hagg is a trade chip shipped out in the next few weeks. Hagg has quite a few flaws. And is replaceable by Morin and maybe even a right hand shot in Friedman. 5 D men on the roster today....i think something else will take place soon. Ghost and Hagg both could be used. Provorov/??????? Sanheim/Niskanen Morin/Myers It wouldn't shocked me completely if this was the the blueline to start. Stay tuned. Could this be the top pair guy they seek??? I won't say no chance... Provorov/Trouba Sanheim/Niskanen Morin/Myers A right hand shot on every pair???Most balance i have ever seen. Ivan and Matt would be the smallest D men at 6-1. Thinking a loud.
  23. But your argument seems to be solely based that experience is everything. And the benchmark is five plus years. I think you need to look at what the players are, and what they are capable of. Ghost had a down year on a team that ranked 23 on the pp. So of course his stats will be low, the team sucked. But he has been a top player since his first full season and I have no problem giving him more responsibility. I feel the same way about Provo. If they are in a playoff hunt come midseason, i think they have to consider a move. But I dont think it will be on defense
  24. This is what i want is a guy who can creep down low and help support the puck and actually get the shot on net... ...just didn't see Gudas do this much he usually stops a the the top of the blueline, maybe it was his lack of speed to be able to get back Even down low around the goal mouth...you just have to be able to find the puck... ...i just think Niskanen can do more to help with offense... ...and can even skate it in if he has too...fast foward to 1:52 mark...right through Fyers defense and Mason... [Hidden Content] Sure it's risky they have 5 D men under contract right now and i think they have more moves...we'll see what is up next...
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