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      4th Line
      Toronto Maple Leafs
      hobie - Posted
      The 4th line has been traditionally an energy line comprised of marginal offensive talents who eat time while the better players rest. For some teams this is a necessary arrangement but it is wise for teams that might have the depth to have 4 dangerous lines.   I'm expecting TO's 4th line might be Martin/Moore/Sosh which could be a decent to fill a 4th line role but is it the best line TO could ice. Is it imperative that PKers should come from this line even tho these 3 players seriously have little value beyond wasting time, facing other team's 4th lines. I would think TO's better players would be superior PKers.   From what I've seen Aaltonen, Grundstrom,  Johnsson,  Kapanen and Leivo might be a more effective group of players than the 4th line TO will settle on. I get excited about the concept of watching Grundstrom/Aaltonen/Kapanen and I think this line is or will very soon become top 3 worthy.   Forget who makes what, TO should ice the best lineup possible.        
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      Maple Leafs Prospects
      Toronto Maple Leafs
      hobie - Posted
      I'm liking what I'm seeing from Rosen and Borgman, Dermott as well.   I wouldn't mind TO starting the season with 2 of them rather than Hainsey and Marincin.
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      Giroux on Wing today?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      brelic - Posted
      And Lindblom over Read. 
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      New Little Caesars Arena
      Detroit Red Wings
      SpikeDDS - Posted
        Psh! And I’ll just bet you’ll object to the future Trojan Extra-Ribbed Palace too! ;-D
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      Giroux on Wing today?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
        I'm ok with that lineup except i would rather see Laughton in there over Read.
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      A Take on Giroux in 2017-18
      Philadelphia Flyers
      mojo1917 - Posted
      So Giroux doesn't earn his paycheck because he doesn't fight ? I think he's still the best player on the team. His production is not in line with his contract, but neither is Jonathan Towes.  You can say but "Towes won championships" and I'll say his teams have been significantly better than Giroux's. Keith, Seabrook, Hjmralsson, Oduya. That's 50 minutes of great defense... I think removing 28 from the team, makes the team worse, and by a lot. Also,  I think there's an outsized mythology surrounding the "C",  I don't find the team to be poorly led, clearly, you do.  I have some empathy for the fact that G was never a captain until he got to the NHL, I think he's done fine, I don't think the guys in the room disrespect him. In fact I think the fact people are disappointed when they are traded or not tendered contracts, Ryan White, MDZ speaks to the culture of the team that Giroux is responsible for creating.    
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      Status of Ivan Kosorenkov
      Philadelphia Flyers
      RJ8812 - Posted
        Huge comparison. Both undrafted and Flyers fans went nuts when we didn't sign him after he scored a nice goal in pre-season. (I know we couldn't)   My point is he probably doesnt even turn into an NHL regular or be anything more than a dime-a-dozen regular 
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