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  2. Well, @pilldoc this one looks like it will come down to you and me for the Championship. It's going to be close even with the 5 pt lead. Best of luck!
  3. There have been lots of lead changes this year probably for the first time ever. lol. As we near the end of the 2nd round of the playoffs @Pilldoc and I have the lead with 66 pts and @J0e Th0rnton and @MoreHockeyStats are tied for 65 pts. That is unless I missed something.
  4. @J0e Th0rnton I will try to update tonight when I get home. HF is away for the weekend and I leave for vacation on Sunday morning. Sadly my employer blocks google docs. I see I climbed to within 4 of the leader and 3 behind you. I need MAF with a SO against your boys tonight!
  5. Laine and Crosby had 3 points combined last night I am trying to see if I am winning!
  6. And, once again, Couture had 2 points (2 assists, on both goals 3 and 4), 5 assists in total.
  7. Hey HF, Burns had an assist last night too his line should be 3 goals, 2 assists
  8. I know after last night. The night before when I posted that I was 2nd to you by 1 point. 1st round is always where the points chug out. Let's see who picked players from teams that advance tho So far I am pretty happy. All my players are up 2-0(Sharks, Bolts, Jackets) or 2-1 in their series(Jets, Pens). Its only good to have a short series with goalies tho since they get nothing for a loss. Skaters you hope go to 6-7 games per series to compile
  9. Once Pavelski gets his assist added, ill only be behind the leader by 1 point I am stupid for telling the leader Pasta was available, but oh well for his last pick
  10. @J0e Th0rnton, You had a pretty good start through game one of all the series. Everyone of your players earned you some points. It will be tough for your players to keep up that pace. If they do keep up that pace, it will be tough for the rest of us to catch up with you!
  11. I'm gonna pass on this one guys. My next foray into fantasy sports will be when the HF.net league and NAHANA restart....all in for those, but will take a break from fantasy hockey for now. For everyone else participating, good luck and enjoy!
  12. Yeah I think it would be fun. Of course my teams always fold come playoff team so I am doomed to finish last, lol
  13. I'm leaning towards Tues as it gives me another day to get a few more folks to sign up and get the table set up.
  • All Star League Standings

    Week 1 (Teams)

    putting on the foil 0-0-0
    Tony's Tip Top Team 0-0-0
    Green Star Blades 0-0-0
    Hell Bears 0-0-0
    Divine Swine 0-0-0
    Bakanekimiwa's Team 0-0-0
    InsideEdge Hockey 0-0-0
    Halifax Sharknado 0-0-0
    AKOF 0-0-0
    Nasty Angryman 0-0-0
    MrDanglez67's Team 0-0-0
    Lady Knights Team 0-0-0
  • Conn Smythe League Standings

    Week 1 (Teams/GM's to be updated)

    Slick Sticks 0-0-0
    Staal In The Family 0-0-0
    jvh's Notable Team 0-0-0
    The Shock 0-0-0
    Mom's trust Letang!! 0-0-0
    Victorious Secret 0-0-0
    Micke's Gang 0-0-0
    Bambi on Ice 0-0-0
    De Haan Job 0-0-0
    Bosque Bill 0-0-0
    RickB's Team 0-0-0
    Wolfe Pack 0-0-0
    PA40FlyersFan's Team 0-0-0
    CreaseandAssist 0-0-0
  • NAHANA Standings 2018-19

    Week 1

    putting on the foil 0-0-0
    Metadeke 0-0-0
    Silky Mitts 0-0-0
    Billyport Crips 0-0-0
    Inside Edge Hockey 0-0-0
    Halifax Sharkticons 0-0-0
    pipers 0-0-0
    Elsinore Catamounts 0-0-0
    AKOF 0-0-0
    Mighty Drunks 0-0-0
    The Winsor Warriors 0-0-0
    Divine Swine IcePigs 0-0-0
    Minnesota Ice Kickers 0-0-0
    Lady's Knights 0-0-0
  • 2018 Fantasy Cup Leaders


     1. hf101   107 pts 
     2.  Pilldoc   95 pts
     3. FD19372   83 pts
     4. MoreHockeyStats   76 pts
     5. J0e Thornton   75 pts

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